Any Reviews On The New Drug Xartemis Xr?

Seymour Says:

I was just prescribed Xartemis XR for chronic back pain. I am used to taking Percocet 10/325 four times a day. Looking for people who can compare the efficacy of the drug. How it can be instant and extended relief. Thanks.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Seymour! How are you?

It's the way the medication is designed, a certain portion is released as soon as you swallow it, then it slowly swells as it absorbs your gastric fluid to gradually release the rest.

It contains Acetaminophen and Oxycodone. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Seymour Says:

I was wondering if there were any reviews from others who have taken it. I have read about it and how it works, but I just can't find any people that have taken it. Just scared to try something new after I have been depending on something else for so long. I have a history of syringomyelia of the spine. Would love to hear from others who had taken and compared to thier chronic pain meds. Thanks for your response. Seymour

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Dean1962 Says:

I also had trouble finding someone with reviews on this med, this was my review when I first started this medication: Today was my first dose about noon, then second dose about 5:30pm. I have to confess I was a bit nervous about taking this med, I get panic attacks when taking a new meds especially because I could not find any patient reviews anywhere on the internet, guess I am the first. Also the large size and bright blue color did intimidate me. I have chronic pain from fibromyalgia, herniated disks in neck and back and now battling kidney stones. So far I have had no pain today and also have more energy than I have had in the last 6 months. Before I was on Percocet 10mg and Mscontin 15mg but had to change PM doc and she took my meds away and gave me Xartemis instead. If the rest of my days go as this one I think I will stay on this medication. Update: I am on my 2nd script and still doing fine, it lasts a bit longer, athough it is 7.5mg it is XR taking 2 pills twice a day and seems to still work as well as the regular percocet 10mg. Actually I rather the xartemis. I feel it working all day vs instant release that does not.

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chacha Says:

Was wondering if anyone knows any details about the new xartemus er ? Does anybody know how it relates to the standard percs?

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Paul Says:

I was on oxy 20 3x and perc 10 until I stopped and went off for a while. When the pain was to bad dr have me xartemis. If you have a choice DO NOT TAKE THIS. It is terrible. Made me sick to stomach, goofy brained, aloof and worst of all did nothing for pain. Vic 10's make xartemis look like aspirin. It has so many anti anise fillers I think they forgot the oxy. Worst drug of any. Kind I have ever taken.

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Leigh Says:

I have been on the Xartemis Xr for the past three months. I find that this particular drug is helping more so than I thought it would. I have a even flow of relief , unlike the other medications that would give roller coaster effect. My question and huge problem, is that I find it near impossible to get the prescription filled.
Unless I call the help line, and have them locate it, then I am out of luck.
I have been told that it was new, and there was not a high demfor it, and there was too much paper work involved for them to even consider it until it was more popular.
Each month I have had to wait at least a week to get.
Wal-Mart stated that once I was an esablished patient, that they would make sure it would be in stock. LIE !!!! the following month, no problem but right after that i had to wait two weeks. Anyone else haveing this issue? or is it just this small town I am in?

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Rescueremedies Says:

Hi, there! I was just prescribed the xartemis yesterday. I live in a huge urban area and the locator service only found 1 pharmacy that had it. And they only had 100 tabs so Ihad toforfeit the other 20 or wait until Friday to get it. They too were like Ya, nobody takes this med. I had been on methadone 10mg 4x/day and oxycodone 15mg 6x per day. Then last month I decided to go for trying a Fentanyl patch instead of the methadone. The patches didn't stick, and they caused me bad skin irritation, so now he wants me to try the Xartemis XR 7.5/325 two pills every 12 hrs. and Oxycodone 15mg immediate release if needed in between. The goal of course is to get to where I only need the Xartemis, which would be awesome if it works. My diagnosis are Rheumatoid Arthritis (painful swelling and inflammation/stiffness in all my joints, Ankylosing Spondylitis, cervical stenosis, thoracic outlet syndrome, tarsal tunnel and carple tunnel. I will provide more feedback as I go along trying this med. I can say after my first dose last night, I woke up in less pain I have in a long time so I am really hopeful.

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larinda Says:

PM wrote me this script yesterday and ive yet to be able to get it filled anywhere much less my hometown pharmacys (a couple of different ones mom and pop stores) had never even heard of it....even CVS and Walgreens though have heard of it didn't keep it in stock. Brookshires pharmacy ordered it for me yesterday it will be here today to try. He did warn me though that the cost was high and insurance may not pay for it which would leave my wallet 300$ lighter out of pocket cost because it is so much like Narco (non XR version) that insurance dosnt want to pay more for the same drug just because it is in an XR we shall see!!! Also from a small texas town with Waco TX nearby still no luck had to have Brookshires next day delivery for it...ill up date this when I pick it up god willing today and try it out for the ones that are wondering and also list my reasons why on pain meds etc for details that may be similar PM problem for others. #Xartemis XR

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comment Says:

Can u update us? So far looking really good for me. Taking less medicine cause this xartemis xr lasts forever. Any updates or reviews? Waiting for insurance.

