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Deanxit and Gluten

Dears, I have celiac disease and I need to know if Deanxit pills contain gluten? Thank you. ## Hello Isaac, Unfortunately Deanxit is not an approved drug in the United States as it has been found to be too risky of a medicine. Because of this the drug you are asking about is not something I am able to easily research and find information on, however, I am able to provide a little bit of useful information that may help you find the answer. Deanxit contains the two active ingredients Flupenthixol and Melitracen, both of which are salts and will not trigger anything gluten related. Where you may find issues is with the inactive ingredients of your particular prescription brand. To find out if your drug contains any gluten products, simply look at the inactive ingredients listed on the pac...

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Clozapine / schizophrenia

My son has been in the Hospital for 6 weeks for schizophrenia. He is on his fourth medicine (clozapine). The first week he was taking 25mg, then 50mg & only heard voices a little, now going on his 3rd week and almost up to 200mg and the voices are stronger and getting a little violent. Is this normal? ## Hi Dennis. I'm here to help. I have a 19 yr old daughter in your same situation. This medicine is poison point blank and the symptoms and side effects only get worse the higher the milligrams and the longer the individuals is on this medication. Stop allowing them to give yr son more and try to talk to someone about winging him off this medicine slowly. I can tell you they're not gonna recommend this because they make a killing off of making us sick off this medicine telling...

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Best medicine for schizophrenia

Looking to find out the best medicine to treat schizophrenia. ## Hello, Valerie! How are you? There is really no 'best medicine' so to speak. It depends on the person and what works for them. Not all medications work for everyone that tries them, which is why they are usually several options to try in any given treatment category. For example, I have high blood pressure and while the 'best' medication for many people is Metoprolol, it made me very sick and I had to stop taking it. It also didn't significantly lower my blood pressure. That said, what medications have you tried? Some people do better with an older medication, such as Risperdal, though as reported by the FDA, it can cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, somnolence and weight gain. But others ha...

Does a child need Abilify 5 Mg, Bupropion 75mg, and Chlorpromazine 25mg for Bipolar and ADHD?

My foster child is on Ability 5 mg, Bupropion 75 mg, Chlorpromazine 25mg 3 times per day for bipolar and ADHD. Does he need these meds that seem to do the same thing? I have the sense since he has been with me that he does not have anger problems any more than any other 11 year old child. He did tell me that he used anger to get away from the home he was in because he was being beaten by an older child. I will admit he may be adhd but bipolar you can't make me believe. ## I'd suggest discussing it with his doctor and/or getting a second opinion. It is an unfortunate fact that many children end up over medicated and many doctors don't review what the child is taking and just leave them on them, rather than do a review and see if it is needed any longer. Have you talked to any...

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I don't believe I have schizophrenia

My doctor keeps prescribing psychotic drugs to me and all they do is make me feel detached from reality and gain weight. I am on Risperidone .5 mg and the withdrawals are horrible. Can anyone help me? ## Wing yourself off these psychotic meds. They're bad news. Get on a good diet and get yourself some activated charcoal tablets from walmart and some niacin b-6 tablets, drink lots of water, start making yourself some healthy smoothies with spinach and fruit to help the brain mostly. Hemp seeds are good too for your omega 3/6/9. They carry this at walmart in the baking isle. ## Can I ask what issue's are you dealing with before taking the psychotics? ## Hello Ping Pong, If you feel that the medical attention that your provider is giving you is inadequate then I would suggest getti...

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Risperdal Withdrawal

I was prescribed Risperdal because I was having grandiose delusions. I was taking 3mg for about 6 months. To say the least it has been a rough 6 months. The drug changed everything about me, it is difficult for me to remember the dynamic person I used to be. Knowing that the delusion disorder was temporary as well as the treatment, I kept putting one foot in front of the other but it was and still is a challenge. I feel like I should win the Oscar for best actress. I have been acting happy but I really feel dead inside. This is an exhausting way of being. I did taper off and it has been 2 weeks since my last dose. The physical withdrawal symptoms have faded but I still feel emotionless and out of it. I have lost 2 pounds, gained 25 total on the drug. If anyone has been through this with...

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Switching Atypical Antipsychotics - Geodon to Abilify

I have been taking Geodon for a few years now, 20 mg twice daily. Lately I seem to get very anxious after about six hours and need to take three pills daily. My insurance will only send me enough for two pills daily. I know that the half life is very short for Geodon. I am thinking about having my psychiatrist switch me to Abilify which has a long half life. My concern is how difficult it will be to make the switch. Will I still get withdrawal symptoms from Geodon even after my body gets used to Abilify? I would like any input from anyone who has made the switch. ## Hello Terry, Unfortunately because the active ingredients are different it is likely you will experience the withdrawal symptoms to some degree. It is difficult to say to which extend you will be experiencing the symptoms as...

