Are The White Gg249 Xanax A Good Brand? (Page 3)

bean Says:

I got chalky tasting xanax with imprint gg249 on one side. And smooth on the back, I haven't taken one until I figure out if they're fake or not. Anyone else bought these or been prescribed these?? Do they work, are they real??

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Kristy Says:

I received these white x bars, bc I've been detoxing for a few days. I have some that say GG/2/4/9 and blank on back. I took one and still had hot and cold flashes. A Dr prescribed me klonopin but I can't always afford to go... So I know by taking one bar an hour later. So I took another one and waited - still nothing. I've heard this brand is ineffective bc it's an old manufacturer...

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O man Says:

Somebody (not me of course) just got a bunch of gg249s. I'm pretty familiar with what a 2mg alprazolam does. Just to Check the quality, someone tried just half the bar. It definitely had the effect of an entire bar. Very potent. He was looking through them too and some of the score marks are off. I don't think the pharmaceutical company would let that pass. The good news is that they work great anyway. Maybe better than the pharma ones.

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Jeff Says:

There fine bit like pick and mix sum better than others

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drewster89 Says:

No pharma grade the back of the real gg249s are flat and a little glossy. My wife gets every month from cvs, no score marks on back.

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drewster89 Says:

No pharma grade the back of the real gg249s are flat and a little glossy. My wife gets every month from cvs, no score marks on back. Coorect NO SCORES ON BACK OF GG249, FLAT AND KING OF GLOSSY A LITTLE,ANY SCORES ON THE BACK AND I WOULD HESU=ITATE.

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drewster89 Says:

those are REAL, open 4 on the numbers its
4 (open)
with nothing on back or they are pressed /could be fake or weak, or have another substance.

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Mikey Says:

Yes there are real gg|2|4|9 Xanax bars that are generic and they are shorter than most every other kind of bar period next to a normal bar they go up to three and a half of 1. But you have to be careful because Double G's are some of them most fake ones out there. You can tell because if they are hard as hell to cross their fake I always to a little piece and taste it

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Shrrie Says:

Thank you cause I get them from a different pharmacy, same deal.

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Babydoll85 Says:

I got my Xanax refill and it contained GG 249 2mg Xanax bars. I know my xanax well but these I got today seemed to be flatter than normal and I was just wondering if they were real or fake? They taste just like a normal Xanax so I assume they are real but yet again I've never seen them as flat as this. They are usually a little thicker than this. Didn't know if they were new or came from someplace else??? Just need some answers people, thanks.

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Rowdy 1 Says:

Re: Task rx THE TRUTH (# 40) Expand Referenced Message

I'm not being mean or hateful but where do u live, cuz finding a Dr. to prescribe them where i live is next to impossible? The DEA has cracked down so hard these doctors don't like to write anything controlled. I have legally taken benzos for 8yrs to be taken off them bc of bs the state is enforcing bc of too many overdoses. I don't think a drug after many years should be bumped up in the list of classes of controlled drugs bc some people abuse them. So the few people who really need them can't get them now which leads to more people buying off the street and not knowing what they're getting.

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Bar king Says:

Re: Xanax bar boy (# 25) Expand Referenced Message

Brand name trumps all obviously. All you gotta do is put it in a shot glass with propyl alcohol and see the separation. Xanax is NOT water soluble. Me personally, I only take like 10 a year. Horrible drug to be addicted to.

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Piano Fangaz Says:

Ok I am a complete Xanax bar pro. I am being dead serious. I am from Florida and been prescribed my share of Xanax from every brand of benzo and every mg ever made. First let me start that American-made Xanax is the best Xanax. Other countries are totally bad (Pfizer/sandoz). I only know about 2mg either being Actavis Elizabeth 2mg [R]0[3]9] to Sandoz [GG]2]4[9] and DAVA Pharmaceuticals that make the 2mg mint green K-Pin colored and minty tasting [S]30]9] that are a rarer and most apealing looking xanax 2mg pill on the market. Next I would say the Actavis 2mg [R]0]3]9] school bus xanax are very pretty and powerfull if not the strongest 2mg out to get prescribed to the health insurance guidelines. Most people have free healthcare so you will get 9/10 sandoz brand or the Greenstone bulls*** or even the 1mg blue footballs and those are great. I'd take that anyday over a k-pin or a .05 Ativan. Any doctor trying to give you Ativan or K-Pin run out the door. I pay my psychiatrist. I dont use free healthcare so I get what I want and most of all not wait f***ing 4 months to see some awkward doctor. In reality doctors look down on people using free heatlth care. It's true, I've seen and had doctors tell me they dispise prescribing meds to anybody on obama care or free healthcare because they're all junk bags.

