Anzal Sr1 Alprazolam By Gentech Healthcare India

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small, round orange pill with no markings on it. Package says it is Alprozolam made by Gentech Healthcare in India

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John - Ohio Says:

I too have the very same package in hand, also from India (Mumbai to be exact) I ordered Xanax, and this is what came in the mail. This bubblepack (ten peach-colored round pills, the aproximate shape of a generic Valium) have only the line scored across one side (for breaking in half) I am assuming you and I have the same thing. Have you had any unexpected issues with this brand? I will try one tomorrow and check back with any info I learn. Thanks

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Verwon Says:

Sorry, with no markings I cannot possibly check out what it is for you. It is definitely not a prescription drug approved in the US, because they all must have markings on them for ID purposes.

This is the risk you take when you order from a foreign pharmacy that is not approved to do business in the US, they send things that are not approved and you have no way of knowing what they are.

On top of this you also take legal risks since doing so is illegal.

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JILL Says:


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John - Ohio Says:

All I can say it is feels like Xanax, but it's a little stronger than what we get here in the states (or it seems that way to me)

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Verwon Says:

I just read an article this weekend about this problem with counterfeit meds being sent into the US in place of legitimate prescriptions. Right now estimates show that about 50% of them are counterfeit, but in a dangerous way.

They are not counterfeit in being a Placebo with no active ingredient, these drugs have 50 to 60% more of the active ingredient. So that might be why it seems stronger than the regular Xanax that you have taken before.

I do have to warn you though, if you ordered this without a prescription, it IS illegal.

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John - Ohio Says:

I appreciate very much your replies. Yes, I do realize that the purchase of drugs from overseas is considered illegal, but with the drug companies letting us die / suffer because of poor prescription coverage just so they may profit from those who can afford to be well leaves millions of us on our own. My own mother-in-law, after working in a factory as a union employee for almost 40 years can't even afford the medecines prescribed by her doctor. I am talking about very necessary medecines such as blood pressure medecines and heart medications. What is the woman to do? This is not a matter of her being uncomfortable, this is a matter of her Dying so, when I order medecines from Canada that cost .40 cents a pill vs $6.00 a pill at the neighborhood pharmacy, and it appears to be exactly the same, I have a great deal feeling bad about breaking this law. Now in the case of my generic Xanax, I take your point to heart, but I also know I can break them in half and have the medication I need at less than 50 cents a day vs $4.00 a day here in American. It should be noted that I fought both in Vietnam AND in Gulf War, so if I don't deserve a break on precription medecines, I wouldn't expect the drug or insurance companies to give anyone else special treatment. However, I would very much like to see the article you referred to in your post. Can you tell me where I might find it? Thank you. Sorry if I seem a bit edgy, I mean no one any animosity and I do very much appreciate your concerns and the valuable info you have offered on this topic.

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Verwon Says:

John, I understand where you are coming from, my dad is a WWII vet and I have seen him struggle many times over the years to afford medications and medical and he raised me by himself from the time I was 5 when my mother abandoned us until I was 18 and out of high school. We lived in abject poverty even though he did his best, so I really do understand.

Until he was old enough to get Medicare he had trouble getting medical coverage when needed because he doesn't live near any VA centers and they were the only ones willing to help.

I have been there myself, my husband is diabetic and there were many times we had no coverage and could not afford his meds, I was working a minimum wage job, the only thing I could find after he was laid off, we had a baby who was not even 2 years old yet and because of my income they cut off all assistance and medical coverage, except for our son. My husband did without his meds many, many times, and when I could get them I could buy only a week at a time in order to leave us with enough money to eat and pay rent.

Very embarassing there to have the pharmacist carrying on in front of everyone in the store about my buying a weeks worth at a time and the pain it made for him and his paperwork. I sure didn't hear him offering any discounts to help me buy more than a weeks worth though and because of one time when we did have coverage and I couldn't pay the co-pays, they wouldn't let me have something if I was even just a few cents short of the total amount.

When you are buying necessary meds that you and your mother, or others in your family need from the cheapest source you can find, because you have no other choice, I do not have a problem with that, I realize that you have to do what is necessary to get by.

