Anyone Know Which Generic Is Best, Mylan Or Endocet For Oxycodone 10-325?

Lulu Says:

I also took the Watson. Last prescription I received amneal which were awful. Aleve worked better! I threw them away! I did take the Mylan before and they was not too bad. Don't know if any generic now can get close to the Watson.Now I found two different pharmacies that carry mylan and endocet. Seems from reading, Endo does not make the generic endocet only the brand percocet, its qualitest which is now part of Endo since 2010 per Endo website. Confusing to me. Can anyone explain this to me? Since the company Endo really does not make endocet, are they still the best generic or should I stick with the Mylan?

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David Says:

Hi Lulu, How's it going? Sorry to hear about your experience with Amneal Pharmaceuticals. It looks like they haven't been receiving much positive feedback from what I've been seeing on others post here. Although with Watson having been bought out by Actavis (another company who utilizes cheaper inactive ingredients), the market is slim pickings for quality pain medication.

I know it's pretty confusing with all these companies buying each other out every other year it seems... but because I haven't tried the Endo brand myself, in my opinion it would be wisest to stick with what you already know is going to work (and that sounds like Mylan). I've also seen a few posts from individuals who also prefer Watson over the other brands, and say that Mylan works great for them as well. Go figure.

I hope this helps!

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chaos Says:

I've had great results with the endo s. If the other I s working I. Would just try the endos, I prefer them over any brand.Mallinkrofdt is good as well qualitiest seems to work pretty good too. Good luck

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Mosley Says:

Endo makes a good generic, if you can get it. Seems to be consistent. Call different pharmacies and see if they can order it. They won't offer, you have to ask, and you might have to get the pharmacy ordering/manager person. Otherwise they'll slip you whatever the cheapest generic is that month. It's like airline fares, it varies month to month (for them, and probably would for you too, if you have no insurance.) Good luck

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wanda Says:

I have tried several since I was told by my pharmacy that they can't get the mylan 10/325...none of them work as well as the mylan...I need some ideas..I can't walk

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Steve Says:

I had the Watson brand before and found that the half life and total over all working time was horrible. Along with many other brands being close to not working. The Generic Oxycodone 10/325 (A3333) so far have been the fastest acting and lasts longer than non Generic Percocet. Also if the Dr will allow you are better off taking 2 - 5/325.. (other than the fact the Acetaminophine will damage your liver over longer periods of time)... works better than 1 - 10/325 and ultimately you don't have to take as much throughout the day. I'm currently taking up to 6 - 10/325mgs daily as well as
2 - 10mg Restricted Release OxyContin every 12 hrs to help cope with severe lumbar pain due to 2 failed surgeries as well as a failed shoulder replacement. I also take Naproxen and sodium and lidocaine patches with a few other medications over the past 15 yrs. I drop the Oxycontin every summer and get it again as soon as the weather starts getting cold because my muscles and joints get stiff as well as sore as hell in the winter months more than in the summer.

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Hope Says:

Does anyone know the best generic for percocet 10/325? Tryed Amneal & it didn't work well, seemed weak & makes me nauseated & gives me a headache. I have severe chronic pain from from osteoarthritis in both knees & advanced spinal degeneration. Desperately need to find a generic that works. Also take Norco 10/325 & the new generic Watson/Actavis gives mean awful headaches. Please let me know if there is a better generic for Percoset & Norco, ANYWHERE in Southern California. I'm suffer so much I cry myself to sleep at night. My Ins. only covers generics.

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Bobbi Says:

I've been having to take Time Release Meds & also ER Meds each day for my BTP. I use to be able to get the Sandoz Generic Fentanyl Patch that I think is much better than the Brand Name "Duragesic" Patch.One thing I like about the Sandoz which I have to leave on for 72 hrs.before I put a new one on.These allow me to shower without the Patch coming off as many other of the Generic Brands,I've also found the 50-mcg actually has more Fentanyl than the other Generic meaning they help me more with my Severe Chronic Intractable Spinal Pain I suffer with since I've had 3- Failed Spinal fusions.I'm finding out now all the local Pharmacy's are getting the Cheapest Generic that can get since most of the Insurance Co's will not cover the more Expensive Generics such as The Sandoz that's still in Business.I also have to take The Endocet 10/325 for BTP & I'm running in to the same problem.I use to get them from The ENDO Pharmaceutical that's also in Business but since they charge more for their premium Generics I'm finding out the same thing,These Pharmacy's will not order them unless I pay a Co/pay that's a 1000% higher.I'm totally fed up with these Off Brand Cheap Generic Medications that the Patient have to take nowadays. I noticed the System has been changing ever since Obama took over our Oval Office.Does anyone have a solution to this Problem right now until we can get rid of Obama? I'd very much appreciate any advice that may help me with this Problem.Thank You! Bobbi

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Lulu Says:

I need the mylan too! Only one that works for me. Anyone knows what pharmacies carry them?

