Are There Still 3 Mg Instant Release Xanax Pills In The U.s?

Adam Strang Says:

Are there still 3 mg instant release Xanax pills being manufactured in the United States??

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EDDY Says:

Like the stuff on Mission Impossible? No there is a 3 mg XR which is extended release but the closest instant would be in liquid form that doctors might use

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Holly Says:

No there is not a 3mg Xanax - highest they make is 2mg. If you're getting them off the streets there is a certain kind if Xanax bar that has a 3 on it so people go around telling others they are 3mg but they don't make 3mg Xanax.

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David Says:

I don't know if it's still being marketed or what, but Pharmacia and Upjohn Company (who is a subsidiary of Pfizer) reportedly manufacturers the 3mg Xanax extended-release tablet that Eddy was describing; with an "X" on one side and a "3" on the other.

For verification, this particular pill carries a National Drug Code of 00009-0068.

And just as a second opinion, I haven't come across any 3mg "instant release" formulas to date. So I'm pretty sure the 3mg is only for the extended release version.

Hope this helps clear things up!

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EDDY Says:

Thank you David, Holly is clearly mistaken obtaining her knowledge and drugs from the Streets. Xanax XR is certainly available made in different strengths.

Drug: Xanax XR
Strength: 3 mg
Pill Imprint: X 3
Color: Green
Shape: Three-sided

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