I was mainly directing my warning to those who are buying them for recreational purposes, not because they desperately need a med for survival or it is something they do have a prescription for and just can't afford elsewhere.

When you are desperate you have to take the risk, but there are those who are just being ridiculous. They risk fines and jail time just to feed their pleasure and/or addictions.

Since I work for this site, and originally started out volunteering on a different one, I have read many posts and received many emails from people in situations just like yours whose options in the US have run out.

I have even talked to people whose situation is similar to the one I mentioned being in before, where they have coverage but the co-pays are more than they can afford.

I even know people on Medicare who are in this situation, even though the co-pays are low when you are low-income, on top of all their other expenses, coupled with tons of meds each month and other medical care necessities, they still cannot afford to have everything they need to take to get by. And I am not even talking about non-essential meds here, I am talking, like you are, about essential meds they need to survive or they face the risk of further medical complications or death each day.

So no animosity taken and no offense taken to your edginess, either.

On top of my husband being diabetic, asthmatic and suffering from chronic depression, which requires a handful of meds each day, I have a spinal condition that has degenerated over the years and I was written as permanently disabled several years ago.

I spent the first several years playing the nice patient with my doctor's, seeing specialists and trying many non-narcotic pain relief options, before I finally hit the point where both I and my docs had to admit that those solutions just weren't working for me and narcotics were the only option we had left.

Now, right now, due to my husband being a full time student who is on SSDI and my being disabled, we do have medical coverage, he has Medicare and I have the state Medicaid for bot myself and our son.

However, as I am sure you are also aware, even when you have coverage, you are at the whit and whim of what your insurance company wants to pay for, and it doesn't matter what works best for you or what your doctor thinks is the best option for you to use to treat your condition.

If you are not on any of the state or federal medical programs, you may not be aware that they have now developed a rebate system so when they cover medications for someone, they can get a large discount by getting a good portion of their money back. The problem that this causes of course is if they were unable to work out a reasonable plan with any certain drug company, or even just for a certain drug in particular, they will no longer cover that medication. They claim there are special circumstances in which they will still cover them if your doctor asks for an exception and provides the proof, however, my doctor's office which has thousands of patients and about 12 practitioners has never had a single one approved yet, since they put these regulations into place.

I was on Allegra for my allergies for quite a few years, the main reason being that it is one of the few that treats skin allergies as well as respiratory and I get hives and rashes fequently. Well that does not matter to the state, they couldn't get enough of a savings on Allegra, so even when my doctor tried to get them to approve it for me due to my problems, they said no and they refuse to cover anything except Loratidine OTC dosage. (Claritin)

When I first went on Narcotics, since my pain was so bad and unpredicable, but the very nature of my spinal condition some days are worse than others, my doc thought the best option to keep it under control would be Oxycontin.

As this point, I had been in so much pain for so long and was so desperate for a solution, I was happy to try anything. The Oxy was a total miracle for me, it relieved almost all of my pain, just leaving a very minor ache and compared to how I was feeling, I could live with that easily!

Now, taking Xanax you are probably familiar with the new US laws for any Schedule II drugs, you can't have any refills, so you have to see your doctor regularly and have a new written prescription to take into your pharmacy each time you need a fill.

To complicate these matters, we moved almost 5 years ago so we would be closer to my husbands school, the place we were living would have been almost a 2 hour drive each way which is just too much. However, since we both have complicated medical histories and I was finally getting my pain treated, we did not want to switch docs just for the few years we would be living here, we figured that was better saved for later when we find out where he will be working after graduation and where we will be living permanently, so our doc's office is an hour and a half away from us.

Being as I have to go up there once a month for a med review to get my new scrips and they try to schedule them so I don't run out, that is a 3hour trip every 28 days.

I was on the Oxycontin for several months with no problems, no severe side effects and we had finally found the proper dose to adequately control my pain.

Then one day, with no notice whatsoever, I went to my appointment, got my new months scrips and we waited until we got home to fill them at the pharmacy we use for all of our meds, only to go in and find out that the state medical would no longer cover Oxycontin in any dose.

