Are There Shortages On Oxycodone 30mg In Florida 2022?

Rawdog Says:

Is anyone in Florida having any issues getting their oxycodone 30mg filled at any pharmacy's? Especially at a Publix? I had an issue this month and I'm hoping in January with the reset of the amount allowed for the year I should have no problems obtaining them anyone have any insight on this topic.

Also can ANYONE tell me if they have any issues filling Oxycontin 40mg? Or actually any milligram please, I'm wanting to switch from the GARBAGE 100mg MS Contin ER to the Oxycontin since Publix SAYS they distributer does not carry the oxymorphone 30mg ER witch I find so hard to believe!!!! They can't even special order it for me so that's why I'm asking about the oxycontin and I believe only Purdue and Teva are the only two manufacturers and I'd be fine with either one. And I know a few years back no one in Florida could get the Teva brand I even had the NDC number to make it super easy to look up.So if anyone could tell me if they do get that medication in Florida would help out tremendously thank you in advance

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Optimistic Says:

It’s still 2021. And we get hit With shortages at the end of the year Because they only allow a certain amount of the active ingredient to the manufacturers. It’s going to be really problematic when all the long Covid people end up getting pain meds too. Did you Send a comment to the FDA and DEA when they were asking for public comments about reducing the allotted amount of the active ingredient? They’re actually talking about making less pain medication in 2022 then they did in 2021. I’m not sure if they decided to do it that way but they were plenty of people that made public comments about it so hopefully they listened to us.

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Rawdog Says:

Re: Optimistic (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

No I didn't reply go them about not cutting back on the oxycodone allotted for the year. I wish I knew about or I would have. I'll try n look into it thanx.
By the way have you heard of any problems of people getting their oxycontin filled? I know I asked about a year and a half ago and no one could get the Teva brand thanx again

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