Aspirin Tablet 80mg

bh Says:

Dear Sir,
Can Aspirin Tablet 80mg (2 tablet a day) be taken together with Metformin HC1 Tablet 500mg
(0.5 tablet X 3 times per day)?
My Mom has taken Aspirin for a few years but Metformin for half month only. I learnt that Metformin
cannot be taken together with blood thinner medicine.
Is it true? My Mom felt very uncomfortable and suffered some kinds of side effect. How can she fix her sufferings?
I look forward to your valuable feedback.
Thanks and regards

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David Says:

Information I was able to find (regarding taking Aspirin with Metformin) notes that you should tell your doctor and pharmacist if you are taking or have taken Aspirin and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) while taking Metformin.

Other guidelines note that there are no interactions found between "Low Strength" or baby Aspirin and Metformin. You'd have to consult with your doctor to know for certain what is best for you, since it effects each individual differently. Personally, I agree that Metformin should not be taken with blood thinner medication, aspirin included. However, I haven't found any information to prove otherwise against taking them together; just info stating that it should be a low dose of Aspirin if you do decide to take them together.

Hopefully this helps provide some further insight!

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grace Says:

Can I ask I need to make a baby but I can't ,it because I have irregular menstruation it is good to take a folic acid and metformin 6 months?.I need ur advice..

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