Aspirin 80 Mg Tab (aspilets 80mg)

James Fok Says:

I am 76 years old,I had a coronary - angiography with the overall conclusions as follows :Calcium Score 34.5
Coronary artery stenosis about 30% dia. My hypertension reads 145/65/73. For maintenance Doctor prescribed me Bisoprolol2.5 tab one daily and Aspilets 80 mg one daily. Are these in order or needed to reduced dosage?

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Verwon Says:

There are two reasons for the medications, to reduce your blood pressure and to improve cardiac function.

Learn more Bisoprolol details here.

Learn more Aspirin details here.

The Aspirin also works as a blood thinner to help prevent the dangers associated with clotting.

That said, you should follow your doctor's instructions for the best results and for your own health and safety.

Are you experiencing any odd side effects or anything?

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Rhia Says:

Hi i am a hypothyroidism patient, i was prescribed by my Doctor with levothyroxine as hormones substitutes, because i been through radiation theraphy last April 2015. I used to take 50mg of levothyroxine for my first 2weeks that started August 1, 2015, and on my 3rd week that started last August 21, 2015, i took 100mg, but i am experiencing discharged 2 weeks today and i felt uneasy strange, i am worried about my situtation right now. Please help.

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