Anyone Heard Of Methadone Clinics Watering Down Methadose? (Page 6)

kim Says:

Anyone heard of methadone clinics "watering down" the methadose? There have been people at my clinic complaining of getting sick in the evening all of a sudden.

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Don t waste your life Says:

Re: Courtney (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

Very true. The clinic I go to in Galina Illinois tell you straight out they put water in the bottles. It makes me so mad I feel like I'm being robbed every time I go there. I get weekly take homes and they start my bottles with at least 15 to 20 milligrams of water then they add my methadone to the bottle that has water in it. I ask them why the hell do you put water in my medicine the nurse said "oh we been doing this forever". Couldn't give me a real reason why.

I'm going to pursue legal actions. I pay cash for this. I feel like I'm going to a dealer that's cutting my meds so they can make even more money. They're all shady as hell ALWAYS WATCH THEM make sure to ask why you doing this and why you doing that. Always watch they don't care you have to watch out for yourself

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Joseph Says:

Methadone is so cheap, what do they have to gain by doing that, except for being arrested and having their nursing or DEA license taken away. The risks outweighs the benefits by miles. You always hear rumours, and that's exactly what they are, rumours.

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Joseph Says:

Re: Don t waste your life (# 101) Expand Referenced Message

Your dosage is still in there, there just adding volume to it, just like when they put food coloring in it. Are you stupid or something? If someone put poison in your drink do you think that the poison isn't going to work? By adding water to it does not mean that you are not getting your dosage. If they didn't add water it would not look like much, they are just adding volume. It doesn't change your dose. Think about what I'm saying for a minute.

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Joseph Says:

Re: Optimistic (# 97) Expand Referenced Message

Believe me, there are no supply chain issues, Methadone is cheap and plentiful, and the manufacturing process is not really too technical, say as opposed to Methaqualone.

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Lou Says:

Re: Kevin (# 94) Expand Referenced Message

Hi from Australia ,I don't know what it's like where you are ,I know that it was a lot stronger in the 70s 80s ,Evan after a small dose in those days ,it was obvious ,eyes pinned ,speech drawl,ect these days very hard to evan notice that someone had dosed that day. anybody else notice this !!

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Tt Says:

Re: Don t waste your life (# 101) Expand Referenced Message

Okay so let me explain they started adding water to it because it is more or less for preventive measures so that children and people that are not able to tolerate the medication or have a tolerance to the medication don't pick it up and drink the little bit of liquid left in the bottom of the bottle they did a study I guess I was reading about it last year where they tested 200 bottles that they had patience cap off at the clinic one day and every bottle at average had between 5 and 7 mg still left in it which is enough to kill two year old it said. So the reason that they add the water to it is because it dilutes it make it safer so if a child does pick that bottle up instead of being 5mg will be more like 1 or one and a half. Adding water isn't a problem if they're taking something away and putting the water in place of it. When they switch the bottles out I've seen someone from the state come in and do it thoroughly and this woman took out a scale and was weighing the bottles that she was dispensing I want to say she weighs what five bottles. No I seen or clinic Add Water straight to the bottle that is attached to the dispenser that's an issue because that means are watering down the medication by substituting the medication with water. If they're adding water to the bottle before they put your medication in that is a good thing not a bad thing and honestly it probably makes it so it's not so nasty because it tastes like s***. It's horrible. Our Clinic is the Cherry methadone and it was red when the first Clinic opened and now it is barely pink

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Joseph Says:

Re: Tt (# 106) Expand Referenced Message

But the dose is still in there. By adding water is just adding volume to it, just like pharmaceutical companies add binders and fillers to the tablets, if they didn't the pill would be so tiny. But it's not taking anything from your dose. When I go to the clinic once every 4 weeks I get medicated at the window and get my take homes, after drinking my dose there is the water dispenser to drink some water, it's not taking anything away from your dose. Like I explained before, if someone spiked your drink at the bar with Rohypnol it's still going to work,. Just because it's in the drink does not mean it is cut or whatever. It's still in there, the exact same dose. Believe me. I have been on MMT for over 25 years and I know what's going on. Even the doctor gives me compliments and tells me that "You are really well informed". I'm not trying to brag or anything but please trust me.

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Amy Says:

Re: Jeff C. (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

The clinic my husband goes to is watering it down and they tell you they put water in it! It doesn't matter if its 14 dollars or 140 dollars its our, money we should get what we pay for!!!! I can't speak for everybody but we got put on methadone so that we could live again! So that we could go to work clean our house take care of our kids. Just because we are addicts doesn't mean we're complaining just to get more drugs. We work hard for our money and if we're supposed to be getting something then we should be getting it! So you can say that we're just complaining to get more drugs or whatever they're watering down the s***

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Joseph Says:

Re: Amy (# 108) Expand Referenced Message

You are getting the dose, it's in there! When you go to a bar and order a Rum and Coke the amount of rum is still in there, it's not getting taken away by the Coke! So easy to understand, I already gave several examples.

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Joseph Says:

Re: Tt (# 106) Expand Referenced Message

Please read my posts. I give examples water doesn't take anything away, it's just adding volume. If someone put 3 drops of Cyanide in your 12 oz. can of soda do you think that the Cyanide isn't in it? Of course it's in it, by adding water it's not removing your dose, it's still in there. Do you understand what I mean?

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tt Says:

Re: Joseph (# 110) Expand Referenced Message

So let me explain. When I was saying that they add water for preventative measures...I meant that they are adding to your correct dose. They aren't taking away from it. And yes a lot of the people that talk about it "being watered down" are full of s***. It is logged just like in a pharmacy. The state and about ten other organizations regulate it. Not to say that these clinics do what they are supposed to in every aspect ...but the meds for the most part are safely monitored and measured. I have been going to the clinic for 12 yrs altogether and I've seen one nurse that was stealing meds...but it was tablets not the liquid and she no longer works there.

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