Anyone Heard Of Methadone Clinics Watering Down Methadose?

kim Says:

Anyone heard of methadone clinics "watering down" the methadose? There have been people at my clinic complaining of getting sick in the evening all of a sudden.

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Verwon Says:

It is more likely that they've gotten tolerant to whatever dose they are currently taking.

That can happen with any medication, when you are taking it for awhile at the same dosage. There is no precise time frame, it can take years for some people and just a few months for others, it depends on their bodies.

Learn more Methadone details here.

Has anyone discussed it with those in charge?

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CUGE Says:

You said people complaining all of a sudden. I would have to ask approximately how many, how long have they been on their dose, and what if any other issues they might have in common. Such as alcohol, benzos, and any illicit drugs taken will weaken the dose.Once the methadone is dispensed the nurse will add a little water or some clinics have the patient add it themselves. If the clinic offers "Disc's" many people choose it for this reason. You're getting a more accurate dose this way. Also I've heard those dispensing units need calibrating every so often. That I think would be the problem vs. the clinic watering down.

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Kristine Says:

Yes. The clinic in fort pierce tampers with the methadone. I attended palm beach meth clinic and their meda are sealed. While their I was almost done down to 6mg. I transferred to fort pierce. While their I ended up raising my dosage to sustain me. Finally after two years their, I finally tapered myself to 4 mgs so I'm done. I pay $400 a month and don't like being ripped off. Everytimenthey put the supposingly left over methadone from the bottle to a tube and I got that one I didn't sleep and went through withdrawals , I did question the nurse and they said that they don't, I asked but your pouring the little from the container into this tube because it doesn't all get sucked up from the container, then why would it work there? It made no sense to me. And when it was on the tube it looked pinkish, so when I got home I would look at it and checked to see if it was watered, I let it still for a while and you could see the water on the top. I don't think any clinic should be allowed to pour the remaining meth from the container to those tubes because they still want all of it and add water shake it then pour it in those tubes. If if doesn't suck up everything in one container, then why would it in the tubes. Anyone can add water. Methadone clinics should all be supervised with cameras recording what's done in that little box. Second when the nurse closes the window, you don't know how much if she's watering it down. It could be for them to make money. I'm taking this all the way to the main person because its not right that you're trying to get helped and instead you're being ripped off. Something shady is definitely going on their and needs to be investigated. The clinic is in fort pierce methadone clinic and the head person is Tom and I'm sure he knows what's going on. Maybe they're not taking the meth but they're making extra money and can be pocketed. I wasn't their because I wanted. I had surgery and pills weren't working I asked a doctor what can I do because the pills don't work and I'm taking more, he said go to a methadone clinic. So that's my story. I am sure that there are more people that can vouch for this. If nothing is done, I am going to contact the news stations and have them out there so that an investigation is conducted.

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@VERNON.....I don't know if you are taking methadone or how much knowledge you have on it but, I assure you it takes a long time to get used to the dose you're on. I'm talking years in most cases. Anything can happen in a clinic, nothing would shock me. I won't mention names or area but a nurse at one I know of was stealing methadone for her own use, also was hooked on xanex. NOT saying this goes on all over but anything is possible when humans are involved.

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Kristine Says:

Me I was on for a year low dosing and others complained about how they felt withdrawal on their normal dosage. It only happened when the meth was dispensed in the tubes not out of the bottle.i don't get what difference would it be tube or original to them. They said the straw doesn't pick up low count in container but it does on tube lol ok. Then they should find another way. Sealed tamper proof bottles

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Marla Says:

Kristine your theory is interesting. Have you spoke to anyone there other than the nurse? I think this may have happened to me too. Keep us updated.

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Jewels Says:

This is going on... Just got dosed & it was watered down & alot less. Been like this for awhile, feeling sick! Whether nurses dont know how to calibrate machines or stealing it to sell since a bottle of meth on street is more than a nurse makes in a year, too much temptationin regards to $. I must do something, say something, going to speak with director. No reason for me to be detoxed everyday feeling like s***. Amazing this goes on.

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Jeff C. Says:

First of all I am dope addict like the rest of you that goes to a clinic, SO I CAN SAY THIS: Aint no one watering down anything. Methadone is DIRT CHEAP. That whole 473 ml. pint bottle they dispense out of cost them less than $10. What you on 8 ml,, 80 mg a day?? even 100 mg 10 ml, cost less than a quarter and they charge you what $14??

