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i need withdrawl effects of invega. ## I was on Invega for 5 years. It raised my blood pressure to 318 so I had to stop it. I was on 6 mgs. and was dropped to 3 mgs. for a week and then my doctor told me to stop. I am a recovering alcoholic and street drug addict. The withdrawal was horrendous! I was sweating profusely, couldn't sleep, felt like something was crawling on my skin and couldn't sit still. I also couldn't function properly. I don't know what your doctor advised or what mgs you are on, but I believe I should have been on the 3 mgs. for about 3 weeks and then taken off of it, so my body got used to the lower dosage. I went back on the full dosage so I can get through a wedding I am in that's in 11 days. After that, I am going to talk to the doctor again an...

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Coming off Invega Sustenna

Hi, I was given Invega Sustenna at 100mg a month for 10 months since Dec 5th. My last shot was on August 29th 2013. The medication gave me severe anhedonia and I have lost the motivation and willpower to do anything. I can no longer experience joy, happiness, or pleasure from anything I do and I have no interest in doing anything. I constantly feel restless and uneasy and I just can't shake this feeling away no matter what. All of these started about a week after my first IV. I have been off this medication for almost 3 months now and I have yet to feel any improvements. I have read that it has a long half life of 25-49 days and that it can stay in your body for 300 days. So does that mean I will have to wait a year to start feeling better? Any info on someone who has been off this ...

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5 mg Risperdal

I wanted to know if anyone in the forum is on 5mg of Risperdal or has a loved one that is. If so how has the drug worked for you or your loved on on 5mg? My 26 year old son is in a residential program he has been prescribed 2 mg in the morning and 3 mg at night. He's always tired and and I know that's a well known side effect. I am just wondering if that's to high of a mg his provider has him on. Please help as I don't know where else to turn. ## Is he happy with it other than the fatigue? That medication gave my mom SI and now she is gone, but if it’s not hurting your son it’s probably OK. ## How long has he been taking it? The severe drowsiness, and fatigue are side effects that usually improve, as one gets used to the medication. Other side effects may inc...

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Abilify and headaches

Abilify has helped my depression but it has given me bad headaches on my left side. Not sure if I should keep taking it. I think I’ll cut it down and try that first. It does have a lot of side effects and affects my feelings of irritability. I have chronic migraines that are very severe on my right side along with my TMJ where I’ve had joint replacement. I would like to know what others have been dealing with while taking Abilify. ## While a headache can be a side effect of many medications, you should always inform your doctor to be sure that's all it is, for your own safety. The FDA lists other side effects of Abilify as possibly including nausea, diarrhea, stomach pain, and vision changes. What other ones have you been experiencing? Ref: Abilify Information How long h...

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Abilify Reviews

## I just started Abilify 2 months ago... what a trip it's been! At the beginning I started to hear voices, luckily they were my son and husband. (I called my shrink, no return call.) Then when I took a nap, I could hear them, I talked to them and saw them if I woke up quick. (I called my shrink, no return call.) I can't remember the easiest words during a conversation, and have to describe it. You know that round thing on your car that can pop, yeah tire! .... I'm calling to make an appointment to get my husband's, uh,um, TOOTH, ya, tooth I am speaking with the Oral Surgeon's office. (Called my shrink, no return call.) Well this past weekend I was exausted. My husband, son's girlfriend and I took an hour drive to get some "new to us" furnitur...

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Abilify and Chronic Pain Relief

Hello, Has anyone experienced a relief in chronic pain while on Abilify. I am convinced it is this medication that relieved my chronic neck pain. This has given me the idea it might help my mother who is on a daily dose of morphine. I want to bring this up to her Dr but don't want to sound crazy. What do you think? Is it possible? ## Hello, Mila! How are you and your mom? It is not a recognized effect of Abilify, so such use hasn't been approved, but yes, it is possible. Most psychiatric medications have been shown to have an affect on some types of pain. I can't say whether or not it will help your mother, that depends on what is causing her pain, however, there is a chance it could help. Are there any other questions or concerns? ## I think I'm going to mention it to h...

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risperdal r14

CAN A COMMERCIAL TRUCK DRIVER DRIVE A TRUCK AFTER WAKING UP FROM TAKING R14 THE NIGHT BEFORE, WITHOUT ANY ADVERSE SIDE EFFECTS AND DRIVE THE TRUCK RESPONSIBLY? CAN A PUBLIC TEACHER A TEACH EFFECTIVELY AFTER WAKING UP FROM TAKING R14 THE NIGHT BEFORE, WITHOUT ANY ADVERSE SIDE EFFECTS AND TEACH , LECTURE TO VARIED CLASSES RESPONSIBLY? FURTHEWR WILL THIS DRUG CAUSE A LOSS OF MEMORY TO A PROFESSIONAL TEACHER? ## I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with the laws for CDL drivers, so the only thing I can say for that is to do some searching, and see what you can learn. Some medications aren't allowed if they may affect the person's ability to drive a big rig safely, and responsibly. Regarding a teacher, they can usually take whatever they are legally prescribed, as long as they aren...

