Antidepressants And Alcohol Use

Ray Says:

The fact that you guys are even thinking about mixing alcohol with antidepressants tells me you are not serious about controlling your depression. Alcohol is a depressant! Taking anti depressants and drinking is like giving a hemophiliac an aspirin to thin their blood. Makes no sense at all. If you guys really want to get better then get serious and pay attention to the warnings on your prescription bottles and pharmaceutical instruction sheets. How do you expect any drug to work for you if you don't take it as prescribed? Continuous mixing of alcohol and antidepressants has one result...death. Take responsibility for your health. Do what the doctor says and if the drug still doesn't work out for you let the doctor know so he can make an informed decision about your care. Look at it this way. You know your car needs gas to run. If you put gas and water in your tank it'll run for a short period of time until it chokes down and spits and sputters to a stop. How many times would you continue to put water in the tank knowing its going to stop. Look guys , depression is no excuse for making stupid life threatening decisions. If you are upset because you can't drink and take antidepressants together then your not serious about getting better. Enough said.

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Verwon Says:

I have to agree with you.

However, when it comes to the truth about drinking, those with a problem usually don't want to know, or admit the truth about it.

And many people are not informed of the dangers of mixing alcohol with medications.

Thank you for your post!

Does anyone have any questions or comments?

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Mel Says:

If I got out for one night of drinking, should I not take my antidepressant medicine (nuzak)? It was a special occasion.

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