Amphetamine Vs. Amphetamine Salts (generic Adderall)

Dawn Says:

I have been taking generic Adderall, Amphetamine salts but yesterday when filling my prescription it says now Amphetamine not Amphetamine salts and I feel freaky weird. I have been taking this drug for years and since I took the one with salts yesterday and the one without today I am sure about this not being the same. Can anyone help me find out if there is anything that can be done? Can I call the pharmacy and have them give me the one with salts? I'm not exagerating at all, this Amphetamine without salts is freaking me out.


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belle Says:

What state do you live in? How do the pills look like? Are they different are similar to the Amphetamine? What does it say on your prescription bottle? It seems like you may have gotten desoxyn? Was your original script for Adderall?? Does it say sub for adderall on the bottle like it normally does? Who is the manufacture? I know its a lot of questions but if I were you I would probably be happy I had straight amphetamine. Why are you freaking out so much? I think it could all just be in your mind....

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Dawn! How are you?

What are the markings on the tablets in question? That is what would enable me to double check for you to ascertain whether or not you've received the correct prescription.

This medication carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, irritability, nervousness and insomnia.

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Ken Says:

Note: Resistance or (less effective) than in years past is a unavoidable situation after one has been on a typical sympathomemeticamine (stimulant) for decades. Doubling the dose may offer some temporary relief, but is contrary to the maximum allowable recommended total amount of 60 Mg /24h. You may consider a drug holiday on weekends and times when the attention deficit reduction you seek is not so demanding or that much of a important issue.

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thomas Says:

I agree. Because I'm almost blind and it causes me to freak out in my mind. Dont know why it use to not but I get afraid about my sight and become paranoid. Just saying.

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Johnny Med Man Says:

Seen where someone said you may be getting desoxon, well that is pharmaceutical methamphetamine. If it's desoxon it's the strongest diet pill available. And you have to have wire cutters to cut it in half. It's the hardest pill I have ever seen. Hope the info is useful to you.

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Casey Says:

I just took the one with salts. I like them because they're not very strong. Even the 30mg they we're just enough but I took three and I didn't come down bad or all irritated and mad, mean and crappy feeling. I use to take ADDERAL without the salts a long time ago, it just said ADDERAL. They were very strong. You could stay up for days chewing your lips off and the come down was horrible. I like the salt ones. They're mellow and work right for who needs them.

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cornman Says:

They are all amphetamine salts, there is no difference between the two. Even if it doesn't say amphetamine salts that is exactly what it is. Amphetamine, like most drugs, is only prescribed in the form of a salt of the drug. The salt form of the drug is formed by reacting the base form of the drug with an acid such as sulfuric acid in the case of amphetamine sulfate or hydrochloric acid in the case of methamphetamine hcl. The non salt form is called the free base form of the drug and it is oily and not soluble in water which is why the salt is used instead. The effects are not changed by converting to a salt.

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Michaud9 Says:

Thank you. Been on these meds for years (since a TBI forced me to medicate a previously "handled" personal deficit) - Gone through all the changes as far as Brand Name at first, then Generic forms, different pharmacies carrying different manufacturers, etc. Have never heard anyone give an "informed response" to any Blog or Posted Question/Concern as well as you have now. (cornman)

I realize most people are asking questions or expressing concerns and opinions out of ignorance (isn't that what asking questions is for?) BUT, it's nice to have someone with knowledge jump in to provide an answer that a doctor would give (or should give)!! Additionally, I realize many of these questions come from use and/or abuse where no Doc is involved. To most of those who are just "using" one of these "drugs", I must say - go see a Doc!! You may actually need it! And if you and your Doc decide that you don't, I bet you you DO need something else (that your honest appointment with your Doc will reveal).

