Arent People Who Take Heart Meds Dependant On Them To Keep There Goingisnt That The Same For Pain

done playin Says:

All i keep hearing is people are dependant on pain meds etc.....but we are all dependant on some pill to work once in awhile or everyday, so why is everyone so hard on one set of people and not the other?

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David Says:

Good question. I think it really just has to do with all the stigma around "junkies" or people who take pain meds for other purposes than what it's originally intended for.

Other than that aspect, you're absolutely right that many people are equally as dependent on other types of medications too. They probably just don't get high or addicted to blood pressure meds or heart meds in the same way patients do with narcotics.

With that said, I don't think anyone should be completely dependent on any drug for longer than they "need" to. It really comes down to eating right, exercising daily, and doing other things that help take care of your body over the long haul. When we stop moving our bodies stop working properly and this is what I believe opens pandora's box for all types of ailments.

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Dee Says:

No. I'm not. Ten years ago I was an addict and I quit. Stopping is scarey. I don't take any pills. My mother is 86 and working but doesn't take any either. There are other answers besides drugs. I know pain is hard, but the longer you take pain pills, more and more will be needed for the same results. Pain medications will soon be even harder to get.

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Jen Says:

They already are harder to get and what the DEA is doing to us is wrong. I'm in pain groups for people are talking about committing suicide without pain medication. They can't function or have any kind of life. If you take it properly and don't get addicted to it then what is the problem? And honestly I think it's nobody else's business, unless it becomes a problem for you and your family then you should call a social worker. The DEA and the War on Drugs is just a horrible way to treat people in pain. You might not know the kind of pain I'm talking about, it doesn't sound like you do.

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