If you cant afford 128$ a week for an hour visit with a good doctor you trust and knows you like you know them then why let the state give you a doctor that's "ANTI XANAX" or ANTI Pain Pills, but will shove suboxone and paxil, lithium, and all these other crazy drugs down your throat and have you come back!!! Let's be serious. We are there to get our 2mg xanax and get out mot or prozac and lithium and buspar. Anyway I got carried away. A real SANDOZ LABS is 15MM weight which is 0.25 grams sometimes 0.26 grams. Just flick it. I used the great digital scale called the tare and calibrated it with the 100g weight 2 times to assure accuracy. It came with and used a 5 cent nickel also a few times and was on point so SANDOZ 0.25g to 0.26g all real. Sandoz LABS 2mg xanax bars will have a clear coated finish like it was dipped in clear candy apple paint. if it has no shine and the letters and numbers are too big it's bad! If the GG is huge it's also bad. Real sandoz have super small GG 249 imprints. Even the numbers are super small and the 4 has an open face always. The 4 should never be closed ever, point blank. Also, sandoz takes pride in their xanax. Almost all their products have superior detail! Next is Actavis Elizabeth Pharmaceuticals. Those I have to say have the best detail to their meds and are my xanax of choice over greenstone, Dava, sandoz pharmaceuticals.

Real yellow 2mg school bus xanax from walgreens will have a glossy coat along the side. They changed their press last year making the R039 more visible to the human eye. The R SYMBOL is bigger than the previous "R". It's the same with 0|3. They're bigger and have the most bitter alp taste out of all xanax. The yellow bars have an extremely strong taste even As far as Dava S 90 3 green hulks 2mg, they are not time release and they are not 3mg. Only stupid people think the yellow and green xanax are time release or 3mg. Not true. They're all 2mg and all generics! Do not take any Xanax that says [X]A]N[A[X] / [ ][2][ ][ ]. Those are 100% bad. There is no company that has a 2 on the back. It's chalk and binders and could have fentanyl or who knows what. From my experience, I've seen plenty around. I've seen plenty of dark green hulks and even dark yellow R039!! 80% of those contain no benzodiazepines at all. It's all filler! The best way to ever test a med without tasting it is using the ''20OZ SPRITE BOTTLE TEST". BUY A 20OZ SPRITE. ANY CLEAR SODA & DROP A XANAX OR ANY TYPE OF BENZO IN!'' Note: If the Xanax does not sink to the bottom asap and start fizzing like alka-selzer and erupt like a volcano it's bad. If it rises, breaks into chunks and gunk rises on top you have a bad xanax! NOTE: REAL XANAX SINKS AND FIZZES UNTIL DISSOLVES. I KNOW BECAUSE I HAVE TRIED THIS.

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Degenerate Says:

Just got a couple GGs 2 nights in a row , first night they were 20% weaker and tonight 20% stronger and ripped, that detailed explanation up there made everything clear. All the things I was suspecting

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Cassandra Says:

Re: guy (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Are the letters/numbers up and down or side to side?

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Mason Says:

Re: Cassandra (# 54) Expand Referenced Message

I currently get these prescribed by my doctor and filled by Kroger pharmacy. The numbers are in a vertical order with GG at the the top | 2 | 4 | 9 to the bottom.


Manufactured for by Sandoz. Note that the 4 is slightly open at the top and the 9 doesn't curl on the REAL ones.

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Xanz users for 10 years Says:

The way to tell if gg249 are game or real break them in half if it is too soft it's fake if it almost snap apart real also shake the bottle hard and fake once will flake off real ones won't

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Daniel Says:

I have got the same ones an I took a whole one an feel alittle bit.

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Lemonhead Says:

U can buy a pill press on eBay and make these ur self. THERE ARE FAKES!!!

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Xpro Says:

Itlf they were not from a pharmacy they may have been fake. It's been happening alot from where in from. They say everything right on them they just taste like chalk

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Itelltruth Says:

Re: Piano Fangaz (# 52) Expand Referenced Message

People don't know Escambia county is the worst. Fake everything. You name it, it's on streets and it's sad cuz people r dying from the s***. Best bet is a Dr and hope for the football blues.

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