Are The White Gg249 Xanax A Good Brand? (Page 2)

bean Says:

I got chalky tasting xanax with imprint gg249 on one side. And smooth on the back, I haven't taken one until I figure out if they're fake or not. Anyone else bought these or been prescribed these?? Do they work, are they real??

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Joe rodgers Says:

Did it have a xanex imprinted on the back with gg 249 on the back with lines vertical understand each number please let me know asap thanks.

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Peewee Says:

So it should be hard to break??? Just got some and there so hard to break smh. Got me thinking there fake!!

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Darla Says:

Just put one under my tounge and its dissolving like a real one. Thank god!

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Misslyric12000 Says:

I get them straight from the pharmacy when you add water or saliva..(i chew mine they do become chalky and they are bitter I've been on 120 4 daily for 9 years

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Xanax bar boy Says:

Yeah i got gg 249 I think there ok just not as stong as the other bars i got with xanax on 1 side plain on other if that helps

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Xanax bar boy Says:

Yeah right so when i put the gg249s under me tung taste biter plus dissolve really quickly

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Xanax bar boy Says:

Just dropped 2 gg 249 smashed feel the come up no faka

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Steven Says:

I've seen the 4 open and closed, the only way I can tell is to taste it. If you get a real one that you know is real they have that taste. If it taste like chalk then it's chalk. Taste one first. I never buy the xanax never had a real one, but a girl tried to tell me that she got some from the hospital, but if they don't have the bottle saying that is what it is I don't believe you.

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LoyalFaithfulGF Says:

How thru mail? Im a benzo coniser i guess u say. Didnt know it was possible?

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drewdoesit Says:

15 mm (thats millimeters)
however im not sure of the thickness (width)
should it be the same size as the original White Rectangle xanax with the 2 on the back? or should the GG's be thicker?
also should they be real easy to crush down or should there be some give--
for example--it shouldnt just crumble to dust right away, should it?

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Steven Says:

I myself haven't seen the real hard ones, but have been told by others to beware of them.... anytime you buy pills anywhere always be careful. You can buy the press to make any bar you want and people will give you anything. It's a gamble getting them......

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Stasia Says:

Just wanted to share that actually 15mm is larger than half an inch the real ones should be a half inch long which is closer to 14 mm and width is about a little wider barely wider than 1/8 inch

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Benzogirl Says:

PLEASE be totally aware of your xanax, being 2 or less mgs....if they taste at all like chalk...DO NOT TAKE THEM. Most folks I know don't even bother with bars anymore because they are too easy to get a "pill presser" for and Walla...a chalk colored mystery pill. Forgers usually (so far) only do the bars for more profit.

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Peter Says:

Me too! How was the taste? I find these not to have the bitter taste.

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HoudiniPowder Says:

EDDY you are right. But believe it or not there are some cool folks out there that be pressing them stronger than pharma.

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HoudiniPowder Says:

Benzogirl, they add anti-bittering agents to the pills sometimes so that they are smooth going down. They even do a thing called a sugar press where the pill will be sweet and hardly bitter.

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peanut Says:

in response to question someone wrote how big is 15 mm well to make it easy 1/2inch equals 12mm

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Chris Says:

The ones i have are GG 249, scores between GG and each of the numbers. After seeing the talk about the number 4 i had to take a closer look. Indeed the ones i have are an open 4 (unlike the # in this typing). Havnt tried them out yet

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DMONEY101 Says:

Yeah my s*** is a good brand. Not as bitter as the last batch I had (X|A|N|AX) or some s*** like that. Mine are GG|2|4|9 with an open 4 and nothing on the back. Smooth as hell on the back. Hard to break (which usually means they're real) but what made me trip was compared to the last batch, putting a quarter under my tongue, it was as bitter and Xanax tasting as the last batch until it actually started to dissolve, and it still wasn't as bitter. Just took a quarter, let's see what happens...

For future reference, if your Z's don't have the slightest taste of a pill made out of the strongest most bitter grapefruit, then they are bunk. These are probably real.

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Task rx THE TRUTH Says:

If you can't tell a real from a counterfeit you shouldn't be taking them. GO TO AN AMERICAN PHARMACY!

Now for the pill imprint:


NOTICE THE 4, it's not supposed to be closed, it should resemble this 4 but with the top just barely separated. Next see how the 9 here curves, it shouldn't. It should come down straight at a slight angle and the scores aren't just a straight line, if you look very closely to a REAL GG249 the the score is actually slightly rounded. You have to look really close to notice this but it's there. FOR THOSE OF YOU ORDERING FROM COUNTRIES WHO DO NOT REGULATE THEIR MEDICATION OR ORDER W/ OUT A SCRIPT YOU ARE BOUND TO GET RIPPED OFF! AND YOU DESERVE IT. SAD TO SAY it's not hard to get prescribed xanax/alpralozam legally. I've been prescribed it for 15yrs for ptsd, sleeplessness and anger and anxiety issues! If you are buying them from the street go to a Dr if you abuse and run out. Remember what I just told you, a**holes will crush up 4 task bars with a touch of fentanyl and other binders so you get a bitter taste but it's not going to help you when you start to detox! Bottom line IF YOUR GOING TO TAKE DRUGS GET PRESCRIBED THEM.

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