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Nise Tablet Uses and Side Effects

Can anyone tell me what Nise tablets are good for and what are the side effects? ## I would come to know that What are the benefits of NISE Tablets in our body or Is their any side effects in it? and Is it for Bone Marrow? ## The active ingredient in this is Nimesulide, which is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID). Manufactured by Dr Reddy's. [1]

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What is the side effect of decilone forte in our kidney?

What is the side effect of decilone forte in our kidney? I'm scared that it could cause kidney failure. ## Hello, Paul! How are you? This contains the active ingredient Dexamethasone, which is a steroid class medication, but it hasn't been known to cause kidney failure according to the current reports. However, it may cause some fluid retention, sodium retention and potassium loss. Is there anything else I can help with? ## how do i take dexamethasone for my gout? ## My husband is suffering from gouty arthritis for almost 30 yrs now, he just discovered from friends about decilone forte. He has been taking it for 5 yrs now but only when severe arthritic pain attacks. These past 2 months he took it almost twice a week already im worried because he has kidney stones and told by spe...

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Mifepristone and Misoprostol MTP pill.

I am 3 weeks pregnant. the gestation sac is 0.9 cm small, the doc prescribed 200mg of mifepristone and around 4-72 hrs later asked me to come in for an appointment for vaginall insertion of misoprostol. She is charging me a very heavy bill and hence I asked her if I could administer the second dose myself. She is not providing any support till I pay for another consultation. Can you give me specific instructions as to how many pills I should insert at a time and intervals between the pills. ## That is a little odd, because these are commonly used by women, at home, without a doctors intervention, but I supposed a doctor can also set their own policies. Is there some reason she wants to supervise your use of it? That is always possible if there is some type of health problem involved and...

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Blue Pill Lot Number 8987

What kind of pill is this? Thanks. ## Lot numbers are internal numbers that are used by manufacturers to identify specific production runs of their products. In light of that, they do not actually identify any product or medication, because the some number could be used by several other companies. Thus, to identify one of their products, packaging, lot number, expiration and sometimes other details are required. Are there any markings on the tablets? That is what would enable us to identify them for you. ## Found light blue oval pill has the number L 368 on it what u think it might be ## L 368 is a naproxen 220mg (Nsaids) prescription pill ## What is an oval blue pill with 8987 on it, other side blank?

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sulfacol powder

Sulfacol powder use for cuts to help with the healing process. ## where can i find sulfacol ## Where to find Sulfacol powder ## Based on my research, Sulfacol contains the active ingredient Sulfasalazine, it's now mainly used to treat conditions such as IBS and ulcerative colitis. This medication requires a prescription in the U.S. so you'd have to speak with a doctor in order to obtain it. You can learn more about this drug on the page for Sulfasalazine Details If you have any more questions please post back! ## Good afternoon. Please can you tell me about the availability of this medicine, sulfacol powder? ## I am in egypt, and hv been searching for it for ages, where? In which country? And how to get it? ## Till now could nt know in which country it is used, if anyone can hel...

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I use mifepristone and misoprostol total dose 1 mifepristone and 4 mesoprostol but till now I had not started bleeding 48 hours is to go..

I had not started bleeding till now 48hours to go and my dose is complete and I had taken it orally.only cramps and pain is occurring I hv 2 and a half month pregnant.what I hv to do plz till me.I m worried about this. ## plz give answer of my question plz... ## Where did you get that medicine from? ## Hi. .im also in need of ds medicine. .im 7week preg..pls tell me how I can get ds mifepristone and misoprostol. Pls asap .how can I contact u plssssss ## I am 3 weeks pregnant I had taken mankind unwanted kid but bleeding has not start till yet what to do now ## Pls am Racheal am 5 weeks pregnant and I took 1mifepristone under my tough and I had a little cramps and clot 48hrs later I took 4 misoprostol under my tough as prescribed few hours later I experience heavy cramps but no blood or ...

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Amneal Naproxen Sodium and Gluten

Is Naproxen Sodium by Amneal gluten free? ## Hi Susan - I think so. Can you please list exactly which variation you have? How many mg is your tablet? And can you list either the NDC code or the markings on your tablets? I see about a dozen variations of Naproxen from Amneal under various NDC codes. For instance, a white 250 mg tablet with markings IP188 on one side and 250 on the other lists the following inactive ingredients: (NDC 53746-188) - Croscarmellose Sodium - Povidone - Magnesium Stearate But that may not line up with the exact tablet which you have, so if you could please respond with more details? ## Is Naproxen 250mg tablet from Amneal gluten free? NDC number 65162-0189-10 ## Based on the NDC that you shared, the inactive ingredients listed are [1]: - Croscarmellose Sodium -...

