Anxiety/panic Disorders/ Manc Depression

Wendy Says:

I have suffered from these diseases for as long as I can remember. In the past year it has gotten worse. I know longer want to leave the house (which I don't), I don't want to be around people, I am not interested in all the things I used to be. The anxiety and and panic disorders are out of control. I take 1 milligram of the xanax 4 times a day and I take Paxil CR for the depression. For the past couple of weeks I feel like it isn't helping. I can't sleep at night without the feeling of my heart jumping out of my chest, it is hard for me to swallow, I can't sit, I can't stand because I am so ansy. I just don't know what to do anymore. When I talk to my doctor he tells me to see a psychiatry (which so far I have been through 11 of them) because I just don't fee comfortable. MY doctor has even discussed raising my dose on the xanax to 2 miligrams. There has to be a better way. Please if you know of any please advise.

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Candace Says:

Get the book Don't Panic by R. Reid Wilson, I am going through the same thing and I am starting to understand my disorder, but I don't let the disorder control me, get away from negative thinking and if need be write positve statements and think positive, don't say, I used to do this and I used to do that because that goes back to the negative thinking and that only brings you down. I am also seeking a psychiatrist for this and I'm slowly beginning to realize that I don't want my disorder to control me. You can control your disorder, believe me, I didn't go anywhere for months at a time, but I got enough courage to go get help because I was tired of living in fear and anxiety and panic attacks. I've been suffering for over 10 years with this and I'm tired of it, so I decided to seek help. You can get through this, you just have to change your way of thinking, I know it's hard, and I'm still working on it (way of thinking) If I can get through this I'm sure you can too........Take Care and I hope this helps.......You are not alone!!!!

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Dee Says:

I have a question that most people get offended about, but I too suffered, and still some today only not nearly as severe, how much alcohol do you consume? I had no idea this had anything to do with it, but since I quit drinking, my panice attacks and anxiety attacks have practically disapeared. Now I only get them sometimes on the highway when I feel like the traffic speed is out of control, etc. Just a suggestion, because I was on Paxil CR for years and I didn't think it did much. They call it burnout when you are on the same depression drug, its stops working. Paxil, I was told, was more for anxiety than depression. I take effexor 75mg. now.

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dreamer Says:

I hear you Wendy.. I too have taken almost the same dosage of Xanix for about 5 years.. Now I wonder how will I ever get off this drug?? They say stopping them can cause sezure and death.. I wish all these drugs once promised to do so much wouldn't end up being such a horrid expense to our lives..
I wish you luck..

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Verwon Says:

You can get off these meds, but it does require a very slow, strict tapering schedule monitored by your doctor.

You are correct, stopping abruptly after being on them for so long can be very, very dangerous, even deadly.

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Ron Says:

Wendy: Order a copy of Hope and Help for Your Nerves, and Peace From Nervous Suffering by Claire Weeks. These were ground breaking books by a compassionate psychiatrist (now dead) who helped tens of thousands of people learn how to control what she called 1st fear which leads to panic and anxiety. She teaches you how to cope by not fighting anxiety - kind of like a Zen approach. But believe me: IT WORKS and has worked for thousands and it has helped me tremendously. I would also seriously look into medical issues like your blood sugar/hypoglymcemia and food allergy. Being under the stress your under, you'll want to start taking high dose vitamins like vitamin C, 500mg, several times daily then upping to several grams, as well as vitamin B-12 under the tongue. Ask your health food store consultant and read. But meanwhile, get the books I advised; they might be life savers for you. Good luck. Godspeed. You'll be allright.

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Ron Says:

one more thing. The books I mention are really simple to read and don't get too involved with a lot of the newer psychology books which often have lots of mumbo jumbo, excerises, etc. Anyway, good luck again,

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kammy Says:

I myself have suffered from this disorder myself now for ten years. It has affected my life so much. I have truly believed all these years I was the only person that suffers so much from this. Everybody I believe has some trauma in their life, but this is so hard to deal with and everyone handles and accepts things differently. I lost my only brother 10 years ago in an auto accident. I did not and cannot figure out in my head and heart how to accept it and move on. I have not had my monthly menses since my brothers life was taken. I immediately started having severe panic attacks. I was put on anti-depressents and alprazolam. I have the attacks in the day and I also will wake in the night vomiting severely. That is if I can even get to sleep. The insomnia is awful. I lost 30 pounds from all the vomiting and depression. I have tried everything, by changing job of 15 years, changed careers. It just seems there is nothing I do that helps. I have just basically detached myself from the outside world, other than going to work. I read these posts on here and thought maybe by some chance someone could offer a little advice or how they got through a sinilar situation.

