Are The White Gg249 Xanax A Good Brand?

bean Says:

I got chalky tasting xanax with imprint gg249 on one side. And smooth on the back, I haven't taken one until I figure out if they're good or not. Anyone else been prescribed these? Do they work, are they a legitimate brand?

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David Says:

There's actually been several other discussion threads started about these GG 249 bars either being fake or real. Most comments I've read state that the fake ones feel like a placebo or a 0.5mg dose, but then again every batch could be different. Based on my research, if it's real, the pill imprint "GG 249" on a white rectangle-shaped tablet should include a few score marks that EITHER look like this: G|G24|9 (but also with a partial score above/below the "2"); and on the backside of the tablet there should be three full score lines that would divide the pill into 4 pieces (if separated).

OR going vertical (as shown below) with no score marks on the back side:


Another factor you can use for verification is the size of the tablet. Legitimate one's made by Sandoz are reported to have a size of approx. 15.00 mm. However, I think it goes without saying that if you're not going through a legitimate pharmacy then it literally could be anything until you get it analyzed by a lab.

Hope this helps!

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LexDeal Says:

They might be old that's why they chalky sometimes better cause they'll dissolve faster

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EDDY Says:

Old Xanax doesn't become chalky because they are old. I am working on my 2012 supply right now. If you lick a Xanax and they don't taste bitter it is not real. Generally, if you don't obtain it from a bona fide Pharmacy they are fake!

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pculver Says:

Does anyone have any that look like the two G's could look like 6? I think they are fake? Anybody else??

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The Communicator Says:

This is going to be extremely detailed, extremely incriminating and extremely informative, good thing I'm writing this from an untraceable source...

First, there are currently 47 different manufactured varieties of alprazolam. For the sake of clarification, let us go ahead and lump "Xanax" and "alprazolam" together because they are, essentially, the same thing.

Alright, now everyone put on your thinking caps and take a ride down a very deep, dark tunnel with me...

Let's start with manufacturing. Xanax (originally manufactured by Sandoz) was the first of it's kind for the USA and the one we all know and love. Whenever a big pharm company comes out with a drug, they are allowed a patent on the brand so that they can make back their money from the 10+ years the drug was going through FDA-required research.

Pause for a moment a take a step back. I said "FDA-required research", that only applies to America. Many other countries had already been making alprazolam tablets, they just never labeled it as Xanax nor did they sell it in the United States.

Flash forward to 2015, the patent on Xanax has expired, any pharmaceutical manufacturer can now legally create alprazolam tablets and sell them to major distributors and pharmacies (and they are considered generic drugs).

Pause again, generic drugs are allowed by the FDA, but what most people do not know is that all generics are allowed to have a +/- 20% variance in potency. Meaning a generic can be up to 20% weaker or 20% stronger than the brand-name counterpart and there's nothing we can do about it... the FDA allows it!

OK, so now hopefully you all understand the following things:

1. Xanax is a name-brand for alprazolam and was the first to be introduced to the United States by a manufacturer named Sandoz

2. Sandoz's patent on the drug has expired, and now there are over two dozen manufacturers making roughly 47 different types of generic Xanax, otherwise known as alprazolam.

3. The generic drugs can be 20% more or less potent per FDA regulations

4. We have not even discussed "off-market" manufacturing!

So, now that there are so many manufacturers that make alprazolam, in so many different parts of the world, quality control has essentially been thrown out the window.

Think about it, Walgreen and CVS can now order from a slew of manufacturers through a slew of distributors. Manufacturers rarely sell their drugs directly to pharmacies, hence the need for major drug distribution companies.

If I still have your attention, I'm impressed. Now we are going to talk about HOW these distribution companies go about getting enough alprazolam to sell to all the pharmacies around the world that need it.

Let's do some very simple, and very hypothetical math to put things in perspective:

Let us say there are 7 million people in the world that take, on average, a total of 4mg of alprazolam per day. That is 1/10th of 1% of the world population (an extremely small amount). In reality, the number is probably higher.

Now, that means that 28 million pills need to be produced and distributed on average, per day, without any backstock, in order to keep everyone's pill bottles full.

So where do sketchy third party distributors in India get the drugs? You guessed it, from an extremely sketchy manufacturer that makes alprazolam. It is not illegal to mass produce it in India, hence why people are talking about that country more than any other in this forum.

Let's take the GG249 for example. People have been talking about the average height/look/taste of that pill. Well my friends, there are probably 1000 or more people, chemists to be exact, that are making these things in their home-made laboratories all around the world.

Alprazolam is extremely easy to make; it requires only three ingredients.

1. Alprazolam powder
2. A binding agent to combine with the powder
3. A pill press

If you get manufacturing down, the cost per pill is roughly .19-.35 cents. The major pharmaceutical companies can produce it for between .08 and .12 cents per pill.

Let's take a look at alprazolam powder, it is quite possible one of the cheapest chemicals to procure worldwide. A manufacturer can purchase 1000mg of pure powder for just $100. Put that in perspective, that is 500 2mg pills for $100. The estimated value of that is $2500 at a rate of $5/pill (standard price for 2mg alprazolam).

I'm not here to talk about drug dealing though. I'm here to inform all of you that drugs are manufactured and sold through outlets that you cannot even image.

When people are describing the chalky taste, that is the chemical that is pressed with alprazolam to bind it. It can be one chemical, or a variety thereof that are used to create the alprazolam tablets.

In summary, there is so much more than I can possible describe on one thread regarding how a pill ends up going from a mixture of chemicals, to being put into your body.

