Aurobindo Adderall - I Think Its Counterfeit - Does Not Work

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amy Says:

I think Aurobindo adderall is counterfeit.. I've Been on adderall for over 7 years and never ever had this brand and I must say IT DOES NOT WORK..... Its total crap. I have went to my pharmacist and talked to him about this this and he told me to contact the FDA. I sent them an email and called. Please do the same. People need there medicine and this is unfair. Since taking this medicine I have had stomach problem and I dont know what I'm taking. People who have taken adderall from different manufactures know this medication is a fake. Here is the food and drug administration information.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Amy! How are you? I'm sorry to hear about the problems you've had.

What type of stomach problem have you had?

Does it not work for you, at all?

More details may help someone else. Can you please post back and clarify? Thank you!

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Aliya Says:
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Aurobindo Adderall... I can not believe this! I have been feeling like a nutcase, since I received my meds on the 22nd, and all the these posts now confirm my suspicions.. I am LIVID!!!! I CAN NOT live like this for the rest of the month, I WON'T survive! My job is INCREDIBLY demanding, and I'm a single mother of a growing messy boy. I am literally LETHARGIC right now*!!! What to do??? I have already taken twice the normal amount that I would have usually taken in 3 DAYS?!!! Help! Will the pharmacy change it? I seriously can't endure this, for the entire month FML

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Carolyn P Says:

I am trying to find out if this generic adderall has worked for anyone else, as I have to get my son his adderall, and I always get him the orange pill by Teva, and I can't find it anywhere. The pink and white don't work, and I really need these for him to be able to go to school and focus. I need mine too, but he comes first.

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MOSTI3 Says:

Please help! Weird generic adderall filled at CVS today. 20mg tablet

This is a HUGE concern for me as I just filled my prescription today (9/8/2014) at CVS and found your post after googling what the difference is as they look completely different as they often do with generics, but I've NEVER seen them look like this nor look so chalky. I haven't taken one yet so I do not know if it will have the same results as my previous ones which were all TEVA pharm also. Did you speak with CVS about your findings with this new pharm company? I would really appreciate knowing what they had to say if you don't mind. Thank you in advance.

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Jeff Says:

AuroBindo pha Adderall 30mg is complete crap. Does not work at all. Don't they field test this imported drugs to look for bogus pills coming from India? This is a joke, i have been taking Adderall for years so i know what i am talking about. Make sure to check the name on the bottle before accepting this bunk chalk. You have been warned.

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Aurobindo Total Fail Says:
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This horrible medication needs to be taken off the shelves. This is what happened to me.
depressed and sad for no reason, just felt down and not happy
•stomach aches
•cluttered mind
This stuff needs to be taken off the shelves. I realized it might be the meds a few weeks in, and I stopped taking them, and I was happy again. Ruined my month and total waste. Scary to know that a med can do reverse damage. Have heard of things like that. But never went through it. Horrible experience.

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h8aurobindo Says:

There is something very wrong with this drug. I'd been taking TEVA for years with no problems...taking Aurobindo wrought havoc on my mental health and physical health. My body went numb, and I felt compelled to behave in aberrant manners until I stopped taking it.This drug should be recalled--it's clearly defective.

CVS, what are you doing to us??

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Shirly Says:
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I get it!! Exactly the same dilemma! My husband picked up my monthly prescription for 30mg 3 times daily! I was sick when I saw the color cause I know from past experience it does not work! I have taken 3 at one time and fell asleep during the day! I called and asked but naturally the pharmacy could not take a return! I have driven out of town to get the pink version! It's frustrating! And the prices vary! It was explained to me that generic drugs are like meat! The cuts vary significantly 'grade A-' and that's why the cost is cheaper! I am sick of this bulls***! I have 29 consistent years of sobriety! Not in PA, southern Ohio, been here for four years! I got fired from a drug store, red flagged in the health system and cannot go to the Dr. of my choice! All from an eager beaver clerk st cvs that was dead wrong! Bulls***! Southern Ohio sucks! I literally hate it here!

