Anyone Heard Of Methadone Clinics Watering Down Methadose? (Page 2)

kim Says:

Anyone heard of methadone clinics "watering down" the methadose? There have been people at my clinic complaining of getting sick in the evening all of a sudden.

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mandi Says:

I went to a methadone clinic in 2011 in Ga. They gave u a sealed bottle w ur dose # on it. I am now at a clinic in Fl and they use the calibrated machine. In Ga I MAXED out at 55 mg. I almost had to go back down to 50 due to nodding. I am at 100 mg at the Fl location. They dispense it out of a machine and I am sick by 6-7 pm. 55 mg used to last till my next dose. I never got sick. I don't want to be on such a high dose due to the weight gain and i know it will be so much harder to come off of. Plus I am wasting my money. I get the chills and hot flashes and sweats by 6-7 every night. There is definitely something shady going on. I don't know who to talk to. When I tell my counselor or the nurses that I am getting sick even on such a high dose it's always u need to go up on ur dose. This is b.s.!!!!! Sometimes the taste is not as strong, the color is lighter and it just feels different. I want unopened, sealed bottles like the Ga clinic gave. I am not a dope head looking for a high. I want to GO DOWN ON MY DOSE!!!!! I am disabled w a severe back injury and this crap is not even touching the pain. When I was on 50 mg in Ga...I could run and play w my kids. I could do things that I hadn't been able to do in yrs because of the pain. I am not the only one complaining of this either. I don't know who to turn to. Thanks for reading. If u have any advice....Please....I am at a loss.

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Didi Says:

I have noticed descrepancies in my doses as well and hear a few ppl complaining of the same while in line. It would be so easy to water down those big bottles and just pop it in the machine but the other nurses would have to be in on it because of how my clinic is set up. Its private on the patient side, but It's wide open on their side. Some days I feel so sluggish and just blah. Most days I'm inbetween. Not feeling good or even half normal, but not detoxing either. Usually once or twice a month I will have a few days clustered together where I feel great. Not high or anything but feel motivated with no cravings etc. like I would imagine I should feel while on it. There are a couple days out of the month that I will actually nod off. Idk it's weird but I thought I would be consistent for the most part. I never know what I'll feel like day to day.

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iloveckboston Says:

Hi, ok so your question is a good one & actually might be a feasible concern about whether or not one should suspect a metered the dea controls monitors the machines as well as count information of liquid methadone maintenance doofs very closely with plit being possibly diluted, watered down, or tampered while dispensing thts usually done by a staff nurse which would make the client's daily dose...I cant speak specifically either way on any accounts of there being such a case reported but likewise anything is possible now a dayd so please take into consideration a few very important factors when in treatment for chemical dependency & in this case one should be cautious about what other clients are gossiping about such as what others doses withdrawal symptoms every single person requires higher or lower doses, can absorb as well as metabolizes and discretes the methadone dose completely differently than the person next to them... not to mention interactions (may increase or decrease the overall absorption) as well other medications prescribed not to mention specific health conditions they have, age, weight, how high or low the specific dose is, & i body metabolizes the methadone, like wise certain otc meds, multi vitamin / mineral supplements, having a weakened immune system and so on their own other medications affect how the medication makes each individual feel various and... Also take into consideration whether or not they take care of themselves, & if are they still having hard time abstaining from using illicit drugs regularly, getting a good night's rest to function overall probably as well as eating a balanced diet are well hydrated all can play a key and important role with how somebody feels after taking a medication if you feel however that your methadone maintenance dose may have been tampered with you may request to have your levels taken or more specifically whats called a peak and trough evaluation which takes into metabolism illnesses medication so on and so forth. the results will indicate whether or not your body is absorbing too much, not enough, possibly Medical and lastly it also pinpoints whether the prescribed dose is actually digested everyday... just remember every person is different. their history what they also take for medication if they're still using drugs, how they sleep, yada yada yada, and affect how much of the methadone you can feel....good luck, take good care :)

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cynthia Says:

I would like to comment about the person who claimed they felt their doses of methadose was being tampered with, you are RIGHT!! I am presently dealing with this right now at my clinic in phila. I was on 100mg.'s last October. I detoxed off benzo's and had to up my dose some. That's understandable, but everytime I would Hey stable, I would get stable, I would get sick again. Mind you I have been on Methadone, or "Methadose", for over 10 years, so I know how it tastes, and how it feels when given properly. I could not understand why I ended up having to go up to 245 mg's by the time I finally somewhat leveled off. I knew the methadose was supposed to hold me, but I started to get sick again. It always seemed that when 2 specific nurse's were on. I complained to the clinic, and eventually had a peak and trough done. It showed I still had to go up some. Many others are getting sick as well, and are mouths are real dry every day. I personally think they are cutting it with some type of agent to spread it out, either way you look at it, it's not being given the way it's supposed to be given, and something needs t o be done. I contacted the state , and they claim they did an investigation, and could not substantiate my claim. That's because you have to be behind the nurse's station and where it is stored constantly to really see what's going on. I suggest the feds change their laws, and make all clinics have cameras where they house and serve methadone. Cindy from philly

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Method1 Says:

wow. my clinic swapped from sealed bottles to machines with the tube and i really havent noticed any difference. unless someone is adding enough water to make it visibly different, i doubt you could tell much difference. chances are, most of this is in your head. it is a very mental thing you know!!!