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White oval pill - 10/Symbol, Blank one side

Found a white pill, approx 8mm long. Oval shaped. It is blank on one side and the other is scored and has a symbol imprinted on it that resembles a bell or a witches hat. It also has 10 imprinted on this same side. Thanks ## I found a white oval pill that is almost identical to your description, in that, the only difference is the "10" and bell/hat-like logo are on separate sides of the pill. The pill is identified as Bextra 10 mg; a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) used to relieve some symptoms caused by arthritis (rheumatism), such as inflammation, swelling, stiffness, and joint pain. Manufacturer: G.D. Searle LLC National Drug Code (NDC): 00025-1975 If anything at all, I would think that your pill may be manufactured by the same company since the logo sounds very s...

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I take 8 cytotec and 4 pampahilab but Hindi tumalab

Ano po gagawin ko. Hindi ko na po pwede ituloy baby ko sa tiyan tatakot ako baka may depekto na. Kasi po gumAmit ako ng 8 cytotec and 3 pampahilab. No cramps no bleeding at all. Di ko na po Alam gagawin. Please help me po. Depress na po ako. ## ilang weeks ka na girl? contact moko or anon g number mo? ## Hi ate ko din need ko po.. Nag take ako 6 cyto and 4 pampahilab no bleeding po and nd din smkit puson ko. Please help me 1 mo. Preggy po akooo ## wala bang guidance sa binilhan mu? siya nakaka alam niyan.. legit ba binilhan mu? nag abort ako last 2012... depress na talaga ako nun. pero c ms. vacancy yung tumulong sakin.. ## Meron po xa advised mag pa raspa dw ako may midwife xa kilala ate ok lng b un msakit kaya un? ## Hi sis baka gusto mo smama skin mag papa raspa ako meron kc kilala m...

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NSAID alternative for inflammation

I cannot take NSAID's due to bariatric surgery. What can I take for pain due to inflammation? ## I recommend do n a search on duck duck go or some other search engine ..... type in what foods help prevent inflammation pain ...... then do a second search typing in ... What foods cause joint inflammation & pain .... I have done this a couple times due to my chronic pain issues due too ddd & did ..... dr says osteoarthritis .... I keep telling them it is more likely psoriatic arthritis due too severe outbreaks in my 20 somethings .... but due too my weight they refuse too listen .... kinda like that episode of house when the 400 pound (I am no where near that heavy but I am obese) ... anywho the staff on house kept wanting too blame the fat guys med issues on weight related iss...

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Saan makakabili ng cytotec sa manila at magkano

Saan po makakabili ng cytotec na original at effective to avoid unwated pregnancy, 3 weeks ng pregnant ang gf ko at gusto sana naming ipaabort muna. Salamat ng marami sa makakatulong! ## Im 1 month pregnant. I need your help. ## Hi need cytotec san po nakakabili ung kit na po need it badly.. ## San makakabile ng cytotec? Kelangang kelangan ko talaga. :(( I badly need your help! ## I am 9 weeks pregnant. Naghahanap ako ng cytotec or arthrotec sa mercury drugstore, pero wala. Saan ba ako sure na makakabili nun? Please help. Gusto ko lang talaga malaman kung saan or kung may contact ba kayo na pwede kong kuhanan? Salamat! ## oo, san b nakakabile yung ndi peke, need ko din e ## thanks po s {edited for privacy} sensya n po kung nag alangan po aq nung una nkuha qn po yung meds.kinbuksan lng p...

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San Makakabili Ng Cytotec

Please help naman 2 weeks nhalf pregnant ang gf ko ayaw pa nya magka baby gusto nya mag take ng cytotec pero di ko alam san makakabili. Pwede nyo po ba ko matulungan please help us {edited for privacy} :( ## Sir mam ## {edited for privacy}..txt me and i help u ## Hello....just txt me {edited for privacy}...i am an ex client pra d lng kau mscam ttulungan q kau..kktpus q lng nung sept.12 .... ## hello po. ako din po hingi ng tulong . i need that cytotec di pa naman ako nag ppt pero feel ko preggy na ako :'( nung oct 22 kami nag sex. then last mens ko is oct 4- 8. kaso unti now wala pa din ako. di ko na po alam gagawin ko. delay na po ako mg 10 days . unwanted pregnancy ko po ito kung sakali . kasi withdrawal naman kami nun. ## Ever heard of contraceptive pills? ## pls kelangan ko din ...

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Damaged skin due to persivate cream

I have been using persivate for almost a year and I wasn't aware of the side effects, but now my skin is darker, I have lots of pimples and rashes, it is itchy and dry... Please advise me on what to do. Any recommendations? ## I was also using persivate cream for more than 5 years. I stopped using it and I had pimples and my skin became dark. My face was itchy night and day then I decided to consult a skin specialist. Although it was very expensive but my skin is healing nicely. The doc told me that if you are using persivate you are damaging your skin. Whoever is continuing using this poison must stop honestly. ## Hi, I used persivate ointment last year to clear dark marks on my face n yes they did fade away but then i stopped using it and now my skin is worse than b4 the dark mark...