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Seroquel and weight gain

Is anyone else experiencing weight gain from seroquel? I still work out the same as always, and eat the same way, but I have gained over 20 pounds since i started seroquel 2 months ago. I dont want to stop taking it becasue i finally found a drug that helps, but this is an unacceptable side effect to me, anyone have any tips for dealing with this? ## Tell your doctor he might be able to help. ## I have been taking seroquel for about six months now and I have actually lost 16lbs. I take a dose of 400mg a day and have not hadd any problems. I have not even changed my diet or my exercise habits (which aren't the best). I do not have any side effects maybe it is a combination of the seroquel and other medicines you are taking? Seroquel actually began as a medicine given after surgery as...

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Olanzapine for Prurigo Nodularis

I have a question: I was prescribed Olanzapine 50 mg for Prurigo Nodularis from a dermatologist. I have sores that bother me like crazy for a couple of years now. The Dr said it's stress. I don't agree. Am already on an antidepressant. Has anyone ever heard of being prescribed this med for my condition? Thanks Bon ## Hello Bon, The NIH actually has an article where they say that the exact cause of prurigo nodularis is not known, however, what is known is that scratching them causes them to spread. I'm sure you are already aware of the scratching spreading them but what strikes as odd is that nowhere does the NIH state that a common practice is to prescribe mood enhancers such as olanzapine. Commonly creams and ointments are prescribed and for severe cases dermatologists will...

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olanzapine tablets? round shaped yellow tablet with 48 c

I have a friend who left some yellow round pills at my home and there was no bottle or box that they came in. She has been on tablets for her mental health before but as these have no name to show what they are I was a little concerned to have think these tablets are not her usual prescribed medication and wondered if anyone can give me an insight as to what these tablets are. She does suffer with Anxiety, panic attacks and mental health issues on top of her depression, so could these tablets be some sort of a stabaliser for her health conditions? They are yellow in colour, round, about the size of a diazepam and has 48 on one side and c on the other. ## From what I can find, the manufacturer Aurobindo lists them as containing 10mgs of Olanzapine, which is used to treat various types of...

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does olanzapine contain opiates

does olanzapine contain opiates ## Nope - no opiates in Zyprexa... however there is a very small benzo component - small enough that a benzo addiction/withdrawal issue would be almost impossible. To my knowledge, this med contains no narcotics or otherwise chemically addictive ingredients. ## That is correct, Olanzapine is the active ingredient, it is used to mental health disorders, such as schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, sedation, somnolence, and weight gain. Has this been prescribed for you? ## If I put raw opium up my rectum will it work better than smoking it? ## What would make you even think of that ? I think you need to stop smoking it ! You might be alittle burned out.

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Quetiapine shelf-life

I have recently been prescribed quetapine for sleeplessness-- 50 mg per night. It is functioning perfectly. I get 8 hours of sleep and don't wake up feeling drugged. My wife has approximately 100 pills (200mg) which are from an outdated prescription ("discard after 5/11"). What is the shelf life of quetiapine? Besides the possible diminished potency of 1/4 of 200mg per night, are there any other issues with my usage? I have used that dosage (1/4 of her old 200mg pills) a couple of times and experience no difference in effect. Anything wrong with continuing? ## Hello, Barry! How are you? From what I've been able to find via the FDA, this isn't one that gets dangerous once it's expired, but it does start to lose potency. Thus, it would really be best to just dispos...

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What is Schizophrenia?

What causes schizophrenia and what are some treatment options? ## From the NIH: The cause of schizophrenia are not completely known. Some doctors believe it's the brain not allowing itself to process information acurately. If schizophrenia runs in your family, it is known to be more common to get the disease. Other doctors believe that your environment can also cause the disease to occur. If you feel concerned I would contact your doctor, and let them know what you are experiencing. Do you have any more questions or information to add? ## It's a hormonal imbalance in the brain that can cause a person to hallucinate, hear voices, become detached from their reality, exhibit psychosis. It's not good and patients generally need to stay on their meds in order to prevent episodes....