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Gissja Says:

I will tell you something, I had a Mayor Depression diagnosis for 14 years. Pdoctors prescribed and try with different antitidepressants since. . Starting 2008 i got worse, I lost my job (I did not want to go) but I liked and wanted my job.I spent the whole day (for weeks) at the computer ...looking for new careers to start to get a diferent job. I got worse, could not sleep, doct increased the dosage of antipressants wich gave me to much anxiety, pannic attack, I did not want to be around people. If I started something I did not finish or accomplish it. I could not focuss at doing something, to many thoughts. I told to my psiquiatric doc I felt worse with antidrepressants, them made me feel worse, with more anxiety... Doctors either did not pay attention, or did not believe me, they say antidepresant are for anxiety as well. I refused that (at least in my case were not working for that). Each body is different (doctors donot believe this idea in Canada) Oh well, I only wanted you know I came to another country where I am now for a while and they made a test so they suspect I am bypolar and they put me in Lamictal and decresed gradualy Amitriptiline and Efexxor. I have to tell you I am feeling better now... dealing with some mood swings but not anxiety as before. I used to be on Paxil also (a year and a half ago) and made me worse and agressive. I found an information on Internet that says if somebody is PB and have a wrong prescription and wrong diagnosis, so the consecuences are not good, the bipolarity get worse increasing the levels of axiety and panick. I donot know if it is your case. This note is to aware you to get the right diagnosis, the right doctor and righ treatment. My besh wishes for you.

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woodstock 2009 Says:

have Dr. order lab. work, many generic medications are showing to be ineffective, my last 2 lab. screens showed neg. for benzo,s , but i know they working or i won t be able to sleep at nite, but the lab report shows 0 , wife had 3 neg. screens on hydrocodone, the Dr. had to do a Oberservation test done, using a different control hydrocodone medication to prove that she metabalized them, this is a good link to view http:/­/­­money/­industries/­health/­drugs/­2003-05-14-fakedrug-cover_x.htm

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woodstock 2009 Says:

the use of the herbal botanical St. Johns Wart has said to work wonders for both sufferers of deppression an anxiety

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Jill R. Says:

It sounds like with your varried conditions, like bipolar disorder, you reallly need to be on a mood stabilizer, i.e., one of the seizure drugs (same thing) i.e. Tegretol, Depakote, and Lamictal is good for bipolar manic as another writer mentioned and may be very good for anxiety. If not this look into Keppra or one of the other ones. Just being on an addictive benzodiazepine is not going to help and may actually fuel the problem causing it to repeat cycle.
I have bipolar depression, although I don't take mood stabilizers, I took Remeron, sedative antidepressant for some time which helped. But, yes, go to a psychiatrist. There are so many meds and newer meds they have at their disposal and would be more knowledgable about than a regular M.D. Wish you the best. No fun being stuck inside.

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Barb Says:

Just so you don't add to your anxiety problems, stay away from all caffiene wether it be in coffee, tea, or medication. I haven't had a full blown anxiety attack since I quit the use of this stimulator about seventeen years ago. I list it as an allery on all of my medical records. I always drank coffee and never had a problem until apparently my body said enough is enough. Please take heed..!

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Jose Angel Says:

I am taking alprazolam which is the generic name for Xanax and I get white pills and some other times I get pink pills mg.are the same what is the diff.between them? thanks.

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Allie Says:

Wendy! Get off the Paxil now!! Went through the same thing, Drs saying but Paxil is FOR anxiety. Evidently, not in all bodys! The paxil was washing the xanax effect out leaving that horrible, heart pounding, continuing anxiey attack. A wonderful phychiatrist put me on remeron for depresssion which worked WITH the xanax. A new person! Couldn't pay me to take a paxil again!!! 5 good years!

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someone who cares Says:

wean yourself off the xanex. My brother had the same symptoms, the xanex eventually killed him - a lot of the ymptoms you are experienceing are side effcts of the drug!!!!!

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romaine canarapen Says:

i am into pari cr 25 and xanex. pari cr 25 i am having in the morning and night..i have also put on weight earlier. is there any chance for me to get cured. and what are the sideffects of these drugs.

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Sumit Gupta Says:

I may not be an expert... but my mother was having this, but not so strong as u r has got lot of side effects. and requires tremendous of family support and counselling sessions to wean u off the is good for the short term but definitely to be avoided for the long term...hallucination, body itchiness, bipolar, stay away from the crowd, unusual sexual tendencies,suicidal and depressive symtomps...

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muxies momma Says:

Hi, I'm a first timer on a site like this. I've battle many mental disorders since I was 10, years of horror, then few years of what seemed to be like a' remission' now at 32, everything seems so much worse. I won't get into drawn out details, but after dozens of different meds, mainly ssris and absolutely no positive outcome, I have been prescribed risperidol, some people say it's a wonder drug, others, not so much. They say I can gain weight, but I battle underweight issues, so I look at that as a plus
, I take xanax for past 12 years, only as needed, sometimes 3 a day, other times, once every 2 weeks, luckily I don't have an addictive personality, I think bc I am so afraid of medicines. And zofran bc I have so much stomach nastiness. My pain attacks are becoming debilitating, and much more frequent, I'm scared of so much more now, I can't sleep thru, I can instantly give myself an episode and have to take so much that I pretty well comatose myself, and they have increased to such a level, that I can't speak, I loose control of my motor skills, and basically turn into an infant needing taken care of, not how my husband pictures life with his wife I am sure. I get these manic episodes where I'hulk out' I've been told, then an hour later I sob like a baby. I can't eat, I have a fear of. .... anything going into my body, as well as any thing coming out of my body.... ridiculous, I do get that!! I am miserable. I'm grasping at straws. I've been to numerous counselors and doctors, haven't had much luck, they typically want to drug my up and send me on my way or turn it into some past teams I had and dig deep into something,not there, I just want to focus on turning,myself back into the person I know I can be. I'm sorry, this is lengthy, if anyone,has input, I'd greatly appreciate it!

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