It's shocking, enlightening, and all-in-all makes you grateful for the FDA system that we have in place. People complain about the lengthy process it takes to get a drug to market in the USA... I can state with certainty, it is for the benefit of humanity. If everyone were able to get their hands on pure alprazolam powder, they would die.

If everyone knew how to make it, not only would the pharmaceutical companies tank but people will literally be accidentally killing each other. It happens all the time on the deep web with bad shipments of drugs. Don't let it happen to you.

Stay informed and open-minded.

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FakeOrRealHelpPlease Says:

Chalky I've found to be the more fresh. I was given batches of yellow norcos once that I couldnt bite through without breaking a tooth, later to find out he was getting them through a waste management company getting outdated meds.

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guy Says:

I j ust Got 100 GG 249 scores between the letters and number no scores on back from rite Aid. Definitely 2mgs alprozelam.

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Jen Says:

Thanks so much for taking the time to explain in such detail. That answers any questions I may have had regarding why some generic 2mg Xanax were stronger than others. It seems there is never any rhyme or reason. Despite the fact that they may appear the same, every batch is different. Thanks again!

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Guy Says:

My alprozelem is two capital GG249 with scores between the numbers . Smooth on back . Definitely real.

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Panicsucks Says:

I have gg249 that look to be about the normal size. They look to have a closed 4 on them and taste real chalky at first, then I get that "xanax" taste. I'm just thrown off by chalky taste and closed 4. Are these real alprazolam? I'm prescribed 1mg blues for 9 years now and every once in awhile will take part of a bar for my panic disorder.

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advice person Says:

Have some! But mine have a GG not gg! If they have that taste they should be real.. Call a pharmacy if you aren't sure. Or take one! They might just make you sleepy!

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Its the 4 Says:

The GG249 are real if they have 3 lines and are 15mm long. But the dead give away is the number 4... if it is connected it's not made by Sandoz. Look closely at the number 4. It should not look like the one in this message. Don't believe me then look it up.

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Trust me Says:

Plan and simple anyone that get the gg249, out of the country are fake esp. If they come from someone with india that's name is MM. There chalk and drywall flush them.

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Mpls525 Says:

Yes a lot of gg249 are going around when the 4 connects and the 9 looks like a good almost then it's a a fake I have seen many come through mn

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Sarah Says:

I've gotten those specific bars twice now and both times they were totally bunk. May have made me slightly tired but defiantly not what a benzo should feel. Try one to make sure. I've read that they have real ones with the same numbers/GG249/ but they are LONGER than the fake ones. I measured mine and it was shorter than what they're supposed to be. Good luck.

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Sarah Says:

Hi. I also got 100 but from the mail. Can I ask how long they are in mm? That would really help.

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Sarah Says:

No scored between the GG though right?

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Sarah Says:

Mine are exactly as you described exept there 11 mm. What do you think? They were week and I think their bunk.

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Sarah Says:

They are definitely fake. I've had a big problem with those. Smooth backs, closed 4 When it should be open. Harder to break. Bunk. You got burned. I know because I did too.

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bones Says:

so if the 4 does not connect like the one i just typed its real ?

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Sha Says:

Re: Peter (# 34) Expand Referenced Message

Its bad! It's supposed to taste really bitter, very very sour.

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EDDY Says:

Re: Jjizzle (# 83) Expand Referenced Message

Xanax is not a Fizzie if you remember those? The GG's are the most counterfeited Xanax, and up to 95% of illicit Xanax is fake, possibly deadly. Do the math and stay away from any pills that don't come from a pharmacy.

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Jjizzle Says:

Every legitimate tablet that is still on the market (prescribed from the Dr.) will always drop to the bottom and start fizzing immediately. If you were to drop them in a soda (soda bottle) with soda in it of course. Straight to the bottom and fizz immediately. Bubbles with be coming from the bar and shooting to the top of soda rapidly. In a fast rate. If they swell up instead of fizz, they are definitely BAD. IF YOU KNOW THIS YOU ARE IN GOOD HANDS. Every legitimate tablet. If you try with all real brands, even footballs, this is exactly how they will react.

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Hopeful Says:

Re: guy (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

That's what mine are like from the pharmacy

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Hopeful Says:

Re: pculver (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Should look like GG and then a two and a four and a nine. Mine from the pharmacy were never bitter, just a little different but not real bitter. There's so many different pharmaceutical companies that make them that look different. You have to look them all up. I went over and over again to find out how you can tell if they're counterfeit and it's just really hard to tell but I do know that the real ones melt in water very quickly and the other ones that were counterfeit and pressed didn't melt. The real ones if you press them on a counter they're really hard. They're also smooth with an oily almost barely oily feel between your fingers and that's just the Sandoz one.

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Hopeful Says:

Re: David (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Sandoz Pharmaceuticals does not have the two on the back I forgot which pharmaceutical company does but it says Xanax on the front the X's should be just a little bit larger and precisely in each box on either end they should be indented and not flat the lettering if you look it up there's a lot of other things to go by but I've never seen a Sandoz Pharmaceutical gg249 with two on the back it's flat and nothing's on the back that from the pharmacy

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Hopeful Says:

There's different types but it doesn't sound right at all. One thing I do look at is if it dissolves very quickly in water. The counterfeit ones don't. I don't know, just please be careful. It's really a Russian Roulette and it's a shame that people will do that to others when they're at their worst. Life is more worth living than taking a pill and I can say that it's no easy task to not be addicted.

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Richard Says:

Yes, they are real.

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EDDY Says:

Re: Your (# 76) Expand Referenced Message

Nothing "stupid" about her reply? You sound like a real moron

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Your Says:

Re: Maricica (# 73) Expand Referenced Message

You must have never gotten a bad brand from your pharmacy to give such a stupid response.

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