Ampicilina 500mg For Bacterial Infection

joe Says:

I have a tooth infection and 2 bottles of ampicilina 500mg (I am not allergic to penicillin). Will this help my tooth infection? Can a person become immune to this drug? I have taken it before and it did not seem to help much.

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Verwon Says:

Did it get rid of your infection before?

Ampicillin is an antibiotic and helping to eradicate bacterial infections is all it does, it will not help with pain, or any other symptoms.

Learn more Ampicillin details here.

And it's not actually that you get immune to it, per se, but that the bacteria can grow resistant to it, if you don't finish a full course of treatment, or if you use it too often.

Have you consulted a dentist?

If you have an infected tooth, then the underlying problem that resulted in the infection, such as a cavity must be fixed, or you will just end up getting another infection later.

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pam Says:

Does Ambidrin ampicilina 500 mg expire? I have some from a few years ago. I did not feel like i needed it then, i have a sinus infection and was wondering if this would help. I very rarely take any antibiotic.

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Dutch Says:

Is ampicilina 500mg good to use for a dog bite? My dog is up to date on her rabies shots. She broke her hand, she was in pain and she bit me while I was trying to help her.

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Laura Says:

I'm allergic to aspirin and want to take ampicillina 500mg for a sinus infection. I've had it for 2 weeks now and it doesn't go away. I have the drainage from my nose to my throat and now I feel nausea from all the phlegm in my stomach.

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Esmie Says:

Can I take ampicilina 500mg for boils or a staph infection? It started in my vaginal area, cleared up, but then spread towards my abdomen and bottom so I looked it up online and it stated that it was vaginal boils due to shaving. I am 29 years old and have shaved my pubic area for many years now and have never experienced vaginal problems.

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Lenny Says:

I have Ampicilina Napicil 500mg from a Mexican border town pharmacy. Is it safe to use for a urinary tract infection?

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Griselda Says:

Can Ampicilina Napicil 500mg treat a toothache?

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