Now, since this is a controlled substance, unlike what they can do with other meds, such as those for blood pressure or diabetes, the pharmacy couldn't even give me a few days worth to tide me over after I ran out until my doctor could try to get them to approve covering it for me or decided on an alternative.

Just filing the appeal with the state to ask them to cover it for a certain patient for important reasons it takes several days, because they are never in a hurry to get back to the docs with an answer. Then, of course, they said NO, they didn't care why it was the best option for me and why I needed it, they would not cover it.

Then I had to wait for my doc to consult with a pain management specialist and try to find an alternative, but anyone who has been on Oxy for chronic pain can tell you there is no comparable alternative, the head pharmacist even told us that.

Anyway, I ended up being in severe pain and going into withdrawals, because it took two weeks for the decision to finally come in and for my doc to finally decided on a different med for me to use. Then, of course, we had to make the 3 hour trip back up to my doc's office to pick up the new scrips.

So this situation with meds, both pricing and some of the regulations have gotten way out of hand and it is hurting many, many people. (I am not sure how my husband and son managed to stick around and put up with me for that 2 weeks!)

Anyway, when the pharmacy first told us that I couldn't get them filled, my husband had just gotten his student loans, and since he is a commuter, he gets a small amount back to help cover his other expenses to attend school, so he though maybe he could just buy me a few weeks or a months worth, so I wouldn't have severe pain or withdrawals until it was all worked out, but when they told him the price, for 2 weeks worth of a GENERIC 20mg of Oxycontin, he almost had a heart attack, they wanted almost $200!!!!

And I mean these prices are the norm!!! When my doc switched me to MS Contin, they had to do the calculations to figure out an equivelent dose and that came out to being 60mgs of the controlled release morphine, and since I am on state medical card, they only cover the generics of these, but the price is still nuts, over $200 for 30 days worth, which is just 60pills.

Some of the pricing disparities are also astounding, later, since my condition is degenerative, we had to change my dosage. A doc with a specialty in pain management joined my doc's practice and took over my case, so he added a 15mg MS Contin tablet, that way I can just add it when I need to, but if i don't need it, I don't have to take the higher dose, this way we can try and delay how fast my tolerance will build up to the higher dose and maybe not have to up it again so fast.

Anyway, the 15mg Controlled Release Morphine generic is only around $30 for 60 pills, and that is a pretty big percentage jump between it and the 60mgs ones and both are made by the same company.

Okay, sorry, I have ranted enough, but the ridiculous cost of medical care and needed drugs is a very sore spot with me and I could rant about it all day!!!!

If my father had regular medical coverage through an employer or something when I was a child, I would not be in the mess I am in now with my spine! It would have been fixed when I was much younger, before I was done growing. Because we were on state medical coverage and this was back in the days before informed consent, the state decided to have doctors use indigent patients in an experiment to see if a cheaper treatment option would work, something we found out about years later when a woman who worked at the clinic finally told my dad. Normally, surgery would have been done immediately to correct a problem as severe as mine.

And I am not the only one suffering because of this, since being online and working for medical sites, I have talked to several others, mostly women, but a few men because this issue is just less common in men, who all had the same thing happen to them and we are all now suffering with degenerative problems and chronic pain.

I could also tell you some things that you don't know about generic drugs, but I had better end this post before it gets even longer. If you want to hear more, send me an email sometime at [email protected] .

Now, as to the article, the sucky thing is I was reading it on my cellphone internet connection, I am a news junky, especially medical/prescription drug news, so we have wireless internet. So I can keep up with the newest information even if I am not able to sit up and at the computer sometimes. Problem is though, I use several news services and now I can't remember which one I was at the had that article, though I did find some online that have more information and data about counterfeit drugs, so I will paste some of these links in for you.

Some of these are older, so the percentages are different from what I was reading, but you can clearly see how long this has been going on and how big of a problem it has become.





(This is one of the ones I read!)


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John - Ohio Says:

You are very kind to take so much time and effort to share info with me. Much of it parallels my family's experience.

