Are They Not Making The 54 411 Bup Tabs Anymore??? (Top voted first)

csyhmltn Says:

I have been on the 54 411 bup tabs for 5 years. All of the sudden my pharmacy doesnt get them anymore. I'm very sensitive to medications. I cannot take these ones that they gave me. Someone said they are discontinuing the 54s. I am from central pa. I'll travel to get them, I just heard they aren't going to make them anymore. Please tell me this isn't true!!!!

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Bobby Says:

I haven't heard that at all. The Rhodes brand is the best brand out right now. It's definitely better than the hikima west ward brand also known as 54 411. They used to be made by Roxanne pharma years ago and were much better. Then in about 2015 they sold to westward and that's when they changed the formulation for the first time. I noticed big differences from month to month sometimes with this brand but it's still probably the 2nd or 3rd best brand out now. Its owned by hikima now so just email them but I didn't hear they were going out of business. These brands always go on backorder or pharmacies don't feel like ordering certain brands. I got to use the Rhodes brand for over a year straight and it's better then these but the pharmacy closed that ordered them for me do I had to go back to CVS for my Subutex and they won't order my Rhodes only the hikima 54 411 and I noticed a big difference. Im going to get Rhodes or a different brand next month these 54 411 we're not great this month.

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csyhmltn Says:

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I've never heard of those. What is the imprint on them? I can only take the 54 411s.
But like I said I've never heard of the ones your talking about. My pharmacy stopped getting the 54s. And ppl are saying around my small town they are discontinuing the 54s. Which I didnt believe. I hope they are not.

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Bekkah Says:

Re: Bobby (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

what does that look like ? I been on moon 153 for 4 years

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