Amphetamine Salts 30mg

Paula Says:

I have been on 20 mg amphetamine salts 4 x a day for over 3 yrs. I think I need my dose increased to 30 mg 4 x day . I've been wanting to discuss this with my doctor for a while now but something else is always wrong and I've been forgetting everything again if I don't write it down!! I think I've been on the same dose too long. Doesn't it need to be increased every so often pertaining to your symptoms getting worse??

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Paula Says:

I can't take extended release adderall.. I've been doing well w/ the amphetamine salts. Does anyone think I've been on the same dose too long and it's just not working anymore?? I do.. How often are they supposed to increase your dose??? Especially if it is not working anymore??

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Verwon Says:

Paula, yes you're right about your body getting used to a certain dosage of a medication after awhile and requiring a dosage adjustment.

However, there is no set time frame that the dosage of any medication should be increased, because it varies from person to person. Someone else may be able to go 10 years on the same dosage, while someone else has only been able to go 6 months.

What you have to do is let your doctor know when you are starting to have these breakthrough symptoms, so they can increase your dosage when necessary.

Learn more Adderall details here.

Are there any other questions or comments?

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Lauren Says:

The maximum dosage is 60mg a day. You can divide it up any way that works best for you. Try taking 30mg twice a day, and save any evening dose you don't really need for a day when you really need more. You are already taking more than any doctor I've ever worked for has prescribed. I wouldn't risk having him look into raising your milligrams he may notice he's over the max and it could back fire on you. Count your blessing, and be grateful for it. I'd hoard mine incase he's ever called on this by the medical board (and forced to adjust your dose). It may never happen but the controlled substances are monitored very closely. Ask if you're willing to take the risk, but I'm speaking from experience regarding it backfiring, and that's why I mention it, just to warn you.

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sahm1985 Says:

Wow. Thats a lot of salts in one day. You already take 80 mg a day and now what to be up'd to 120mg a day...THATS A LOT.

It does seem to me like your meds arnt working anymore (I also take amph.salts 20mg twice a day and want them to be up'd another 20mg a day)

But when I brought this up to my doc thinking I had just gotten use to them and therefore they weren't working anymore, he told me " the problem isn't that your use to them..its that its not the right meds for you and suggested we switch to something else"

There's a reason plp make jokes and say that addarall is just legal speed (bc it acts just like it) its a brain stimulate. You shouldn't be forgetting things so easily, it should actually make it seem like you remember things better.
Something isn't right and I think 120 is more than a dr. Can prescribe anyways.

Fyi: if I were your dr. And you came in telling me that story of how now you wanna take a huge jump from 80mg to 120mg a day and that you feel its not working and that you cant even remember things w/o writing them down, on top of..saying that you've been wanting to get an appt for awhile to get your meds SIGNIFICANTLY up'd (but keep putting it off)..I'D HAVE YOU GO DOWN TO THE LAB RIGHT AFTER THE APPT. WAS OVER AND HAVE BLOOD DRAWN.

this is just my opinion: but it sounds like to me (with your signs and symptoms) that maybe your not the one using the meds (they have a lot of plp that sel these meds..esp. to college students.
I'd have you bring in your med bottle (to prove that you still have the amount left that you should) and to have blood drawn and do blood work to prove that the salts are ACTUALLY IN "YOUR" SYSTEM.

also fyi: then they up your meds that won't up them by that many mg's during 1 appointment.
You want to go from 20mg x 4 a day to 30mg x4 a day= that's just like taking 2 more of your 20mg IN ONE DAY. that's a lot and probably not healthy or medically safe (it could be life threating to take that much in one day)

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Tre6chamberz Says:

No doctor in his right mind would ever give you 120mg a day of adderall that's just ridiculous. You're obviously taking too much already. 80mg a day? Nobody needs that I take 1 30mg adderall once daily and that's a lot on certain days and I've been on this drug since 2011. Your doctor isn't allowed to even write a high dosage like 120mg a day. The max is supposed to be 60mg a day for severe cases such as narcolepsy. These will ruin your life. Less is more hun. Words of wisdom. You're headed for a big roller coaster ride on that dose wow.

