Andromex Tramadol Pills From Mexico

RGVtourist Says:

I purchased tramadol in a border town in Mexico this past summer. "ANDROMEX laboratories ANDROMEX S.A.DE C.V. Carretra a techuacan #3942 Puebla Pue" is on the bottle along with directions in Spanish. I purchased 2 bottles for $30 (120ct 100mg) OTC in Mexico. They were not sealed or had a protective lining to prove un-opened. However it did come with a child resistant top and a strong one. The pills are real. I saved nearly $900 as I don't have insurance. Just because it is Mexico it does not mean it's no good or contaiminated. If anything, it is better than here in the States. There is nothing for them to gain or a need for them to supply counterfeit. Only illegal low-level dealers do that. In Mexico it is legal so no point for them to sell fake pills.

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Kevin Says:

Hello RGVtourist,

I'm glad that your experience worked out for you. One thing to note though is that in Mexico they do not have to follow the FDA rules and guidelines and their medicine manufacturing processes are loosely regulated. While it is legal for them you do have to realize that there is the concern of being sold placebo pills instead of legitimate pills. There are many instances of people being sold sugar pills instead of their prescription medication and really there is nothing they can do about it. Personally I do not buy my pills from anywhere that does not have regulations but ultimately it is up to each individual to determine the cost vs potential dangers of buying unmarked pills from a foreign country.

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KJ Says:

Re: Kevin (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

That is not true. Mexico and the US exchange pills on a regular basis. Mexico actually has more strict guildelines. I thought the same thing for years until I further researched.

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