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Is misoprostol available in the phillipines?

I'm just curious, if Misoprostol available in the philipines? can I buy it at the pharmacy w/o prescription of the Dr.? ## Yes. You can buy it at Quiapo, Manila. ## is it available in cebu also? without the preacription of the dr? pls.reply ## need to know how to abort 1 week delayed of menstrual ## Can i buy it without prescription? what particular place and drugmart am i going to buy the said medicines? ## hi...i need to know if it can be obtained in cebu also ## ,Is there any drugstore here in Davao can sell the said misoprostol tab.? ## San banda sa quaipo?magkanu?hnd b peke?nid reply asap ## please give me specific place in quaipo where i can buy that pill.... and how much it costs....THNX! ## sn pu vah sa quaipo..i ned 2 know now. pls help me.. his my no. tect me up 09xx...

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Does Penorit tablet cause miscarriage?

I am 3 weeks pregnant. Can i use penorit to remove it? Or what medicine can i use? Will deuton capsule and penorit work in combination?please help me, I'm really worried. ## Penorit is an emergency contraceptive that is used immediately after unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy, it will not terminate one, if you are already pregnant. Learn more emergency contraception details here. And no, Dueton will not abort a pregnancy, either. The most commonly used medication for that is Misoprostol, but it is only safe to use up to the third month. Learn more Misoprostol details here. Have you consulted a doctor? ## Is penorit good for treating amenorhea, my friend has pco?she is not getting her period for 3 months now.her age is 23yrs. ## Plz help me mera hormones problem ha main ne last mo...

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How safe is to use expired Tribedoce injection?

How safe is it to use Tribedoce injection after the expiration date? This injection is Complejo B and Diclofenaco solution. Need to know if recommended to use after expiration date ## No, it is not recommended. Liquids, in any form, tend to go bad faster than solid formulations, and they can actually go fully rancid, which may actually make you ill, and could cause an infection if used past the expiration. If you still require this medication, it would be best to see your doctor, and obtain a fresh supply. The FDA lists the typical side effects of Diclofenac injections as possibly including administration site irritation, redness, soreness, bruising, and increased risk of bleeding. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I’m seeing some really stupid posts lately. If it’s...

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Celestamine effects

I would like to know the effects of the celestamine tablet ## Celestamine contains the active ingredient Betamethasone, this is a glucocorticoid used to treat allergic reactions and swelling. Side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, weight gain and acne. read more: Is there anything else I can help you with? ## i've been experiencing itchiness and irritation on my armpits for about a week now. is it safe to take celestamine? ## I HAVE EXPERIENCED SWOLLEN EYELIDS,I USED CELESTERMINE N AFTER TWO DAYS IT WAS ALL OK.BUT NOW AFTER A WEEK THE SWELLING IS BACK N WORSE THAT IT WAS.....WAT DO I DO ## Does any one know what the half life of celestamine is and how long before it is completely out of your system? (It is the pink pill). I cannot seem to find any info anywhere? Been given a ...

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fake cytotec

Please help me. I want to know if the cytotec that i have is real. I heard that there is a fake one, how can I distinguish the fake from the real one? ## I have cytotec but not sure if is real or fake. It's round and white written the letter AR then on the other side it has a cross line that looks like you can cut in four. Is that real? ## IS THERE SUCH THING AS A PINK CYTOTEC? ## I used a pregnancy test and then fainted lines came. I used 4 PTs and all showed a faint line. I am 5 weeks pregnant said by my period calendar. On a tuesday midnight, I have taken 2 cytotec, and the other 2 is put in as vaginal suppository. After 2 hours, I have taken 2 "pampahilab". And then after 4 hours, another 2 cytotec and every after 2 hours another 2 cytotec. In a total, I have taken 8 cyt...

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What is Diclofenac Sod EC?

The emergency and my doctor prescribed me Diclofenac Sod EC 50mg after a car accident. What is this and what does the EC stand for? ## Diclofenac sodium is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory that is used to treat, or prevent pain, and swelling. The EC means that it is enteric coated, to help protect your stomach, since this class of medications can be harsh on your stomach. The FDA lists the typical Diclofenac side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, and increased risk of bleeding. It is available over the counter, now, in gel form to be used topically to treat arthritis, and muscle pain. Is there anything else I can help with?

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acebrophylline versus doxophylline

advantage of acebrophylline ## Acebrophylline is an airway mucous regulator with anti-inflammatory properties. I cannot find side effect information, but there is more information on the mechanism of action and chemical properties here: Click Here Click Here I hope this information helps, if there is anything else I can find for you, please post back and let me know ## what is the basic different in between acebrophylline and doxophylline. ## The therapeutic activity and safety of acebrophylline were evaluated in 50 patients (34 men and 16 women) with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The drug was administered for 10 consecutive days using three formulations—capsules, granulate, and syrup—at a dose of 100 mg twice daily. The effectiveness of ac...

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