Augmentin Drug Information

Chris Says:

Can anyone tell me if this medicine will work for an infected tooth until I can get the money for a root canal since I have no dental insurance?

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Jannece Says:

Can anyone tell me if this medicine will work for an infected tooth until i can get the money for a root canal since i have no dental insurance?

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Niki Says:

I believe you can because I was prescribed this exact medicine 2 days ago for a wisdom tooth infection. This is generally prescribed to treat bacterial infections.

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Verwon Says:

This is a broad spectrum antibiotic used to treat many types of infections. I don't recommend self-treatment and self-diagnosing because of the danger of building up antibiotic resistance.

Some of the most common side effects include: nausea, drowsiness, diarrhea and skin rash.


Are you certain it is a tooth infection?

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Sherris Says:

If you don't have dental insurance try some of the new chain dental outfits.
they offer really low cost insurance plans ($10 a month) covers 50% of root canals, and cleanings, with small co pays. Also Dental Free Clinics and Dental schools.

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Trina Says:

yes, I have had 2 abcessed teeth and both times it is the antibiotic i was prescribed and it worked well.

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Trina Says:

yes, it will take care of the infection.

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Kimmy Says:

I have been having symptoms of typhoid and malaria but after a series of tests I was advised to take agumentin... My question is, can agumentin be used to treat typhoid and malaria?

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Kiki Says:

My son was prescribed Augmentin (liquid amox-clav) 600/42.9 for 14 days but was told at the pharmacy that I needed to discard the medicine after 10 days. They already mixed it for me. Will it be safe to give it to him the whole 14 days or do I stop on day 10?

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Elainec16 Says:

Hi, i've been to the dentist on monday with an infection and have to get a root canal but he gave me distaclor 375mg (antibiotic) 2 per day as i had a reaction with penicillin... So far i have taken 4 and im now 48 hours taking it. I rang as thought the infection may not be clearing up. I'm up 3 nights all night. I was given augmentin duo (400mg/57mg) and the chemist tells me it's for kids except i take an extra 5ml per day. Do i take it or stick with distaclor? I'm at my wits end with pain and don't know what's best. Thank you.

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