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used for pink eye

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Steve Says:

Does anyone know where Argerol can be purchased? My 85-year-old mother has a nasal infection that antibiotics aren't curing. Argerol has helped her in the past, but she ran out recently and her phramacist hasn't been able to order more. This is URGENT.



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Vicki Says:

Last year, I searched all over the country and made inquiry of people overseas.....apparently, Argerol can't be purchased anywhere, even with a prescription. Most of the pharmacists I spoke with, had never even heard of it. I did run across an older, more experienced pharmacist who remembered the drug and said it had been off the market for about 15 years.

Sorry :-(

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Verwon Says:

Yes, Vicki is correct, Algerol was actually Silver Nitrate, which of course was found to be toxic when ingested.

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memom Says:

Funny how it was supposed to be toxic - my dad used to make me sniff up argerol when I was little and let it trickle down my throat - It helped with many super bad sore throats and I am now 55 and still kicking.

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rick Says:

To find a supplier try:

Christine McKinney, Founder
Argyrol Pharmaceuticals
949-{edited for privacy}

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Suz Says:

My Grandmother told me about argyrol and I raised my three girls using it to stop any sore throat infections. After all my Grandmother raised 12 kids out on a N. Dakota farm. I haven't been able to find it for several years and was told it was no longer available. Argyrol is the only product that I know of to STOP sore throats almost instantly. It was quite expensive, but when you think of what a Dr's visit cost, it wasn't that bad. It's good to know that other prople are aware of it and I will keep looking for a way to buy it. I have tried coloidal silver without any success.

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Robert Speer Says:

A friend turned me on to it a long time ago, I used it to treat colds and flu like symptoms. I have looked for it and I found the same results as Vicki. I think the reason they took it off the market is that they found it to work better than the other remedies that are out on the market.

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Lynn Thacker Says:

When I was about 21 in about 1956 my doctor wrapped cotton around wires, dipped them in argerol and then inserted them way up into my nasal passages, then applied heat to my face and after a while maybe 20 minutes removed them. This treatment was supposed to promote drainage from my sinuses. It wasn't very pleasant but seemed to work for a while, at least as well as several courses of penicillin which I have been prescribed in recent years.

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AirTrails Says:

I also have recently been trying to find Argerol. My family in Sioux City Iowa used it for years in the 50s and 60s. In those days very one had Argerol,BoricAcid and Iodine in their medicine cabinet. If i remember correctly Argerol was a 5% solution of SilverNitrate and Bromide. It was a sledge hammer on bacteria and if researched ill bet would kill viruses. I have always been plagued with eye infections. 3 drops of Argerol was put in each eye for 5min lying down sniffling gently and then blowing the nose gently. This was repeated until evidence of the brown bromide appeared on the kleenex. This was done twice a day but only had to be used a day or two. Results were almost instantaneous and better than any antibiotic. It was messy stuff to use though as that Bromine would stain anything including the color of your eye if used for too many days in a row. Last rime i bought it was 1980 from Kohls Drug. Cant find it anywhere now.

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ellen g Says:

Friend, check out colloidal silver, it works far better than argerol and kills bacteria, fungus and virus.

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an oldguy Says:

I grew up in a small town in New Jersey. There was a very kind and intelligent lawyer in town named Reading Gebhardt. He was blue. His skin was blue. Blue. The reason it was blue was that he had used too much Argerol as a young man, it got into his bloodstream, and it turned his skin blue. He sued, and won, and Argerol was forced to put warnings on its label, but still was allowed to sell its toxic product. Reading Gebhardt lived to a ripe old age. And to his dying day his skin was a deep blue color.

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vicki Says:

Colloidal silver will turn skin blue, too, if one isn't careful. Aspirin will give one ulcers if taken on an empty stomach too often. Some people get hives from Advil.... But I wouldn't want the products taken off the market. IMHO, the guy shouldn't have sued. Blue is better than some other color like green or yellow.

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Georgia King Says:

In 1949 a doctor came to my house at least once a week and put Argerol on a long swab, inserted it into my vagina. I remember screaming as it was so painful. I don't know why my mother ever allowed this to happen as I was only 2 then. It went on until I was 4 yrs. old. Learned a lot about this drug here thanks to all.

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Old Girl Says:

I am 65 and have had chronic nasal stuffiness and repeated sinus infections. Back in the mid-80s an elderly doctor gave me an argerol treatment. Using a syringe, he injected a large amount of argerol up my nose, handed my a large box of kleenex and left the room. It butrned like the fires of hell and I went through a lot of kleenex blowing out brown/black stuff. But I went for several years with my nose absolutely clear. It was like a miracle. Since then, I am back to my chronic nasal problems. Much as it hurt, it was incredibly effective. None of my doctors seem to know anything about it.

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Karen V Says:

Hi Steve,
Please tell your grandmother that she can order more at or at 949-675-8938 at their custermer service. Happy to Help you! Karen

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health freedom Says:

As far as i have been able to determine the new colloidal silver and argyrol are the same stuff. I have 500 ppm colloidal silver, the ingredients are deionized water and mild silver protein. I also have Argyrol it says (mild silver protein) stabilized solution.
Colloidal silver nutritional facts on back of bottle: serving size; 2.5ml
1 serving contains
1.25mg silver protein.
Argyrol: 1ml contains 100mg silver protein.
Now if we do the math... 2.5ml of argyrol would be 250mg of silver protein.
that is a difference of 200%, meaning argyrol is 200 times more concentrated.
just some facts for everyone to think about.

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Dan Says:

Hi I'm in grad school to be a chiropractor and i was taught to use it for sinus infections by putting a few drops on the end of a long Q tip and putting the cotton swab far back in the nose almost to the throat. Letting it sit there for 45 min syimulates the body to make mucus to flush it out since it is a mild irritant and it also flushes and kills the bacteria. It can also be used in the throat and eyes. Argerol solution is sold at my school and I could sell it to anyone that can't find it elsewhere through an eBay buy it now so you know I won't rip you off. Just email me at and put Argerol in the subject line. I can check the price (25-30$ for a small bottle I believe), and I would not be making anything.

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Bruce Says:

Hi everyone Argyrol is alive and well and can be acquired from out of California L.A. USA. We have been using both Argyrol and the derivative clay product Argyrex on a wide range of infections here in South Africa with 100% efficacy from burns to shingles, chicken pox and any open wounds incl MDR SA, and Karposi Sarcoma AIDS related sores and other cancerous lesions ! no family home should be without these iconic American products. greetings from RSA

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Diane Says:

I found it on the internet and it is exactly what my mother used as a nurse many many years ago and does work like she said. Go to It's the real deal. Cleared my sinus to use it on my husband who has been on 3 antibiotics to clear his sore throat

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Laura Prezio Says:

When it was available in local pharmacies it was one of those go to products that I took for granted. I never knew of its amazing history or its ability to stop the transmission of sexual diseases. Its a damn shame that its no longer easily available, but one thing is for shore its detractors are the same folks that pray to a
God who punished anyone who doesn't agree with their repressive elitist double talk.

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