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Nebulizer that works with asthmanefrin vials.

I purchased an OMRON Vibrating Mesh Nebulizer online in August. About the same size as the crap piece of garbage that came with the Astmanefrin starter kit. Works great and to be honest I have gone a few days without soaking it in distilled water and vinegar. I just run some distilled water thru it after each use. After 6 months it still works great! It has a 2 year warranty. ## Many belated thanks for the info Pat. My atomizer is still working but from other reports I'm sure it won't last, so your info is very helpful. ## Hello Pat, Excellent information! How often did you have to wash the original piece that came with the Astmanefrin start kit? Also what is the price comparison for getting the Omron nebulizer compared to getting the Astmanefrin kit replacement?

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I Just Found Out The FDA Pulled AsthmaNefrin Off The Shelves

I've been sitting here crying because the pharmacist just told me that AsthmaNefrin was taken off the market. I look on the internet and it's been recalled by the FDA because it has caused chest pain and has many complaints. This decision by the FDA will kill people like me because I get a paradoxical reaction to Albuterol and Levalbuterol. They work completely different. Different drug. If I go to the emergency because I can't breathe, they save me with ephinephrine, the same drug that AsthmaNefrin is. And look in any drug book, Albuterol and Levalbuterol has worse side-effects than Epinephrine. I have to have my rescue inhaler with me everyday. The Primatene tablets are horrible, causing extreme anxiety and don't mix with my antidepressant. I was on cortisone for years...

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Asthmanefrin refills

AsthmaNefrin has kept me alive. It really relieves my asthma with no side effects. I wish the FDA would quit picking on this very effective and safe relief from asthma. ## There may be some hope. An Epinephrine Inhaler called "Prime Asthma Relief" is being marketed by its inventor Dr. James Z. Liu, MD, PhD. He is also working on another product called "EpiMist". An OTC Mist Epinephrine for Asthma. Also, read the many reviews that give his products 5 stars. ## Hi Lois & Gerry. I got an email today saying that EpiMist is now available at the Dr. Natural Healing, Inc. site. A bottle of 250 sprays costs $65 which isn't cheap but at least the shipping is free. I placed an order for one try it out. I tried their Prime Asthma Relief product with just so-so results as th...

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nebulizer medication asthmanefrin

Can i still get asthmanefrin OTC? and dilute in a neb.? I don't want to see another doctor.. I am tired of going to dr's...i would like to try something on my own at home.. I am looking for a medication i can buy OTC for a nebulizer..any advice (besides going to my Dr.) will be helpful..Thanks in advance. ## Hi rich, I would encourage you to have a look at the following discussion thread as it pertains to AsthmaNefrin's availability: Discuss/I-Just-Found-Out-The-FDA-Pulled-AsthmaNefrin-Off-The-Shelves-287520.htm. Also, [according to the FDA link below] AsthmaNefrin was apparently recalled sometime in or around 2013 due to patients reporting chest pain, spikes in blood pressure & heart rate, including a number of other side effects. Having said that, I'm not too certa...

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Medicine AKA Another's Poison PRIMATENE IS BEST RX, PERIOD!

Taking it approx 50 years, I just take it as prescribed and space it between other medications. It has worked like a charm. I've gone off of it (due to assorted doctors) only to found out, NOTHING WAS BETTER. The FDA wants to pull it b/c it's less expensive as the ones they advertise on ATV. It's a huge, misfunctioning institution, pharm co's, many doctors, and media...hence 'The Evil Empire". It's about money, not health. Who pays for those fancy commercials? You! ## Primatene pills are a really good Rx for my Asthma too.

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No more clogging!

Just wanted to let everyone know what I do to prevent my unit from clogging. I dilute the medicine 2 parts distilled water to 1 part medicine and keep it in a little squeeze dropper bottle. The diluted medicine works better for me as I can take more inhalations without it making my heart race and it keeps the unit from clogging. I usually only clean it once every few days now. ## Nick, thanks so much for your suggestion. I've been using the atomizer for about a year, and its helped me more than any other asthma medication, with none of the harmful side effects I experienced from the others. The only problem I've been having is occasional clogging of the unit, especially when I use it very frequently. I actually had thought of your idea before but I wasn't sure it would work ...

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finding atomizer?

Anyone know a source for the atomizer? All local stores are out of stock and if you find one on the web, they're 150.00..... for that price I'm better off at urgent care.... ## I'm in the same boat. I cannot find the atomizer. The pharmacist told me that the product was discontinued. I'm not sure though. I think that some atomizers were recalled. In any event, there's always the option of a nebulizer. It does not fit in your pocket. However, it does work the same as an atomizer. Hope you find relief. ## I gave up on the EZ breathe atomizer a long time ago and bought a different one. I'm using DeVilbiss 45 Lexan Plastic Pocket Nebulizer. It's old school, but works fine for me. ## As I posted before with Asthmanefrin gone I'm getting by with an e-cig and mi...

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Flawed Unit-emergency!

Please: I'm currently on my 4th Asthmanefrin unit, the local stores have exchanged it so far. Now I can't breathe and the unit won't work. I have the racepinephrine liquid refills but no way to get it into my system. Any suggestions for middle-of-the-night/emergency delivery methods?? It doesn't matter how you clean it; this is a flawed product that only works for 1-4 months. ## Hello, Destined! How are you doing? If you're breathing gets so bad that you are in emergency status, you should call 911 for assistance. As to the Asthmanefrin, since this is an over the counter product, you will likely have better luck if you contact the manufacturer about the issues. They list a contact number as 855-999-3926. Do you have any prescription products you use for your asthma? ...

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Asthmanefrin Medicine Cup

Posted a few entries before. Still using the ultrasonic cleaner but with cold distilled water. Basically they give out in a few months and I have to buy another medicine cup. I wish Nephron would re-design this so it would last a lot longer. ## Hi Glenn, I believe I responded to one of your older entries on the site the last time you posted about this ultrasonic cleaner. Amazing that those medicine cups hold up as long as they do, but it sounds like a marketing ploy to get you to keep buying more if you ask me. One thought though is to contact the manufacturer directly and see if they have a "black box where suggestions go" - in hopes that they'll take the hint and run with it Lol. I posted a link to their contact page below: Do you know if any ot...

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Medicine cup cleaning result

As stated before I would post my results. Sm. cap. ultrasonic cleaner from HF Tools (less than $30). Ran it thru 2 three min. cycles using dist. water heated to 90 deg. Improved mist vol. enough to be adequate but short of what a new unit does. Sent report to Nephron w/details and awaiting any response. Hoping they come up with new cleaning procedure because what comes w/product does not work over the long term. In the meantime try this if you are having problems. ## So far I'm having pretty good results with my cleaning method. I'm going to see if I can skip an ultrasonic cleaning for a day and just soak the cup in water. Unfortunately have not heard from Nephron yet. I do hope they will address this issue with their product. ## Hi Glenn, I don't believe I noticed your prev...

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Cleaning Medicine Cup

Having the same problem, 2 units replcd. under warranty. Follow the cleaning dir. exactly w/distilled water but units make less and less mist over time. I'm about to try using an ultrasonic cleaner w/warm dist. water. It will either work, won't work or damage the medicine cup. If successful I will post the result.

Cleaning the medicine cup

I clean the unit according to the directions but the mist is a lot less than when it was new. Any suggestion on what or how to clean this better ? Thank you ## I'm sorry, but I am really not familiar with it, so I am not sure I can really be of any help. Are you following all the instructions exactly? If so, then the best idea I had would be to talk to a pharmacist, they may know some other tricks that would be safe, which could help you. Does anyone else have any ideas?

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