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Prescribed to daughter, wanted info on drug

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Paul Says:

This drug is the chemical combination of Amoxicillin and Clavulanic Acid. One brand you can read about to learn about this drug is Augmentin.

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rishel Says:

Took this antibiotic for the first time today (amox TR-K CLV) I immediately got a terrible bitter taste in my mouth, followed by severe vomitting. Is this normal?

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Verwon Says:

Rishel, that is not normal, it sounds to me like you may be having a reaction to it, or you may be on too strong of a dose.

I suggest calling your doctor, before you take any more and speaking to them about it.

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harold Says:

My ear is clogged up - as is my chest - do you think this drug would help me?

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heather Says:

I started taking this drug on 3/26/08. I am supposed to take it twice daily for ten days. I stopped after five days because of the side effects. I got dry mouth, constant diarrhea and some kind of a yeast infection that has spread over the entire area including moving to the back end, if you know what I mean. It is so excrutiatingly uncomfortable, I had to stop taking them. They were given to me for a sinus infection. I would gladly take the sinus infection over this.

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alycia Says:

I have had diarreah since the first day I´ve taken it and its out of control. I´m not going to use it anymore because I can´t go anywhere and function properly!

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erin Says:

I was prescribed this medication for a combination of bronchitis and bites I received from a stray cat. I too have experienced all of the side effects listed above: vomiting, diarhea, yeast infection. I was supposed to take the drug 3 times a day for a week, but quickly cut the dosage back to twice a day and finally once a day at night. Found that the upset stomach is less of a problem if the drug is taken with a heavy meal. Not a fan!!!

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marlene Says:

Can men take this drug?

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mj Says:

my son, 16 months old, was prescribed this antibiotic on Saturday. Today, he has been vomiting. Thought it was the stomach virus but sounds like it could be this.

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Kaci Says:

This drug does seem to cause nasty side effects. Im calling the doctor today because i have a serverly upset stomache and diareha. I'd rather have a sinus infection then take this. They should explain this better at the doctors.

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SinusInfectionKing76 Says:

Hello, i actually just started taking this medicine a few days ago and tho i feel better im to finish the pills but every time i use the bath room i have the runs as if im training for a race and the dry mouth... i here its a top anti. medicine but dang the side affects suck like the steelers..

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Aarthi Says:

Hi, I have been taking this for last 3 days..twice a day after the meal for 10 days. It caused me diarrhea and a heavy stomach upset. I have a dry when ever I cough I feel the pain in my stomach and it is increasing...Going to stop this today..Does anybody has the same symptom?

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Donna Says:

I was just prescribed this antibiotic for a sinus infection. I was told to always take it with food. I am supposed to take it twice a day for 14 days. I took my two doses yesterday and this morning's dose all with food, and I'm not having any side effects that I can tell.

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B Says:

I have been on this drug for 5 and a hlaf days. I have been having terrible nigth sweats during the middle of the night and wake up to find my hiar, and entire body soaking wet. I have also had really bad stomach aches all day on this medication. I have had to take Pepto B on several occasions to make the stomach pains go away

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Michelle Jackson Says:

I have had no reactions to this medication. I get an URI every 3-5 months. I am going to go to a respiratory therapist to see why it keeps returning.

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missmanhattannyc Says:

I've been on this medication for a week now, and for the past five days I've had what I believe to be a yeast infection from it. As Heather said, mine has also spread back. I am extremely itchy and would rather live with a sinus infection for awhile than take this medication. This is my only side effect so far.

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FeMuRFun Says:

This isn't uncommon. Antibiotics can cause yeast infections and intestinal problems too; basically the antibiotic is killing off the good bacteria in your body as well as the bad bacteria that's making you ill. Try eating yogurt with live or active cultures or take acidophilus which is available in health food stores (like Whole Foods).

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christine Says:

I started this medication 2 days ago and it is making my stomach sick and it also is making my depo shot for birthcontrole not work also is messing with a few of my outher meds I cant eat very much with it due to it making me sicker if I do and night sweats does anyone have this.

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Kimmi Says:

I have been taking this (875-125 MG) along with two Amoxicillin (500 MG) twice a day for the last 5 1/2 weeks. I'm suppose to finish this second 21 day course but three days ago they started upsetting my stomach quite a bit. I haven't suffered any other side effects.

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st Says:

I started taking this 2days ago & notice side effect including diareha! It seems like this medication cause many people nasty side effect and I'm gonna tell doctor she'd better stop giving patients this medication...or at least she should have told me about possible side effect!

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