I have a convicted sex offender living less than two blocks away and the local TV news did a piece on him. Seems his state medical plan pays for Viagra. Go figure.

in the meantime my mother-in-law shells out more than $700 a month just to keep breathing, which is nearly 90% of her social security check of $900/mo. I can't find the justice in this, whether its leagal or not.

I note that you suffered hives, believe it or not that is one of the reasons I use xanax, I am diagnosed with Chronic Idiopathic Uritica (sp) which is a fancy way of saying they cannot figure out why I sometimes break out so bad, for no known reason, that my eyes swell shut and my lips would make Anjalina Jolie jealous, so they say it's stress.

I also suffer extreme panic disorder which is quite debilitating, so much so I used to miss work quite often. I have had every blood tese, skin pin-teses, etc and I do not appear to be allergic to anything external, so - they say nerves. Xanax all but cures both the hives and the panic disorder by calming me down.

Further, I suffer Meniere's disease (tinnitis - ringing in the ears) probably from my time in the service, and strangely, although the xanax does not cure this, it keeps me from going insane from the jet engines in my head.

I assure you, I am not a recreational drug user and havent been since since my extended vacation in lovely Vietnam. I always take the smallest dose of anything possible. But as to where I purchase my xanax, if one doctor would treat me like a mature man rather than a 60 year old drug seeking hop head and prescribe me what I know works for me, I would definately stick with their program. However, all they want to do is pump me full of Cymbalta, Inderall (sp) and a full compliment of antihistamines to control my stress and my hives, but it just doesn't freaking work (pardon the language implication)

The couple times they did subscribe me xanax I paid more than $3.50 per pill (very small dose .25mg) and I just got fed up. I took two pieces of metal from a claymore in that jungle and the drug company wants to charge me the equivalent of $14 a pill (1 mg) that I require to avoid the panic attacks and to slow the onset of my debilitating giant hives. If I were any less than an honest man I would be doing far more than just complaining and buying my medication from non-usa companies. Not to mention I wouldn't be bending any caring ear like yours.

You are obviously a passionate person just trying to help, and I am all for the help. But until they fix the lopsided opportunistic thievery of decent people like you, I and my Mother-in-law, I really have very few options. Don't you agree?

Again, thank you. My name is John. And I'm not crazy or anything, just frustrated. You ought to hear me rant about all the attention Anna Nichole is getting (smile)

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Verwon Says:

LOL! My husband and I have both ranted about the stupid Anna Nichole thing, so I agree with you there.

Yes, I can tell you are not a drug seeker or abuser, and it is so very frustrating to get the help you need. I am at grateful that the person I now see at my docs office understands me and she knows I am smart enough to understand meds and not abuse them, so when she has to prescribe something she always asks me what I have found that worked before, rather than trying 50 new things that could very well be worthless.

Your hives and such do not sound like nerves to me, it sounds more to me like you have developed a hypersensitivity to something, which doesn't always show up in those stupid allergy tests. This bascially happens from over exposure to something, it could have been something you were around oversea when you were in the war or something you have been around, or even something in the foods you eat now.

As I mentioned we were very, very poor when I was child and as a result, our house was in very bad condition. We had a flat roof that always leaked, so I was always exposed to mold and mildew and I am severely hypersensitive to any type of mold, mildew, and fungi now. I even have to be careful that I don't eat too much cheese or mushrooms.

It requires very specialized and expensive tests to find these and many places don't even bother to do them, they do the silly skin tests and when they find nothing they say it is nerves or in your head and you are left so suffer.

I am glad to hear the Xanax helps and there is also another product you can get over the counter in some allergy or congestion remedies that will probably help a little as well, it is called Chlorpheneramine Maleate, the generics or store brands are very cheap.

As to your mother, it sounds like she should have way more Medicare and Medicaid coverage from the government than she does, I would seriously check into that if I were you. My husband gets more in SSDI in a month than she does and he has full coverage from both Medicare and Medicaid. They sometimes don't like to give it to you though, unless you MAKE them!

There are also prescription assistance companies such as PPARX that might be able to help further.

You are very welcome, feel free to post or email me anytime you need to talk, even if you just want to chat and need someone who understands, and yes, I do agree.

