Atenol / Chlor 50-25 Mg Tablets

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Atenol / Chlor

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David Says:

Tenoretic is a combination of two drugs prescribed for hypertension -
Atenolol + Chlorthalidone.

You can view a detailed description of Tenoretic, by clicking on the link below...

If you have any more questions or comments to add, please post back so I can further assist you.

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Linda Says:

Husband was prescribed ATENOL/CHLOR 50-25MGTAB once a day, a couple to three months ago. He has been experience extreme pain in his foot for the last few weeks. Need to know if this is related to the ATENOL/CHLOR 50-25MG Tab. He is also taking AMLODIPINE 10MG TAB MYLAN once a day, LISINOPRIL 30MGTAB LUPIN PHRM, 1 1/2 tabs once a day along with a low dose aspirin. The paper given along with the prescription does not list the side effects or adverse side effects.

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gingerbread Says:

Is this medication to be taken in the am or pm. My doctor originally said pm, when my prescription will refilled it said am.

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Gail Says:

Is 100/25 atenol/chlor the same as 100 metoprolol Tart/25chlor ?

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kaye Says:

Wow.. i've got atenol plus other prescriptions & was never once told wht time of day 2 tke thm.. it only says at the same time so many times daily

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