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Mouse1021 Says:
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I too believe it is counterfeit! Since I was given this brand 2 months ago I feel no positive effect. It simply does nothing but make you go to the bathroom. I am also very suspicious because all of a sudden I can't find any other brand at the pharmacies in my area of California. They must have been MUCH cheaper than the other makers and the buyers took the cheapest generic. I also looked at their "facilities" on Google Earth and they have at least NINE PLACES that are listed as Auribundo, one looks like a house or shed. By comparison there are 2 places in Germany for Sandoz that look like real plants.

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ADD56756 Says:

I'm starting to think there's no Amphetamine salts in Aurobindo at all. It literally feels like I've taken nothing, even if I double the dose. I feel more focused after a cup of coffee! Something needs to be done about this generic brand soon, because pharmacies around the country are stocking up on it as it's the cheapest brand available to them right now.

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Myrnamouse Says:
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Re: ADD56756 (# 10)

I finally found one that works! It's by Teva. Now I know that there have been problems with Teva in the past. This one looks different than the past. It's a bit darker orange and is oval shaped but with a slight football shape to it. It is also not crumbly. The tablet is firm and "tight". Good luck!

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Pissed off patient Says:
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I too had been doing wonderful on just 10mg of Adderall until CVS filled it with this poison made from a company in India. Aurobindo Pharm has had over 300 of their meds pulled for shady inactive ingredients in most countries outside the US. I have filed a complaint with CVS corporate, as well as the FDA. Hopefully they will take this off the market ASAP. I had dry eyes, stomach pains, nausea, headache and worst of all NO ADD relief on top of making my face, arms and feet go numb. Now I have to go a whole month without my rx. You better believe next time im going to a different pharmacy and asking for the maker beforehand. Hopefully if everyone files a complaint the FDA will investigate. I was told they only need 500 complaints and from all the research I have been doing there are probably more than 500. Makes me sick CVS would rather sell this junk and endanger our lives.

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Myrnamouse Says:
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I had the same experience here in California. I searched for two months until I found a small neighborhood pharmacy that had Sandoz which still wasn't any good. It used to be but something had changed. The next month I got Teva from the same pharmacy and it's perfect! It seems very different than the Teva I had several years ago. One thing I've noticed is that the tablets are darker orange, elliptical and very firm. Aurobindo is crumbly as are other brands that don't seem to work. I try to avoid any meds made in India where I think Aurobindo is made. I was able to turn in the ineffective meds to my doctor and have her write new scripts because she was aware that generics are allowed a 25% variance in effectiveness. I hope this helps.

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Pat Says:

Aurobindo 20 mg. generic adderall. This stuff is crap. As everyone else has said, it its totally ineffective. Not only ineffective but makes me SLEEPY. All I want to do is sleep. Also makes me jittery, irritable and extremely annoyed that a company like this has contracts with major pharmacies. Tired of hearing that all generics are the same (from doctor). I've doubled daily dosage for a few days and still nothing - other than lethargic. Next time, will check what brand a pharmacy carries before filling.

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Erik Says:
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TEVA is real. AUROBINDO is definitely bunk from India. This f***in bulls*** is gonna get me kicked out of my doctor's office for having to almost triple my dosage just to feel tired and like s*** the whole day.

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Dixie Says:

I went to Walgreens on Friday, a few days ago to fill my script of 20mg amphet. salts 3x/day. Well, for the first time ever they were sold out and wouldn't have any until Tuesday. So I decided hey, there's a CVS right down the street. I've taken TEVA for several years and it's worked great for me. So when I got this different brand (Aurobindo, the round pinkish-orange chalk tablets marked U30) from CVS, naturally I just took them as normal and didn't think anything of it... Until about an hour later I finally realize how spaced out I am, just trying not to fall asleep. What's wrong with me? I felt like I'd taken some sort of IQ slashing, sleep-inducing, muscle UNrelaxers. Later on I jammed with my band and it almost felt like I'd lost years of music theory and experience. I could barely keep tempo to save my life, played the most garbage elementary drum beats I've played since elementary school. And I'll be damned if it didn't feel like just completing a sentence was worthy of Olympic gold.

Anyway, I'm not going to spend the next month with my brain on 20% battery in power-saving economy-mode like an iPhone 3Gs running iOS 11. I'm going to talk to my doctor tomorrow; I have a nearly full bottle of useless medication in-hand and my iPad just to show him I'm not the only one.

P.S. - (Note to self) Don't forget to click submit button below after you figure out your name and email.