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Increasing Rexulti dose 2MG to 2.5MG

Hello. I have had great success taking Rexulti 2MG (added onto my other antidepressant for MDD) since 2017. My doctor increased the dosage to 2.5MG because of the return of some depression symptoms (low motivation, energy, sadness) The target dose for depression is 2MG but can go up to 3. Has anyone benefited from increasing the dose above 2MG for depression symptoms? I’m wondering if there is room for improvement since I’m already at 2MG. Thanks! ## When the medication information states that it can be used up to a certain dose, that usually means it's because those doses have been found to be helpful, otherwise, they usually state that no beneficial effect was found from increasing the dose. Thus, it would likely be best to follow your doctor's instructions, and tr...

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Can Abilify cause anxiety?

I was on effexor and wellbutrin for depression for many years. It stopped working so the doctor gave me 5mg abilify to take with the wellbutrin instead of the Effexor. The abilify worked very well for depression, but caused anxiety ( which I never had before) I stayed on it for 6 to 8 weeks anyway - dealing with the anxiety because the depression was gone. The anxiety was very very difficult to deal with and finally I couldn't take it anymore and had to stop taking it. I weaned off it and the anxiety went away EXCEPT NOT ALL OF IT. Now I have a new problem that wont go away and I am so scared and frustrated When I go to sleep I have bad dreams or dreams that cause anxiety. I wake up from the dream - still remembering some of it. Than within a second or two I am hit with a wave of an...

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Abilify withdrawal

I was on 10mg of Abilify for at least 5 years as an add-on to my anti-depressant for my major depressive disorder, on top of my bulimia and anxiety. I went down to 5mg in the last year I was on it. I had no idea it had such bad physical withdrawal effects. My old doctor told me to wean off of it last year when I decided I didn't need it anymore, but did not give me any sort any sort of percentage or schedule. I got terribly sick about a month and a half after I weaned off of it for only 2 weeks and didn't even make the connection right away. So I've been taking 2.5mg every 35-45days for the past year... basically every time I get sick. Now I have terrible joint pain, which I thought was arthritis (I'm only 36 years old) and I just went to an orthopedist and she found no ...

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Seroquel Questions and Slow taper?

Hello, I am a 48 year old woman and I have been on 100mg of seroquel at night for 8 years for depression and sleep. I need to slowly taper off this. It seems it is making me even more tired and I sleep and sleep for very long hours. I have a lot of issues with it. I have a few questions. I take the 100mg tablet at night. I also have some of the 25 mg and was going to use those to taper. But even though I know 4 of the 25 mg tablets are 100mg, It seems to work different when taken that way? Anyone else notice this? Should I just try to cut up the 100mg and taper that? I wanted to take 75mg and take the other 25 mg tablet and cut it up. I want to do a very slow taper. I would be happy to taper 25 mg over 2.5 to 4 months. I have tapered off other things in the past that I took for fibromya...

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abilify and teens

My 13 yr old son has just been prescribed Abilify and I need to know if anyone has experience with their teen being on this. ## My son was on Abilify for about a year. He did really well on it except that he gained almost 50lbs. It helped him focus and concentrate but made hiim extremely hungry to the point that he was getting up in the middle of the night and gorging himself on food. ## My son took Abilify for about 2 years, ages 14-16, was not approved by the FDA for him at the time. He began taking it after an episode of waking me in the middle of the night telling me that satan told him to kill himself. He was blank and lacked emotion while he was taking it (which was reported to the mental health provider), but no weight gain. He truly lost his personality and sense of humor. He ha...

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Seroquel and Sleep Questions?

I have been given Seroquel, what if I can't sleep? ## It's supost 2 help w/ that.I took my first one last night & I slept like a baby,1st time in many months.2nd dose 2 night 2 pills.I no it takes weeks to get fully in my system from 4-6wks,but I slept good last night. ## I have been taking seroquel for a few months now. I take it at night, to take advantage of its side effect of sleep. for about 6 weeks i was a zombie, now it no longer helps for sleep. ## I've been on 800mg for 2 months and I can sleep for days straight ## Most people sleep pretty well when taking these medications, but there are always a couple people who are exceptions. Along with the drowsiness, and sedation, the FDA lists its other side effects as possibly including nausea, headache, dry mouth, weig...