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slomo Says:

anneal 15mg.oxy are terrible just sleeping pills that's it

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Renee Says:

I think if u could find the Rhodes brand of percocet u would see that they are very close to the watson brand. As far as endocet, i didnt get as much pain relief from them as i do this brand. I understand that everyone is different but ive been on pain meds for about 20 yrs. I cant believe that a pharmaceutical company can just put the least amount possible to qualify as a generic. I am sensitive to meds and when i have to get a different brand i dont get relief. I know that nothing will take all my pain away but as long as it lowers my level of pain where i can function, im happy with that. It's so ridiculous that rx meds have become the #1 street drug. The whole thing has caused a very big problem for me. I take my meds like they are prescribed and if i see someone that's only using them for a "buzz" it makes me angry and i tell them they are causing my life to be harder.

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Myb Says:

Mylan makes the worst generic out there. And back when I was taking Percocet 10/650 and 10/325 endo labs did make endocet which is identical to Percocet minus the coloring. Xanax best generic is made by greenstone which is a Pfizer company who makes the brand name there literally identical.

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flea Says:

Re: Bobbi (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

You are naive if you think Obama is the problem. The problem is drug company greed, plain and simple. Write the FDA before Trump dismantles that one too.

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MeJane Says:

Thankyou everyone for sharing your comments/concerns as you’ve all reassured me I’m not losing my mind & haven’t acquired over the past few months any new medical conditions...We all here have a common denominator of horrible side effects from all GENERIC PERCOCET distinct especially in last 6-8 months! Truly I was beginning to think I’d developed a disease! Here’s a couple of things I’ve learned which might help you all:

• DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT take or settle for AMNEAL (white oval labeled ip 204) the worst by far re: overwhelming fatigue, intense ear pressure, facial hot flashes from inside/out w/skin redness sudden rosascia, extreme unexpected nausea...overall like I’d been poisoned!
• Here’s the good news... After a few months of research I am now on ENDOCET which is a “Generic Level 1” you are entitled to request & receive. What you must do is speak directly with lead pharmacist/supervisor. Don’t let them tell you that you can’t have that. You may want to tell your prescribing doctor to write “Medically Necessary Brand PERCOCET and/or ENDOCET” on your prescription refill order. Any pharmacy who tells you extra charge for Endo is lying to you, is lazy & just doesnt want to take the time to order it! It’s a generic; period.

Hope I helped out here, gave you hope & pointed you all in a positive/factual direction. Together we “good patients” will conquer this drug stigma & humiliation brought upon us by the “bad apples!”

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Roembo Says:

For me, it's true an over the counter drug can help at a clinical dose if it doesn't burn your esophagus and straight down, but endocet is a better brand name qne Mylan is the cheapest most profitable for the chain pharmacies like Rite Aid and CVS. I find the best is Rhodes/Purdue - they are larger and hard as a rock which takes more money to produce. Everybody has their hand out and in your pocket, just take care of your body as much as you can. I was a first volunteer with Fr Mychal on 9/11 and am now full of tumors, had a heart attack already so I need my pain taken care of to function for as long as I am granted to live... Looking in Bklyn or Manhattan tor Rhodes pharm / Purdue 20 mg as we now play the cut down games and I'm angry as I didn't ask for any of this and have no control and do not want to die, just function, breathe... And the rules are affecting me but I think it's time to yell loudly about greed and caring for Americans and being sure not to send them to the street to get what should be provided properly.

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Kk Says:

Why are the generic oxycodone-apap 10/325 totally ineffective? Lately, the old vendors are gone and have been replaced with Actavis, Amneal and Alvogen; all which are ineffective. Could you tell me how I can get a prescription filled for the best generic 10/325 oxycodone-apap? Or any other suggestions?

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flea Says:

Re: Roembo (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

Greetings from another responder. It's hard. I just write everybody and anybody when I can. We can't be heard if we don't speak!

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Briana Says:

Re: flea (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

Have you read the “Living Well” section of ObamaCare which states that it is too expensive to treat chronic pain, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sickle Cell Anemia and more? That no longer can these individuals be treated as before because we are too expensive, so the new focus needs to be on keeping healthy people healthy? That we will receive bio-similar drugs (I already received one) & flushed it, too inferior to legally be called generics in Europe? It is now a bi-partisan issue & arguing over politics does nothing. That is where it started. This would not have stopped under either Presidential candidate. They ran on the same platform. We MUST unite and fight. This was & is politics & $. Politicians want votes. This is what the public wants because they have been brainwashed and lied to.

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