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Could you please tell me when the aspirin free Excedrin will be back on the shelves? I am suppose to be off aspirin for 3 days before my injections with my back but I suffer such bad migraines so I can't stop taking the Excedrin Migraine for even 1 day! This is really becoming a problem for me! HELP!!!! ## HI, Patsy! Sorry about the migraines, I know they can be very miserable. However, this website does not manufacture any products, either prescription or over the counter. It is an information only site, thus I don't have that information for you. But I can tell you that Excedrin Migraine contains Aspirin, Acetaminophen and Caffeine, so an equivalent product to use without Aspirin would just be something that contains the Acetaminophen and Caffeine. Your pharmacist should be ab...

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I cannot take asperin so I take asperin-free excedrin. I want to know why it and all excedrin was taken off the market. Also when if ever will it be available to buy again. Nothing else helps me. I have tried Aleve but doesn't do the job as good as the above. ## The Excedrin products were recalled due to problems that the FDA found with their manufacturing facility, which may have caused the products to be contaminated. Product has been shut down and there is, at this time, no word on when it will resume. As to an alternative that may help, have you tried asking your doctor to help you find something? Learn more about Headache Details ## When will Asperin Free Excedrin be back on the shelves? They said the other Excedrin's would be on the shelves in October & still not avail...

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