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John - Ohio Says:

You know, it's odd that you mention mushrooms and cheese, because I could practically live on those two alone. I eat a heck of a lot of them both. I didn't start breaking out until I was in my 20s, and it continues to this day. I will cut them both out for a month just to see if theres any difference. I went a couple months without caffiene because I was advised that it could aggrivate my hearing disorder (Tinnitis) but it didn't do a thing except leave me grouchy in the mornings. My wife practically begged me to go on a 100 cc caffien/saline drip. That experience taught me I could quit anything - at least for a while. I will give it a try.

I am all but certain there is no mold around the house unless it's found new and creative ways to hide.

I will look into moms medical plans better. Admittedly it's very tedious and I let my wife help her decide what to do, but maybe I can help her if I get more involved.

You are very pleasant and I have enjoyed the exchange of information. I do wish you and yours happiness. It's rare, at least for me, to have an honest exchange of ideas. Most people agree with my Doctor and write me off as a little crazy. I guess that makes me easier to write off with a pat on the back. I thank you. If theres anything you would like to discuss in this arena pls feel free to write. Afterall, since Anna Nichole's gone, and as soon as one of the Pee Wee Hermans gets elected as president there won't be much left to talk about other than the weather and our irregularity (smile)

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Verwon Says:

LOL! I love that last paragraph.

The problem I see is that far too many doctors get a God complex and assume they know more about you and your body and what works than you do. As you well know this createsa very bady situation for the patient left to suffer.

And as to your mother, with that small of a monthly income, there is no way she should be paying out that much for her needed medical stuff. The most she should have to put out is $3.10 for a name brand prescription, $1 for a generic and then $2 for a Doc's visit, hospital visit, or other medical apparatus.

If my husband and I had to pay a larger co-pay for our scrips, we would be in the same boat, but having a low income, this site doesn't, and she shouldn't be paying that much either.

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Verwon Says:

Oh, just wanted to add, I don't see you as crazy at all, just fed up with the way the system works in our country.

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John - Ohio Says:

Hey, I just noticed in my email the following:

This is an automated email. One or more replies have been posted for the Drug Anzal sr1 ; Your latest reply to this discussion was submitted on 3/9/2007 7:20:11 PM (San Francisco, CA, USA Time).

You guys in the city?
My wife and I lived there for many years (in Hayward)

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Verwon Says:

No, I am not, I am in PA. The site owner, a friend of mine, lives out there. I am clear over on the other coast! LOL! Cold, snow, and rain here!

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John - Ohio Says:

Oh, so thats how it works. the site must be in San Fran. You're in PA? Then you are probably experiencing the winter cabin fever and the It's grey outside again blues.

My family loves to camp (in an RV of course because sleeping on the ground is for youngins) although I did my share of that too when I was younger. Nah, me and the redhead enjoy our roughing it with air conditioning, color tv, a cold fridge for my budweiser, and she MUST have her own beloved RV bathroom (her bottom shall never grace a campground outhouse. I call her my Princess Potty)

BTW, we've been married for 27 years now and I know better than to argue with her. Do you think this is causing my stress? (smile) I'm sure 27 years of her redheaded constant commands has aggrivate my Tinitis, she thinks I'm going deaf on purpose. I admit nothing !


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Verwon Says:

LOL! Gee, that sounds familiar, I am married, too. LMAO!

This June will be our 13th anniversary, I am 35 and my hubby is 34. To top it off, I am also a red-head, though darker like an auburn, so that should give you some idea of what my husband puts up with.

I DO NOT CAMP! After growing up in abject poverty with a leaking roof and no running water, I figured I camped out quite long enough for one lifetime, thanks.

And yes, it is cold here, though the past few days have been warmer and most of our snow has melted off.

Plus, with my being disabled, I don't drive, never have had my license and my husband is in college so he is gone most of the day every day, in this weather, I can't even walk anywhere, so I am stuck home even more than usual.

In good weather, I can just drag out my cane and go for a short walk, there is a Goodwill just two blocks down the street from us and a Sheetz convenience store and a small restaurant not even a block further than that.

