Arthritist Pain Severe In In Thumb/hand Joint What Should I Take?

Melinda Says:

I am having severe pain and also have a knot in the joint region of my right thumb at the thumb hand junction. Ibuprofen gives me severe stomach pain. I don't have ulcers but just can't tolerate ibuprofen. I have taken Darvocet for over 30 yrs to control my headaches, knee, and lower back pain. Now that I can no longer take it due to recall I am not taking anything other then Excedrin Migraine. It doesn't help very well especially if its a severe headache or joint pain.

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Verwon Says:

Have you consulted a doctor?

They are really the only person that will be qualified to help you find a proper diagnosis, as to what's causing the problem and reach a proper treatment decision.

There are other options on the market that you can try, but most of them will require a doctor's prescription.

You can learn more about the various opiates here:


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Antonio Says:

Doc. I have pain in big finger on right legs,i feel on joint bone,it was start from yesterday july 15,2014,im waken up in the morning already paining.what is the pain killer i should use,thanks

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