Give it a shot - you have privacy and privilege with your Doc. He or she is only there to HELP YOU - but can only do so if you are COMPLETELY honest about everything!! People who 'use' get stuck on "telling a certain story to gain what they want" - and forget that if they simply told the doc 'what and why they want to use', 'what they have used' and 'how it helped or worked for them', expressing real self concern, that their doc may actually be able to give them what they truly need! MOST people who feel a need to "use" actually DO have an issue.... duh!?!!

Anyway, nice to hear someone with some knowledge respond. And for those of you looking for advice on a blog (yes, I was looking for something here too - just not the same kind of advice), maybe just go be straightforward with your doctor!?! Its really the one person you can tell all of your secrets and faults and they are bound to JUST HELP YOU with them!!

Just for any credibility you may find in my comments, I will tell you I am now a 42 yr old female, mother of a 19 yr old son and a 2 yr old daughter - and I was just recently (I feel) 17 - and then 24 - and 29 - and 32 - then 38 - etc!!! I've been in two major car accidents (not my fault), blew out my ACL years ago playing football with bunch of Army guys I wouldn't lose the ball to, had a complete rupture of my achilles on the same leg many years later, have been on major neuro meds, pain meds, anxiety meds, many shots in the back and neck to kill pain and eventually to kill nerves permanently (in an effort to avoid surgery), etc. Eventually I have ended up on ONLY a BP med and ADD meds (plus some supplements I take by choice and experience). I'm not saying I'm not in pain every day, just saying I can and have/need to deal with it.

In other words, I have been thru hell, depressions, doctor supplied addictions, feeling helpless, developing my own solutions/addictions, failing (in my mind) as a mother, wife, business owner (yes, self employed as a landscaper and photographer since age 17), getting used and taken advantage of. In the long run I have SURVIVED - and learned A LOT - about everything (yes, I am divorced but still own and run my business). SO, you can "take it or leave it" as far a my comments go!!! But, I'm guessing right now you may know that I not only am speaking from experience, but out of motherly care for anyone who may be suffering in any way and need some decent advice.

Even if you reject all of this, I hope it may sit on your mind (or in the back of your mind) and you will eventually simply DO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO FOR YOURSELF!! It takes trial and error to learn things - and the only "thing" you need to 'learn about' to have a good/productive/meaningful/enjoyable life, is YOU!!

Good luck, Best wishes, Soak it in. Do what you need to do to help YOU!! Live Well!! I'm sure you deserve it :) Even if you just feel "s***ty" right now. Oops, is that allowed?

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Stacy Says:

Is the manufacturer Treva? I've been taking them for 10 years and just recently I have started feeling like I'm losing my mind. Yesterday I took one of my friends adderall and it was amazing and exactly how it use to be. I took mind today and now I'm back to feeling sick, blurred vision, migraine, and fatigue.

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Erica Says:

Hi the very same thing just happened to me as I've been on the D-Amphetamine Salt Combo 20mgs and have always filled at Walgreens until last month I took my script to Rite Aid and without really looking or noticing that new script from Rite Aid isn't working at all and can't even think straight until I just compared the two RX bottles and the Rite Aid does not even same the same thing like it's missing several Ingredients from what I've been taking but yet my paper script has said the same thing for 3.5yrs but Rite Aid gave me something different and boy do I notice the difference between the two. How can a Pharmacy give you a different meds then what paper script says and states?? So yes I too feel really weird and different due to missing Ingredients. I hope you have better luck with your meds as I know I won't be bringing my scripts to Rite Aid again.

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James Says:

Re: cornman (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Comparing Adderall, amphetamine, to methamphetamine, would be like comparing tramadol
to morphine.

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Lana Says:

I take Adderal salts, I want to try the brand version. Who will order brand Adderal

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delmarcy Says:

Re: belle (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I also would be delighted for no salts. It is because it's stronger. Be glad. Take 1/2 the dose. You are lucky..

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delmarcy Says:

I now feel like I must be getting a placebo because I feel nothing I fell asleep on the couch for 3 hours after taking the capsule adderall ER generic plus generic tablet 30 mg each woke up had a cheeseburger and went back to bed, what's up with that?

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