But like I said, in the winter I don't get out much, I am just not too steady with my cane on the slippery slushy or icy sidewalks.

On top of the scoliosis I have that wasn't properly treated when I was a child, I have a degenerative disc disease in my lower lumbar and my latest MRI just showed athritis starting in 3 spots in my spine, so when the wind is bitter cold, it feels like my spine is on fire and I can't stand to be outside.

My whole spine is shaped like an odd 2, the top curve goes over 67 degrees towards the left, then there is a gap in the vertebrae where the curve changes direction and it goes back 47degrees towards the left all the way down my tailbone. I have only 2 straight vertebrae left and that is the first 2 in my neck.

If you have ever seen the movie Groundhogs day starring Bill Murray then you have been here! LOL! We live right downtown Punxsutawney home of groundhog worshippers USA!

Oh and I know my husband has selective deafness, he freely admits it, too!

[email protected]

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randi Says:

I just received Anzal Sr1 supposed to be alprazolam.....has anyone figured out if this is safe to take?

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John - Ohio Says:

Does the item come from India, blister pack, ten to a pack, round, orangeish, no markings except a score line?

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Susan Says:

Hello, I too have received the same pills as John, generic xanax. I am assuming from your post, John, that you took them and found that they felt as if they were xanax, maybe a bit stronger? I noticed that they have an SR after the name - which implies sustained release. This means you are not supposed to break them, and if you do, you may feel like you have taken a larger dose. I have read that sustained release pills are sometimes made with more of the drug in them, the theory I guess is that some burns off in your stomach. So, if you are breaking these in half, that may be why they feel stronger.

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John - Ohio Says:

Agreed fully. They do seem stronger and seem to be sustained release. I would caution anyone from taking more than one before knowing how they are affected. Others above have offered some marvelous info and links. Well worth the read, especially those from Verwon above
Thanks, John

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Sarah Says:

I just received peach colored oval pills with a score on one side and the word Amson on the other these are supposed to be 1 mg generic Xanax came from the Philippines has any one seem these?

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walter white Says:

xanax works for tinitus

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walter white Says:

amazing xanax helps greatly w/ my tinitus,as others have indicated .Pharmacuetical companies take notice. Weneed Drs. to consider this as a medicinal relief of this annoying problem.

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mary Says:

so is anzal sr-1 really xanax or what. my sister is on it and it could be a matter of life or death.

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brian Says:

I think they suck. I have a panic and anxiety issue...rather minor but take .5 to 1mg of Xanax a day and have done so for years (as needed 2 or 3 days here and there). I too received these orange things and I had to take like 3 1mg's to alleviate the anxiety normally relieved by .5mg of US Xanax. Does last longer but for my type of anxiety it seems ineffective and I certainly don't want to take 3 of those things. My anxiety is somewhat random and usually only lasts for a short period of time 2-3 hours so the normal Xanax at a lower dosage is prob. more on par for me....just my two bits...oh yeah and the orange stuff really just seems to make me tired more than really take away the tenseness.

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whatta-melon Says:

Anzal 1 SR is manufactured in India, where the standards are very high. India has strict standards on the drug industry, including manufacture, distribution prescription, and use. This medication is 1 mg. of Xanax (Alparazolam) in a sustained released sublingual form. That means, it lasts 4-6 hours, and is taken by letting it dissolve beneath your tongue. Do not swallow this tablet whole, you will have just wasted a tablet. Let it dissolve underneath your tongue.

An exact replica is being marketed in the US, it is under the brand name Niravam and is exceedingly expensive.

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ross Says:

I suspect this Anzal to be either a weak form of alprazolam or a different drug entirely. Two of these so called 1 mg tablets are not as effective as a half mg of a true rx product. They work well as a sleeping pill but do little to control anxiety. See a doctor and pay very little for the real mcoy.

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Jennifer Says:

I have these pills. So far I have taken it on 2 occasions. The first time I took it, it seemed to be very potent, but didn't last very long. The second time I had to take 2 of them just to settle my anxiety down.

Just wondering if anyone else has had any problems with this particular pill?

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