Ampyra Efficacy

Robyn Says:

I quit Ampyra as I only saw a difference for a bit of time. I'm on LDN now and getting my dosage correct. Things improving, it takes time.

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Becca Says:

I started taking ampyra 2 1/2 years ago, and initially I improved a lot, because of a mix up with the third timed walk, my insurance did not approve the refill for about a month and a half. I deteriorated rapidly and in fact began walking WORSE than before I started taking it initially. That month and a half without it, I started using a cane and although I improved a little after starting up again, I continue to need a cane. When I don't take it on time, I see a small difference in my ability to walk. I take it it in order to walk marginally better, but I'm way worse than I ever was before it. Knowing what I know now, I would have been vigilant about knowing the requirements for refills, but preferably, would not have started using it at all. SOOO not worth it.

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Lara Says:

I took Ampyra for two months and then my insurance denied it for almost six weeks. I deteriorated quickly when I didn't have it. I just started it back four days ago, but I'm not getting improvement yet other than my leg muscles aren't having spasms. This time I have insomnia and I didn't have that the first round. Hoping it gets me back to where I was before I had to miss doses. It truly seemed like a miracle medicine for my legs, cognition, and energy.

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