That is just a bunch of dope addicts complaining wanting more dope. I am ashamed to be one of these low lifes. I use to be in line with them everyday until I did what I had to to get a 14 day take home. Yes it took time, counseling sessions, groups and clean urines and now frequent trips for diversion checks,, buit i pay once a month and do what I am suippose tyo and now I dont have to stand there3 with these dope addicts and listen to their WAR STORIES and them complain in line. DO THE RIGHT THING AND QUIT COMPLAINING.

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Crowe Says:

Yes!!!! Turning Point in Blairsville, Ga does this and they were shut down and opened back up under new owners. But the same thing is goin on. Only go to a clinic that will give you the pills. That is how clinics make their money.

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Cats68 Says:

Dear Kim, I'm from RI and when I was on methadone they always added water. Even with my take homes, they would add water. I use 2 tell them," just a little water , please ." Some of the nurses listened and others didn't care. I asked them why they add water and they told me, "people won't shoot it up that way."

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Crowe Says:

I don't go there to dose. I work there an seen it and filed the compliant my self thank you

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Courtney Says:

1st of all not every one that complains are trying to get more I know for a fact the clinic I was going to was watering down there methadone b/c I got my own levels tested and tested my take home in a real medical lab so don't trust all clinics and assume ppl just want more b/c they could go up if they wanted obviously the ppl complaining really want Help!!!!!!

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Fatboy Says:

I am on methadone and I have not done any other drugs sense I bend on methadone. I have had several broken bones and there are days I hurt. My dose had been tampered with. What can be done I want to stay off everything else if I quit methadone I will loose everything. Who can I call I call about this.

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dee Says:

I'm from Mich. and recently I went down to Texas and transferred to a clinic there for about a month and the clinic in Texas added water to UR take home bottles right in front of UR face. At first I wasn't sure and said to myself that that's PROB where they are dispensing the meds and said next time I would really pay attention and sure enough they were adding water. I asked the nurse not to add water to my bottles and that I have never heard of a clinic doing that especially not right in front of the patients face. She said that they add water so the methadone doesn't settle and I said settle what??? There is nothing inside the methadone that would settle its not spices or anything and asked her again not to do it and she said that she HAS TO. I discharged myself out of that clinic and went to another. I thought that was bs

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epr7339 Says:

Adding water to your take home bottel does NOTHING to your dose...its the same MG of done in there if they add no water or fill it to the top with if they add water to the big bottel of methadone that the machine despences from, yes that could dilute the the dose that it despences....but adding it to the take home bottel after they dispence the done into it does nothing to the dose in it...your all fine relax....most of it is just mental and your addiction playing games in your head on you.

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Anthony Says:

Anthony I have been on a clinic for 7 years, almost off, but they aways put water in THE cup, people always complain, you may want to look into methadone help on Google

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cindy Says:

What's more likely is staff is probably watering it down, especially if it is the clear methadone (generic), that is almost impossible to identify. The states that license methadone clinics need to put stricter regulations in place, like cameras on all staff, from the time it reaches the clinics until the time it is served. I know about this because I have personally been on methadone, and methadone for many years, and I am going through a problem with the methadone at my clinic now.

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ACF Says:

Yes.and no it's not because I'm getting used to my dose.i get 2 weeks take home and notice inconsistentcy from day to day.

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ACF Says:

I get 2 weeks take home and have been in full compliance for 13 years. Why is it so hard to believe a pharmacist or assistant may have a drug problem or selling? And one guy said "they're not b/c it's dirt cheap" yes it is for the clinic but it's not for anyone wanting to use it for illicit reasons. its not readily available to abuse or sell unless you are a paying client or staff! that's common sense. there are 4 registered nursed that are clients at my clinic (if that tells you something) they were shorting pain meds at their hospitals for personal use. One had been doing this at first to sell then became addicted. just because you are in recovery doesn't mean you're paranoid. i've gotten many clues this is happening. If you report it, you are the one who is scrutinized and punished!

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Melissa Says:

I've been going to the same methadone clinic for three years, and recently they changed to the machine with the tubes, instead of the bottles. I get a month take home and the nurses are even making the take home bottles themselves. I feel a big difference and others at the clinic is also complaining that the methadone seems to be different. It doesn't hold. There have been several of us where the seals weren't good on the bottles and the methadone leaked out into the box. I'm just wondering if anyone else has went through this and knows what's the difference between the machine and the bottles???

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