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Jennifer Says:
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Re: Carolyn P (# 3)

Depending on the area in which you live this info may not apply, but I filled my script for 5 years in the Springfield Ma area at CVS. In 2015 we moved to Sarasota Fl and now Walgreens is the only one carrying it around here.

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Bunsen Honeydew Says:

Glad to know I'm not the only one who has been experiencing issues with this Aurobindo brand of Dextroamphetamine Salts. Normally I feel focused with any other brand but with these I've taken double the dose and if anything, they just give me headaches, dizziness, and confusion. Upon doing research I noticed these are made in India. I'm willing to bet their regulations on manufacturing pharmaceuticals are not as strict as here in the U.S. and it's possible they are cutting corners by using reagents in their manufacturing process that are not approved for use in the U.S.

I'm going to try to get in touch with one of my old professors that works in the Mass Spec lab on campus. I'm planning to save 3 or 4 tablets from various manufacturers over the next couple months. With any luck he'll allow me to analyze the chemical composition of this generic vs. others via NMR spectroscopy. As a scientist I'm curious and perhaps my findings may lead to a logical conclusion as to why this particular generic appears to be exhibiting a deficiency in regards to its efficacy.

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Mason Says:

When I was younger I took ephedrine a lot, which actually calmed my mind and helped me focus. I explained this to my doctor this morning and, since anti-depressants weren't helping my motivation or focus, he decided that I should try Adderall. This is my first time ever taking pharmaceutical grade amphetamine of any kind.

I've read a lot of negative comments about Aurobindo Adderall prior to picking up my first prescription at the pharmacy today. I could see via the Kroger pharmacy website, that they were going to fill it with the AuroLife U30 20mg amphetamine salts. I was really worried based on all the negative feedback I'd read. Also, I've had Auro Percocet in the past and wasn't overly impressed with that.

I took my 20mg Aurobindo U30 pill @ around 1400 hours (2 p.m.) EST. About a half hour later I could feel it coming on. Sort of that feeling in my head/brain I used to get when I took ephedrine. I was hit with wave after wave of euphoria for about 20 minutes thereafter. From that time up 'til now I feel fantastic (have motivation, feel confident, positive outlook, generally good attitude, reserved energy, no anxiety)! I feel like me again! I feel like I've gotten my life back!!

I'm no shill. I post here all the time. In my opinion this is a quality product. It may not be as effective as others I haven't tried but it definitely works! Now, because of this, I think i'll taper off my Xanax. Once I get past the withdrawals from that i'm confident that Adderall can manage my anxiety/panic. I think it's what i've needed all along.

Bottom line is the Aurobindo U30 20mg generic Adderall worked great for me! We're all different though! I hope you all are able to find some manufacturer that makes you feel alive again as well. Have a great day, night, morning... whatever it is when you read this!

Oh, btw, much like I ALWAYS did with Ephedrine back in the day, I took this on a moderately full stomach.

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Mason Says:

Okay so my first time taking Adderall ever happened to be Aurobindo. It was a great experience (but as i've read most peoples first time is). I thought I hit the jackpot. Something that would make me feel that ambitious and focused everyday.

Well, yeah NO. Too good to be true. On the second day of taking my 20mg IR Aurobindo I didn't feel much of anything except drowsiness. So after 4 hours of a little drowsiness, knowing that it was medically safe, I took another. Nothing.

On the 3rd day I could feel something. Can't really describe what. I was up and down. No real clear cut positive result. Seemed like I took an expired 12mg Sudafed.

4th and 5th (today) day, i'm getting more uncomfortable peripheral nervous system stimulation and the complete opposite of "ambition" and focus". I'm lethargic, foggy, confused, and I keep forgetting things.

For example I went to get a water out of the fridge. I put it on the kitchen counter. I went back into the living room and sat on the couch. Oops I left my water in the kitchen. I NEVER do things like that. That's just ONE example of several such incidents.

There seems to be major issues with the TEVA brand as well, as I was reading another thread on here with 30 pages of people talking about how worthless their Teva Adderall is. Is there ANY manufacturer that makes a quality generic of Adderall?

Geez, first time ever taking Adderall and i'm already contemplating asking my doctor to switch me to Vyvanse or Dexedrine because I can't do this. I won't.

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