Ascriptin Use In Dogs

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My 15 year old dog has arthritis in his hind legs. He is about 50 pounds. Can I use a 325 mg. Ascriptin to treat him or should I use one or two 81mg coated aspirin? Suggestions will be helpful. Thanks.

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Verwon Says:

Well, unfortunately, this site is not medical professionals, nor are we veterinarians, this is an information only website that deals with prescription medications for human use.

What has your Vet recommended?

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Dog Lover Says:

First I will say that I am not a vet; however, I have a 45 pound dog that was crying out with severe lower back and leg pain last September. I took him to a vet and he prescribed the following. 3 each 50 mg Tramadol (a mild opiate) and 2 each 325 mg Ascriptin per day. The results have been miraculous for 9 months "and going". He only takes two of the Tramadol and one or two of the Ascriptin spaced out thoughout the day. No coated aspirin according to the vet. A dog can not breakdown the coating.

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Vince Says:

Are you still using Ascriptin for your dog? If so, could you please tell me where you're getting it. Can't seem to find the specific product today.Thanks much,

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Kelsey Says:

My vet has just recommended Ascriptin (Maalox-coated aspirin) for my dog's pain, but I cannot locate it. Is there a substitute?

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