Are There Any Tablets To Clean Womb?

Mancane Says:

What can i use to clean up my womb besides going to the hospital to scrubbed? I have severe abdominal pains

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Sammy Says:

I want to clean my womb. Is there anything i can get from the pharmacy without doctor's prescription?

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butterfly Says:

How many mephyton pills should a person take after a miscarriage to clean the clots inside?

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I want to clean my womb what mast i use please help, I MEAN WITHOUT GOING TO A DOCTOR

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I had a miscarriage in 2011 and since then i can't conceive. I think i have clots because my womb was not cleaned.. How can i get help?

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mbuso Says:

I want to clean my womb without going to doctor

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sparkles Says:

What medicine should I take to clean my womb?

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lulu Says:

How can l clean my womb because I have tried to have a baby for a long time and I have consulted many doctors but nothing had changed.

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Josina Says:

How can i clean my wombo without conslting a docter.

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Khulo Says:

How can I clean my womb of a miscarriage if I don't want to go to the hospital?

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GeeLady Says:

What can I use to clean my womb without going to the hospital and which pills I can buy over the counter? I am having an unpleasant period with dark clots...

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Lebo Says:

What can I do my whomp and breast are pain. What can I do please help me

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amany Says:

Thank you for your efforts I want to ask about advice with going to doctors before I make my dessision

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jolene Says:

hi I'm jolene, on depo for 3 years and I had a miscarriage. Only 6 months ago, but still no signs of periods, and I want to be able to get pregnant. please I need help.

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Lebo Says:

I had a miscarriage 2 days ago which medicine can I use to clean my womb? I don't what to go to the hospital.

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Roy Says:

According to Livestrong there are a number of herbs that may have uterine cleansing properties. This includes herbs such as ginger, marigold, motherwort, and raspberry. I don't know of a pharmaceutical drug specifically for this purpose. It is always a good idea to check with your doctor if you are possibly pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant.

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