Risperdal 2mg for schizophrenia

Dear sir My daughter (married) age 26 yrs taking Risperdal for schizenphrenia advised by doctor since 4yrs.If she discontinues the medicine then she becomes abnormal (means silently thinks all the time,becomes emotional,cries or sleeps etc ) Sir, I want to know (1) when she will become normal (2)The side effect of Risperdal on her pregnancy? ## Dear sir my geographical location is Mumbai(India) My daughter (married,aged 26 yrs) taking Risperdal daily for schizenphrenia advised by local doctor since 4yrs.If she discontinues taking Risperdal(2mg) then her behavior becomes abnormal (means she becomes silent,thinks all the time,becomes more emotional,either cries or sleeps more but if she takes Risperdal then she is normal completely. Sir, my querry is that I want to know (1) when she will ...

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Schizophrenia treatments

My son was taking 37.5mg Risperdal injectible for Paranoid Schizophrenia. He was stable, he moved to another state and he was given tablets 2mg 2x'x daily. Has anyone experienced this and what happens if he misses his evening dose sometimes? ## My sister(Age 23) is suffering from schizophrenia since last 25 days. Doctor prescribed her Peridol 5mg (2+2+2), Perkinil 5mg (1+1+1), ENCORATE CHRONO 500mg(1+0+2), Rivitril 2mg(0.5+0+1), Lithosun-SR 400mg (0+0+0.5). Please let me confirm what the side effects of those medicines. ## Dr. prescribed me sulpitac 100 with zipsydone 20 mg at night. Is this a right combination to treat schizophrenia? I was taking sulpitac 100 for one year. ## For the best outcome, you should always follow your doctor's instructions, and yes they are used to tre...

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This drug should not be legal

Before I started taking saphris I was around 125 lbs. when I was taking it I was over 200lbs and it piled on quick. Saphris gave me a side effect that I was rushed to the hospital in ambulance on multiple occasions. The side effects weren't there at the beginning of taking it, but I started getting these side effects probably 3-4 months after and they would occur at least once a week. These terrifying side effects were: My jaw would lock open, I was unable to shut it or breath correctly. I could not swallow or talk and it felt like I couldn't breath. If you can imagine the way darth vador breaths except the sound was anything but even and I felt I had to force every darth vador sounding breath. Not even trying to be funny because this was the absolute scariest pain I've ever...

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Abilify withdrawal

I was on 10mg of Abilify for at least 5 years as an add-on to my anti-depressant for my major depressive disorder, on top of my bulimia and anxiety. I went down to 5mg in the last year I was on it. I had no idea it had such bad physical withdrawal effects. My old doctor told me to wean off of it last year when I decided I didn't need it anymore, but did not give me any sort any sort of percentage or schedule. I got terribly sick about a month and a half after I weaned off of it for only 2 weeks and didn't even make the connection right away. So I've been taking 2.5mg every 35-45days for the past year... basically every time I get sick. Now I have terrible joint pain, which I thought was arthritis (I'm only 36 years old) and I just went to an orthopedist and she found no ...

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How Long Does Seroquel Stay In Your System

i take 300 mg a day and it takes 4-5 weeks to clear out of your system ## The half-life of Seroquel, which contains the active ingredient Quetiapine is roughly 6 hours and, in general, it takes 5 to 6 half-lives to clear out of your body, so the actual clearance time would be only 30 to 36 hours. It can take 4 weeks, or so, for your body to adjust to not having it and return to normal, but it doesn't take that long to actually clear the drug from your body. Are there any other questions or comments? ## Quitiapine Fumarate 50 mg, how long does it take to clear for a drug test. It's only used to get a deep sleep and my husband has a rx, I plan to ask my doctor for it next time I see her But in case I go to test for this new job I'd like to know. And do they even look for this ...

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pill with m 157

I found a pill from my husband peach in colour M157 ## I found a peach in colour tablets in my husbands bag written m157 oval in shape what is it for ## Hello Mpume, I found a Olanzapine pill that matches your description. Olanzapine is used in the treatment of bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, major depressive disorder, agitated state and depression. This pill is a controlled substance and can only be acquired with a prescription. Imprint: M 157 Strength: 2.5 mg Color: Peach Shape: Round Labeler / Supplier: Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc. Inactive Ingredients: - Lactose Anhydrous - Crospovidone - Hypromelloses - Magnesium Stearate - Microcrystalline Cellulose - Polyethylene Glycol - Polyvinyl Alcohol - Sodium Lauryl Sulfate - Magnesium Silicate - Titanium Dioxide - Fd&c Yellow No. 6 I ho...

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Invega and urine testing

Will invega make me dirty on a urine drug test for my po? ## Does invega show up on drug test as suboxone? Or any other drugs.

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