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Markus Says:

I have been prescribed Remeron 15mg and Klonopin 0.5 for anxiety and lack of sleep. After 40 days I still have too much anxiety and racing thoughts to fall asleep, and I've gained no weight. So my Dr put me on Seroquel XR 150 mg one week ago (Aug 14) and will be able to fill a new Rx for Ativan to try on Aug 30 once the Klonopin Rx is "completed". The Klonopin no longer helps with anxiety as I get those dreaded warm rushes of pain the fill my face, neck, chest, and arms even after I take one. I'm reaching out for help because as I transition from Remeron to Seroquel it's still hard to fall asleep and the grogginess during the day is torture. What meds or combo has anyone taken to help fall asleep, slow the racing thoughts, decrease anxiety and agitatation, and just help feel better but still be able to function highly. I'm in good physical shape, but the anxiety is helping my pulse stay around 120 and bp remains high. My Dr also has me on Propranolol ER 60 mg for this. Any advice or experience with suggestions is greatly appreciated before I see my Dr next.

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Ramman Says:

I have been on most of the same meds as you. I have came to a crossroad about all the med and to be truthful xanax works better even though I had clonazapam. It may be in the same class but has different effects and the 1/2 life is t an issue. When I'm racing xanax will stop it quicker and is out of your system faster. Dr says that clonazapam is longer acting but that doesn't work for me. He refused to change it so I made a stance and switched to Pot! It works for almost everything I have which is PTSD, GAD, Depression, Pain, and overall it can't be taken away or adjusted because the government or dr thinks it's better. The whole Pain Management system is broke and no one cares. They get paid to take care of you but in the end, it's all about there licensing and you coming back over and over so they get paid while you suffer. Kick up the seroquel to 300 and ask for the xanax 1mg 3 mg a day. Also Ambien works for a while. In my option and the past medications I've took aren't worth being a test subject! it's worth not sleeping and having racing thoughts than to have a Dr guess what THEY think works, but to go out and find something else! If you really want to know what's going on with your health request all your medical records from your Insurance and doctor. You'll find what you say and discuss isn't there, however what they put will be about someone that's not you! Hope my little rant helps

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Markus Says:

Thanks for your reply, Ramman. I also have pain thanks to a titanium cage on my spine and take one or two 5 mg Percocet almost every day. I am wary of addiction, and my breathing, so I agree that in the future pot will probably be the way to go for me. Pennsylvania legalized medical and I'm sure I have a few qualifying conditions! Since I told my Primary Care Dr that I'm "wary" of addiction, I don't think he wants to rx me Xanax. Thanks again for your thoughtful reply that makes sense.

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Ramman Says:

Markus you are more than welcome. Being wary is a good thing that means that you understand the Whole Picture! Keep it honest and be wary that you may show up to an appointment and BOOM Dr decides you don't need this or that med and he/stops it and then your mind will race. My Dr and I are kinda of on same page, but he's not all in about the pot and I am on a pain management program however I told him that even though I'm under contract at NO POINT AND TIME I will submit to lab work because medical cannabis will show up and I'll be in some type of violation and the only person it will affect is me. Then the insurance company will be in an uproar even though they both know I take it.

The biggest thing that irritates me is the Government being all up in my business because of the epidemic situation but there not up in everyone's business about alcohol which unfortunately you can end up dying or even worse hurt someone in an auto accident or what not and it's not regulated. Keep Positive and feel free to give updates on your progress.

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Jeff Says:

I have tried every type of sleeping pill ever made for my insomnia. Here's what works for me every night for over 15 years; 200 mg. trazodone and .50 mg. triazolam.

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steve Says:

IMHO drop the seroquel XR for the real drug seroquel. The extra release version of seroquel does not work on me at all!

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Allan Says:

Try Trazadone, I have used it for sleeping for about 5 years. It still works.

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Gigi Says:

Re: Allan (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

Some people can have a severe allergic reaction to Trazadone; I do, causes swelling of face, tongue, APS, and difficulty breathing.

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joe Says:

Have been on lorazapam for 25 years, works well unless some company buys the brand from another just so they can water it down. Years ago came up with an sleeping issue, seen a specialist for that and he put me on ambien, worked like a champ until my lorazapam doctor found out and he said i had to quit immediately. He said lorazapam and ambien are in the same family and shouldn't be taked together. That was too bad as the ambien, a quarter of a tablet, put me out in 5 minutes. Any one else heard of this, that ambien and lorazapam should not co-exist?

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Optimistic Says:

Re: Gigi (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

I hated trazadone. It’s an SSRI or something & they made me really grouchy.

Edibles (THC) work well for me.
Also, LDN (low dose naltrexone) in the morning really helps me sleep through the night.

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Carla Says:

I have had the worst chronic insomnia for 20 years and have taken so many different medications. This combination that I have been on for the past 5 years has been a lifesaver!

400mg seroquel
1800 gabapentin
Prazosin - for nightmares. It slightly lowers blood pressure
4 mg requip for restless legs. A side effect from the seroquel for me.

I,personally, have no grogginess during the day but I am highly tolerant to medications.

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Carla Says:

Re: Markus (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

I also have severe pain due to 4 spine surgeries. I had a spinal fusion from L3 to S1. Due to a fall I dislocated my hardware and broke several vertebrae which required 3 additional surgeries. I have a genetic disorder that causes nerve sheath tumors to appear on my spine and spinal cord. I’m on morphine er, morphine ir, zanaflex, cymbalta for nerve pain and gabapentin for nerve pain,

I also have severe anxiety and was taking xanax and klonopin for years. I worked with a therapist and am off of all benzos.

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Me Says:

Re: joe (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

Yes, my doctor told me clonazepam and ambien taken together will/can slow my breathing down to a dangerous level and it could/might stop your breathing.

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steve g Says:

if you do not gain weight on remeron, you are either not eating; or the remeron is bad!

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steveg Says:

Re: Me (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

I have taken both drugs before. Yes; you might die in your sleep. This is unrelated.

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steveg Says:

Drop the seroquel and increase the Klonopin! Why are doctors such idiots.

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