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Weight gain on Risperdal

I have recently started on Risperdal and I'm worried about weight gain as it makes me hungry all the time. I'd be interested to know from others whether you gained weight on this drug even though you ate normally or whether it was because you were hungry all the time? ## Hello, Jo! How are you? I'm sorry about the problem that you're having. Yes, Risperdal is well known to cause weight gain and appetite increase in some people that take it. My ex-husband was on it for awhile and it became a big problem for him, since he is also diabetic. Other side effects may possibly include nausea, dizziness, sedation and somnolence. However, if you are aware of the problem and control how much you eat, you may be able to avoid gaining a lot. Is anyone else taking this? ## Hi. I was p...

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A long time Clozapine patient forced to try Lurasidone

I’m 35 years old. I was placed on clozapine at the age of 13. I managed to get my life together, became stable enough to become an inspiration to others by becoming a teacher's assistant teaching barista coffee skills. Thing’s completely fell apart as soon as I met a new doctor this year. She forced the decision to change to lurasidone and nothing could stop her. I even tried to get help from my parents. She took the decision way too lightly and destroyed everything I achieved and it was extremely hard for me to get where I was, as I had to drop out of high school because of clozapine. I saw the side effects of lurasidone and I tried to protect myself but she’s a clever bully. I eventually gave in and tried lurasidone to respect my parents as she convinced them. It...

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Can I use expired seroquel

My serouqel is expired, how long after expiration can I use it ## Hello, Barb! How are you? This medication doesn't get dangerous, once expired, but it will start to lose effectiveness. How far expired is it? When was it filled? ## Hi, iam taking seroquel 2014 old. is that really bad and how? ## I checked this out too. What I see is Seroquel has a shelf life of 3 years. I recently ran out and am having a tough time getting refills. This is the second time I've run into this problem over the last few months. I found an older bottle of Seroquel from 2014 in my medicine cabinet. And I'm using that with no problem. ## Seroquel due to the way it is compounded is totally ineffective after three years or when it's expiry date claims it expires it is totally ineffective ## hello...

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seroquel discrimination

MANY PEOPLE DONT LIKE SEROQUEL. THE REASON IS THAT THEY TRY TO USE IT RECREATIONALLY. IF YOU USE IT FOR WHAT YOUR SUPPOSED TO, [LIKE ME AND MY INSOMNIA] IT REALLY WORKS WELL. ## if seroquel is used for mental problems and also insomnia how does it work recreational. Dont understand, i have just being put on seroquel and really dont know much, please help, brian ## It actually is prescribed to me for insomnia. At night I have racing thoughts. Seroquel shuts my head off so I can sleep. If you do have schizophrenia or bipolar disorder then you may not feel these effects of tiredness and dizzyness. But when you don't, it knocks you out. I have many friends that know I am prescribed to it and they used to always ask me for some. People like to feel tired and woozy I suppose. Hope this wa...

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Ingredients In Risperidone

i will like to know the ingredients for Risperidone Oral solution thank you ## Having looked up this drug in various references e.g. British National Formulary; I cannot find a list of the actual constituants/ingrediants that go into this preparation: Therefore it follows that a person does not actually know what substance or concoction of substances they are ingesting. ## Having looked up this drug in various references e.g. British National Formulary; I cannot find a list of the actual constituants/ingrediants that go into this preparation: Therefore it follows that a person does not actually know what substance or concoction of substances they are ingesting. Therefore I would like to know what the ingredients are, or a source from which I can obtain a list of the ingredients. ## Risp...

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Serequel Side Effects

I have developed a rare side effect from Serequel. Its called Tardive Dyskiniesa. have uncontrollable muscle movements. My jaw, tounge, mouth hands and head bob to the right, almost to hitting my shoulder. I was on the drug for 18 months until symptoms began. Has anyone gotten Tardive Dyskiniesa as a direct result of taking Serequel? ## The FDA does report Tardive Dyskinesia as being a known possible side effect of Seroquel, along with nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, mood changes, weight changes, and retrograde amnesia. Ref: Seroquel Information In some cases, the symptoms of TD may improve, or go away, once the medication responsible has been discontinued. Have you shown any improvement since stopping the Seroquel?

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invega sustenna is poison

I was forced 6 injections. I'm dying from it. IT is the worst torturous death you can imagine. over 50 side effects. don't ever try this crap ## Hello, Shane! How are you? I'm sorry that you're miserable. What types of side effects are you experiencing? Invega Sustenna is a very potent medication that's most commonly used to treat schizophrenia and such drugs are well known to cause a lot of side effects. Those listed by the FDA may include administration site reactions, sedation, dizziness, dry mouth and somnolence. ## How about loosing my feet and tinnitus and 100 others now. ## I feel just like you. It's the worst drug ever. I hope we all get normal again. I've been off for 3 months (pure hell). Looking forward to it being out of my system. Anyway, here...

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