Augmentin 875 Usage

CG Says:

I started taking augmentin 875 4 days ago and I have gained 7 lbs. I'm hoping this is fluid retention. I am a personal trainer, I eat very well and exercise 5 times a week. If anyone has had the same symptoms please let me know. This doesn't seem normal.

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Verwon Says:

No, it isn't a normal side effect of this antibiotic and it is highly unlikely that most medications could cause anyone to gain that much weight in just a few days.

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And if it is fluid retention that you've gained that fast, it could be very dangerous and you need to consult someone to have it checked.

Such rapid edema could lead to congestive heart failure.

Have you had any other symptoms?

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CG Says:

Thank you for the reply. No honestly I haven't had any other symptoms other then being tired..... but I am a mom of two young children so I am always tired. After I posted this question last night I was a little more thirsty then usual but I also ran 4 miles yesterday and I associated the thirst with the run. Thank you for your input.

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Sandy Says:

I agree. I started taking this a few days ago. I am a petite woman - 5'-1", 108 lbs, and I abruptly gained 5 pounds. I, too, watch what I eat and I exercise.

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Susan Says:

I started taking this about a week agon and I also abruptly gained 4 pounds. I, too, watch what I eat and I exercise five times a week. I have not changed my eating or exercise patterns. I am hoping that once I am done taking the Augmentin, that my weight will drop back down to it's normal level.

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MiniMom Says:

I'm glad I'm not the only one...same here...on it for a week, weighed 104 when I started it, not exercise or eating habits changed, weigh 108 now. If anything, I've been trying to eat less and exercises more because my clothes are tight! How fast will this go away when we stop the drug?!?!

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boonbeth Says:

Same 6 of augmentin and I'm up 6 lbs. I also watch my diet like a hawk and work out. SO frustrating!!!! Thanks for posting everyone so I know it actually is a side effect of this drug despite what the drug companies want us to think!

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Diana Says:

I have gained 7lbs too. I have been taking it for a week. Just finished my last pill lastnight thank god. I am on a low carb lifestyle and am always good. Started taking this up went the pounds and loose stools. Ugh hope it gets out of my system fast and I go back down.

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Tara Says:

Did you drop back down once stopping the augmentin

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Fiza Says:

My DS got pneumonia for the last 2 weeks and was admitted & treated with iv zinacef. The discharge went fairly well and was symptom-free for 1 week. But today is down again with a fever, runny nose-greenish discharge, wet cough, and an enlarged tonsil. Went to the GP but was not given antibiotics bcos he got a good iv zinacef dose, but now that the fever hasn't subsided, should I get antibiotics? Would augmentin do?

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