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G dogg Says:

I have been going to my clinic for 2 and a half years and have had no problems there just when I started tapering down too fast I had withdrawals but they put me back up 5 more mg to stabilize me then started coming down slower but its fine now. They put water in my dose after the the dose has been dosed. Never had any problems with this. Have a counselor who is great and had once been addicted herself. You would never know it by looking at her. She is caring tho and she will talk as long as I wanna talk. So I think ya'll just wanna complain. Have ur dose increased, its the same amount of money and try that.

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Amanda Says:

Yea right.they will first take away your Takehome as if you were to blame.they will never admit someone in their employ is to blame.(I've seen it happen

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Amanda Says:

Are you kidding me? If a client wanted more they could get more in easier ways than to accuse the clinic employees of theft. And it wouldn't cost them a dime more. It might be cheap for the clinic to buy but for a nurse trying to supplement their income it's like liquid gold. If you are that trusting I have a bridge to sell you.

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Sarah Says:

I didn't understand one damn thing you just tried to say.

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Bubba Says:

I went through that twice already. I am waiting now on the Dr to raise my dose, it was only two weeks ago that my dose went from 100 to 110. For some you have to go up when it doesn't hold you.... And for some it only takes a couple weeks to need to go up. I sure hope that this dose does it..... This is a miserable way to live.....

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Amanda Says:

When you've been on the same amount for a while and suddenly one day you are having WD symptoms, then the next day you are fine, then two days later worse WD symptoms than before...something is going on. That is what the poster is referring to. Not experiencing issues while adjusting, but a discrepancy on a stable dose. Tampering does happen.

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Preston Says:

Ive been on Methadone almost 38 years methadone without missing a dose. The only watering down i know of is when the nurse or pharmacist is steal the methadone. Ive been on more programs where methadone was being stolen than not. A crooked nurse can really mess up a hard working addicts life.You can go to work every day if some nurse is taking half of your dose every day.

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levodromoran62 Says:

Sometimes a clinic will get a junkie nurse and he or she will take a certain amount of methadone out of the jug or bottle and replace it with the same amount of water to make it look like the methadone hadn't been touched. It happens more than you would think. We had a Pharmacist in Austin that was palming diskette and not putting them in the the cup. To make a long story short the next time I saw him he lost his pharmaceutical license and was driving a cab. It couldn't of happened to a better a**hole! So counselors when one of your clinics tells you something wrong with their dose don't always write them off as someone that's got a tolerance to methadone!

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levodromoran62 Says:

Nickname, ive been on Methadone 38 years and out of the 38 I had my dose stolen off and on for at least 20 years from Junkie nurse's or Pharmacist.

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levodromoran62 Says:

DIDI, been there done that. I'd put money someone is taking some of your dose.You should basically feel the same every day unless you are taking opiates or benzo's on top of your dose.

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Brent Says:

Google the methadone advice line. Good luck because when it comes to controlled substances nobody will put there hand up if there are problems.

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levodromoran62 Says:

Wait it happens to you and tell yourself it's just all in your head!

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methaxan117 Says:

Yes!!.... I live in Florida and my clinic had changed their method of despencing methadone. Now they have changed over to the electric pump that measures out your side for you. Now ever since they began this the clients that receive take-homes are complaining about how one bottle will be measured out at the right mgs but most of them are 5-10 mgs under there dose level!!... Also... Every single person including myself have noticed my methadone is dark red and very strong and remains stable all day and night. The next day the methadone is extremely light pink and there is less liquid in the cup. I've been on 180mgs of methadone for 12 years and never had a problem with my methadone until our clinic switched over to these new electric pumps!!... My 180mgs lasts 5-7 hours and that's the end of that till the next morning. So there is my story here in Orlando, Florida. Thanks.

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Billy Says:

Just because the owner of the pharmacy buys the methadone cheap it doesn't matter how cheap it costs for the employee's, my ex was qualified to serve methadone at her chemist and managed to steal humdreds of ml on the sly every month. She was and still is a non user though.

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Amanda Says:

You're an you think nurses/doctors aren't capable of being an addict.or that a clinic employee wouldn't want to make some extra cash on the street?when someone like me who has been on mmt for 16 years and the same dose for 8 notices being in withdrawal one day and fine the next and so on...that's not in their head.when a person notices their normally dark mediciney tasting methadone is light pink and tastes a lot less strong that is not in their head.

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