Atenolol Chlorthal /50-25 Tb

Larry Graf Says:

I have dry mouth, cold feet/hands, real tired/all the time, Do you know of anything to help with this.

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David Says:

At first I thought you might be showing signs of Iron or B12 deficiency, but you are definitely experiencing the side effects of Atenolol.

Please follow the link below and scroll down to the section called Side Effects, as it shows all the side effects you are coping with:

I think the obvious solution is to consult your doctor and hopefully find a replace so you can discontinue using this horrible medication. There are plenty of natural (side effect free) methods to control and lower high blood pressure. I know this from personal experience.

Please post back if you have any questions or concerns regarding this.

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sediq Says:

thank you for your input on the side -effects of Atenolol.You also mention that there are various natural medication /remedies for the "replacement of Atenolol"-could you please recommend some of these natural medicines and whether they are just effective as atenolol.I was also under the impression although i hate the Atenolol, it must be taken, as prescribed,irrespective whether natural medicine is used or not-or is this just another marketing tool not to lose revenue on the atenolol.I also believe that the other side effect of atenolol is addiction because you tend to become anxious at intervals after taking the tablet forcing you to take it again.

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Mother Superior Says:

In Dec.,2011, I had gallbladder surgery. Grossly infected liver & pancreas with severely depleted potassium. I had been taking Atenol/Chlor 50-25 for a long time, so potassium was depleted by that, according to the doctor. Following successful surgery and massive antibiotics, I was put on Atenolol 50 mg 2X daily. It's NOT keeping bp down like the Atenol/Chlor 50-25 had been doing! Couldn't I go back to Atenol/Chlor WITH the potassium and monitor it to see if it would reduce bp as prior to surgery. It was 132/72 or less before, but with Atenol 25mg, I am lucky if it is below 146/72. Help! I need to have it below 140/70 for my job responsibilities.

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Ram Says:

Can my mom use B-12 vitamin 1000 mcg along with ATEN-50? She is > Age 50.

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Davy Says:

I am taking atenololchlorthal 50-25TB & amlodipine-benazepril 10-20 mg & clopidogrel 75 mg once a day and now I have red spots and itching over my whole body. Is any of this medication causing this. thank you

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Nickie Says:

I have been taking Atenenol for one year. I was fighting Systolic Hypertension and couldn't get it down. I also take Lisinopril 30mg. Two months ago my Dr. Doubled the dose and added the Chlorthal. Almost to the day my pulse dropped into the 40s. I am a runner but I've always been a runner. My resting heart rate is normally 60. Thank goodness for the info available on the Internet. I'm heading to my heart Dr. For medicine switch. Another valuable lesson is that perhaps the general Practitioner isn't the best one to be prescribing BP meds.

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melissa Says:

Can this drug cause you to gain weight?

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hi Im david, there are six HBP meds that cause memory loss I dont have the list in front of me but lisinopril is one of them,forgive my poor spelling.and its late.I was so angry when i heard this 4-5 yrs ago.had my Dr.take me off ,the list may be longer by now ,dont rush to put your love ones in a home,I heard someone say some time ago of all the things I miss,I miss my mind the most (lol)does anyone have the list?

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Ange Says:

My doctor just prescribed Atenolol/chlorthal 50/25 and i read that it causes stroke, increases the mortality rate and heart attack is that true? has anyone experienced this?

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