Augmentin: Does Augmentin Expire?

z Says:

I have an entire bottle of augmentin pills, which were orginally going to be used for a slow antibiotic treatment over a month. My doctor told me not to do it in the end, but left me with a full bottle. Do the pills expire?

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Verwon Says:

Is it an original factory sealed bottle, or a bottle that was filled and dispensed by your pharmacy?

In the original factory sealed container, they are usually good for about 3 years, since that keeps them from being exposed to the elements.

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If they're in a bottle from a pharmacy, which means they've been removed from the original container, then they expire a year from the date they were dispensed to you. Breaking the seal on the original container exposes them to heat, light and etc. which starts the degradation process.

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lori Says:

Have a bottle of augmentin 875..3 years old. Will it still be effective? Will it cause any hazards? It has been kept in a dry cool place.

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