Anxiety From Taking Xyzal

Donna Says:

I had an experience April 20th & April 21st. My doctor gave me an allergy medication called Xyzal for seasonal Allergies. I ended up in the hospital because I had 5 days of hallucinations. It was like being on LSD. I soon found myself having alot of anxiety from this and had to wait 4 months to see a phychiarist. They put me on Zoloft. They put me on 25mg but I think they have to up the dosage because I have been taking it for about 2 weeks and I see only a slight change. Does anybody know how long I have to take this before I feel less anxiety?

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jji Says:

My Dr. started me out on 25 mg for the first week, then increased it to 50.
I read it takes at least a week to start working. I had my first dose today. I
hope it works. I've been self medacating and that does not work.

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donna Says:

to Jji
hope the pills works for you as it was horrible as I wrote regarding the hallucinations I guess people react different to medications

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Eileen Says:

I was started at 25 mg a day and felt it wasn't working. Doctor then increased it to 50 mg a day; still nothing too noticeable. Finally, I've been on 100 mg daily now for about 6-7 months now and it's great. If you feel you're not receiving benefit from the dosage, make sure to inform your doctor. It's not worth taking if it's not working.

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Donna Says:

I am up to 200 mg of the zoloft and found great results. As I Posted I was having hallucinations from another medication and I was really scared but the Zoloft seems to be helping. I am at the maximum dose and found it to be positive.

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Natalie Says:

It took about 2 months for the medication to really settle down and the side effects disappear. It is worth the wait, as for me, I feel normal again and they have been a lifesaver. Keep with it, but expect side effects for a while with insomnia, anxiety heightened and headaches.

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Holly Says:

It takes approximately 30 days to fully take effect. I have PTSD. I've taken multiple antidepressants/antianxity. I'm not a fan of zoloft. Ask your doctor to prescribe alprazolam (Xanax). It takes effect generally within 30 minutes but do your homework on side effects. I'm currently on 300mg of Wellbutrin and have been doing well with no side effects. Lastly, try relaxation methods. The mind is very powerful. Be aware of what triggers your anxiety. Then you can learn to control it. Hope this helps. Good luck to you.

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