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Rescueremedies Says:

It has a bilayer. One layer is instant dissolve the other is a slow dissolve which is the XR part. I found it didnt last as long as they say. But, it might work great for you. Thankfully after the Xartemis XR I was able to come off all pain meds completly As my condition went into remission.

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Candice Says:

Xartemis xr has been a nightmare for me. I'm tired all the time but can't drift to sleep. I've got fever and chills, headache, stomach issues and my energy level is gone bye bye. I was put on this medication post surgery to fix a broken humorous shaft. It took 8 screws and 2 plates to correct the problem. I was in severe pain post op. The medicine doesn't last as long as they claim it's supposed to and I'm still in pain being only a little over 2 weeks post op.

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Candice Says:

I hate it. Too many bad side effects, not enough pain relief and it doesn't last 12 hours. I was prescribed xartemis xr for post op pain for surgery to fix a broken humerus shaft. Taking this medication makes me feel like I have the flu. Chills, fever, I don't sleep but I'm very tired feeling, headache, stomach pains and loss of appetite and no energy!! Plz be careful taking this medication.

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James Says:

It took me 6 days to find the drug but now. My m omming and pop store called Irwin s and the pharmacist is going to order it and keep it in stock. I have not had issues with this drug.

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Paisley Says:

I was given this script today. I have never heard of it myself. My Dr. gave me a RX coupon, which is a free order fill. I went to Walmart, thinking, hey its Walmart they have everything. And to my surprise nope. They told me that they only get Controlled Substantial twice weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays. So, they handed me the script and told me to try another store. I went to the other store and holy cow, they had this script. 60 pills, 7.50-325 at 2 pills every 12 hrs. This was totally a surprise. I was on Oxycodone 5-325 and getting ready to have surgery on Monday. My Dr says this script will be better for me. I haven't tried it yet. I'm a little scared. I also take Prozac 40 mils and Quetiapine 200 mils. I assume this script is really no different from my Oxycodone one.

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Heather Says:

I had problems of pharmacies not having it stocked also but they said they could order it and would be there in a few days but I coundn't wait that long. One of the girls at the pharmacy said look at the drug stores near hospitals that they would probably have it in stock. I looked at one pharmacy across the street from a hospital and they had it in stock. Hope that helps.

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Heather Says:

I agree. Norco 10's worked better than xartemis xr 7.5. That's why they gave it to me because I am becoming resistant to Norco and they started this med xartemis. It's not giving me the relief I was hoping for. I would go back on Norcs 10 in a heartbeat.

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Ben Hadd Says:

I have seen it to be VERY addictive. Please becarful

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Lane Says:

Candice...I had surgery for broken humurus in August. 5 hour surgery with plate and 7 screws. Initially I was taking oxy but after 30 days was prescribed Xartemis. The warmings scared the hell out of me. Having so many guidelines on how to take it and the words "it can kill you" over and over. Being the only meds I had, I took it. It wasnt for me. I felt the release through the day but I was so nauseous and couldnt even fathom eating. My bowels were a mess and again, the warnings scared me. I stopped it after 5 days. It never got better.

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Randy Says:

I take methadone, kadan, flonase, afferin nose spray and suddifed nose pills. How long do these work in your body for?

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Kevin Says:

I was prescribed Xartemis after a Bankart Repair to fix a torn labrum in my shoulder. I started taking it immediately before the nerve block wore off. 2 days in, i have absolutely no pain, and it is steady - It keeps me more lucid than Vicodin. I have 2 complaints, 1) I can't sleep consistently, only a couple hours at a time 2) it's the hardest med to get filled by a pharmacy, no one has it. I had to get it filled at the hospital immediately before surgery

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Blondie Says:

I have been in chronic pain for many years since childhood. I am hearing impaired and suffered ear pain for as long as I could remember. I have Meniere Disease. I have migraines so severe I was hospitalized and went through every medication for migraines, luckily Botox was FDA approved for effective treatment for migraines. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, which is common for those who have suffered chronic pain and it is not a "pretend" disease. For fibromyalgia, I have tried tried lyrica, cymbalta, and savella which caused severe allergic reactions. I was up to 4,800 mg of neurontin (gabapentin), which was way above recommended dose and needed to be hospitalized to wean me off this drug. In 2015, I was prescribed Xartemis and found it so beneficial in controlling my pain for severe cervical spinal stenosis and fibromyalgia pain. I take 2 large blue oval shape pills in the morning and 2 in the evening, the dose 7.5/325. Once my body adjusted to the time release it worked great. My pain was maintain on a consistent level and since it was time release, I did not have to take another pill every 4-6 hours. I don't like taking pills. I hardly took Percocet, which is prescribed for break through pain before the next Xartemis dose depending on the weather and amount of activity I did during the day.
I also found it very hard to fill Xartemis and my pharmacist would call other pharmacies to see if they had any. There were months that I had to wait for a refill up to 10 days, which threw me off the effective management of pain.
As of today, May 25, 2017, when my doctor went to write out the prescription, he was alerted that it was no longer available and we could not find out the reason for its unavailablity. Now, I am in freak out mode because it worked for me and I have to go back to Percocet 2 tablets every 4-6 hours and no more than 6/day. I am upset because those of us who have daily chronic/acute pain are being scrutinized for taking pain medication as prescribed because of those who misused and abused opiates, hence become addicts. So, I not only suffer physically but emotionally because of being judge by some people because I take opiates and take as specifically prescribed by my doctor, not to mention having to go every month for an office visit for a refill. I use exercise, physical therapy, massage therapy, heat and cold pad therapy, water therapy and soak in a tub. I eat healthy and maintain my weight according to my height with a BMI of 23.7. I am getting epidermal cortisone shots into my neck, which it is not as effective as the first shot. In the fall, I will be having surgery on my neck. Xartemis was the effective medication for my chronic pain but sadly not any more.