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Ali Says:

I have a question. I've been on the generic 30 mg Adderall Dr - maybe going back to the regular generic pill type might be more effective?

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Ali Says:

I have to agree - that's insane and I don't think any legitimate doctor would give you that even if it were possible to write for that amount. I don't think any pharmacy would fill it either!!! That's total abuse of a med and that's why so many people who need controlled substances can't get them!

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ChadB Says:

Well you might feel that way, that's cute. I'm prescribed 30mg x 3 a day and my dr. is fine with upping it to 120 if need be. The "60mg is max" is bulls***. Even after taking my normal daily dose, my BP is consistently 112/73, 115/75, in that range. Everybody metabolizes medications differently.

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ChadB Says:

I was on the same dosage, now on 30mg x 3. I find that the 30's work better, and are actually less harsh than the 20's. I take the Teva "footballs"

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ChadB Says:

There is no "maximum" dosage. Lots of people, myself included, are prescribed higher doses. I am on 30mg x 3 per day, this dosage works well for me. Everyone metabolizes medication differently

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breal Says:

Re: Paula (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

you're already on way too much. you're probably frying your brain that's why you forget things. taper down to 10mgs 4x a day or take a 25 or 30mg extended release.
at that high dose for 3 yrs you will be having worse things than being forgetful happening soon like dental problems, your teeth will go bad from a lack of saliva in your mouth, dry hair or loss of hair, cold extremities, leg cramps, changes with your vision, yes you can become forgetful and lose time, and much more. it doesn't mean you need more it means you need to stop taking it.

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ChadB Says:

Re: Lauren (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

There is no “maximum dosage”. It simply does not exist. The FDA has a guideline, for reasons I’m sure someone at the FDA knows, but the FDA does not diagnose or treat anyone. A competent psychiatrist who understands ADD/ADHD could not care less about the FDA’s stupid guideline. Everyone metabolizes medications differently, people have varying symptom severity, comorbid conditions, there are just too many variables to consider that do not fit under the FDA’s suggestion. I personally am prescribed 90mg of IR per day, which I take as 4 22.5 doses; This covers me for around 12-14 hours, as the tablets last 3-4 hrs at most. The XR did not work at all for me. Some people take less, some take more. Everyone is different.

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ChadB Says:

Re: Tre6chamberz (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

You have no idea what you are talking about. 80mg per day is nothing. Everyone is different, and yes, a competetent psychiatrist who understands ADD/ADHD will write medication on an individual basis, exceeding 60-80mg if need be. Adderall is NOT one size fits all. I personally am prescribed 90mg IR per day, and I have found this to be an effective dosage for my long days which start at 5am; I get coverage for 12-14 hours which is about right. There is no “max” dosage and some people take more, some less. Please think before you spout nonsense here again.

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Purplerayn86 Says:

Re: ChadB (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

Nonsense?? Lol do you want me to post the prescribing guideline out of the physicians desk reference? I can. And it contradicts everything you’ve stated. You’re high as hell right now in space at 90mg a day. Anyone who takes Adderall knows such. Also tell me why my doc accidentally wrote 30 mg 4X daily and NOT ONE PHARMACY WITHIN A 150 Miles would fill it?? Hmm because it’s exceeded the max prescribing limit. Save your time read Adderall in the physicians desk reference. Ignorant man plain ignorant lol

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ChadB Says:

Re: Purplerayn86 (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

I’d be happy to share which doctor I see, he is widely known as an expert on mood disorders and ADHD, a published author and university lecturer on the subject, Dr. Joel Young. As far as being “high”, well, since I actually have ADD, I cannot say I am familiar with that. Maybe you are? Also, no I do not have to go “150 miles” to get my script filled; the Rite Aid 1/4 of a mile from my house is happy to have my business. I suppose you are going to keep spouting your bulls*** regardless of what I say, so have a wonderful weekend.

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