Are Evion 400 Vitamin E Green Capsules Vegetarian?

Prachi Says:

Are the green capsules of Evion 400 vegetarian? I am a strict vegetarian... Can I consume this medicine?

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Shah bindu Says:

Veg or non veg please let me know so that v veg can use it fr hair fallw

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David Says:

@Prachi / Shah bindu,

Have either of you tried contacting the manufacturer of Evion capsules for more specific details on their tablets?

I did a little digging on this topic myself and it appears that the Evion brand originates from India. However I haven't had any luck pinpointing the manufacturer itself.

Do you happen to have a package (that came with your product) displaying the list of inactive ingredients? If so, please post them here so that I or someone else may be able to better assist you.

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gimhai Says:

I need information on whether the green capsules of evion 400 are vegetarian, because i am vegetarian? Kindly tell me if the capsule contains fish oil or any material of fish? Also, is gelatin not a vegetarian product?

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Vanirao Appaji Says:

Re: Shah bindu (# 1) Expand Referenced Message
Instead of this table you can use Non-heme Iron tablet. Usually hair falls out due to Iron deficiency, stress, B 12 deficiency

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Lavanya Says:

Evion 400 veg or non veg? I want to know evion made up of veg or non veg?

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Maharaj Says:

Is Evion 400 a vegetarian tablet as I am pure vegetarian?

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Avi Says:

Re: Maharaj (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

It has gelatin so it contains animal parts. Just checked.

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mahima Says:

Evion (vitamin e) 400 veg hai ya non veg hai.

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Amrinder Says:

Re: Shah bindu (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Is evoin capsule is veg or non veg

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