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William Says:

I experienced a decrease in pain relief, as you, at about 8-10 hours after taking it. It is a pain reliever, not a pain eliminater. I'm satisfied with the degree of relief I get from taking it. What I also like is that I only briefly feel like I've taken an opioid after 45 minutes to an hour after taking it then I don't feel like I've taken anything. Never liked the feeling I got when taking Vicodin or Percocet, so this is a plus. But now I have a problem with the price of Xartemis. With a coupon($50) I paid only $20. Now insurance covers 0 and it will cost me $228 for a 30 day supply!! I usually go 40 days on a 30 day supply. Usually 2 in AM then 1 in PM. Was given Nucynta 75 to try but after 1 dose I talked to my pharmacist about the reaction I had and when I told her what I would have to pay for the Xartemis she told me there were several options. I've been scared of Oxycontin because of the bad news stories, etc., and when she said that was an option I told her what I just stated. Short version is Xartemis 7.5-325 is the same opioid as Oxycontin but it has Tylenol. My reaction was "OMG, I've been taking basically Oxycontin. " . With my refill "history", she said I should be fine as long as I take it as prescribed for what it was prescribed for. Here is where I'm going...I could take oxycodone hcl ER 15mg(generic Oxycontin 15mg ER) at a cost of $5 per month and take Tylenol. Crazy!!! One draw back is when I usually take one Xartemis(7.5mg) in PM because the smallest dose of oxycodone hcl is 15mg and you are not supposed to split them in half. At my next appointment I'm to get another injection in my back and I'm going to discuss this with my Dr. Makes me wonder if Drs and or their group get kickbacks. If my cost would still be reasonable I wouldn't mind it but now the price is extremely unreasonable!

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Jen Says:

I had taken it for about a month and had to take regular Percocet throughout the day for breakthrough pain. Wasn't effective for me at least

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Tizilish Says:

Hi. I have been taking Xartemis XR for about a month and a half. I had the same issue of not being able to find a pharmacy that carried it, until I found that Walgreens always has it. Not a lot of Insurance types will help wothout the cost, but if that's not an issue for you, you might want to try to find a Walgreens near where you live. Good luck.

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Deb Says:

I am in xartemis as well and since I started it I have noticed a lot of abdominal issues such as upset stomach. Anyone else having GI upset? It is helping my pain most of the time.

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InPain Says:

I had success with the 10th pharmacy I called. They are near a hospital and also do compounds and medical supplies. With insurance #60 of this pill costs $125. #60 of generic Percocet $5. Even if this were some kind of miracle drug (which it is not!) it would still not be worth the cost. Just lining big pharm's pockets a little more. You can thank the government (DEA & FDA) who are in bed with them. It's not about the patient. And the doctors just play ball unless you are lucky enough to find one who actually upholds their oath. Good luck with that!

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No pain Jane Says:

I just started zartemis after working with my pain dr for several yets. I hve tried everything from fentanyl patches and the usual list of Vicodin and other oral meds. For the three months of zartemis plus breakthrough short acting drugs, I hve had the best control of my chronic sine pain in more than three years. In fact, had injections, ablation a, etc all of which were invasive. It gives me a quality of life I did not think was ever think would be possible. This ranks up with miracle drug for me. For now----let's hope e long term results continue. Best of luck. !

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your loss hisgain Says:

I use this for L4-5 injury and it works better then anything I know.. I only take half the dose 1 every 12 hours and some times not at all. Even though it is a released med I don't have the bad after effect of the googy feeling or putting me to sleep. I hope this helps.. good luck

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Lucia Says:

My Dr allowed me to take a Percocet breakthrough" pain. I did okay, with it. I got more relief with Morphine Sulfate, but, I do not recommend.

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Sonya Says:

They work okay..but I have migraines, have had one since Sunday & I have insomnia...oh & I have cut my dosage from 2 twice a day, to just 2 a day, then I just use Percocet 10~325 every 6 hrs., or as needed.. Oh & the best place to fill these is at a pharmacy near the hospital, they have everything! Good luck everyone! (=

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