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zempred 4 using only once in a month

I am getting rashes on my forehead due to hair colour treatment, though I use ammonia free colours. Way back in 2009 I developed severe allergies through hair colour treatments and was advised to take zemfred 4 for 3 days along with some antibiotics. I was surprised to see the results. Post the treatment I started with ammonia free hair colour as advised and was happy till date but now even the safest colours do not suit. Whenever I go for hair colour and get a rash. I usually take 1 zemfred 4 during the day and half next day, which gives me lot of comfort. Please tell me what are the side effects I am going to face if it is used once in a month only after coloring my hair? Is it advisable to use it like this? ## Hello, Jaya! How are you? That is not a lot to take, but this medication i...

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Capsule pliva 648

Does PILVA 648 contain Gluten or (Wheat) ? ## Hi vickiej, According to The US National Library of Medicine, Pliva 648 capsules (Fluoxetine 20 mg / NDC 50111-648) reportedly contain the following inactive ingredients: ammonia d&c yellow no. 10 fd&c blue no. 1 gelatin magnesium stearate starch corn propylene glycol shellac titanium dioxide aluminum oxide hypromellose 2910 (3 mpa.s) hypromellose 2910 (6 mpa.s) polyethylene glycol 400 polysorbate 80 Although gluten/wheat aren't specifically listed here, I do believe that certain substances such as "corn" or "starch" may either contain or be derived from gluten. So if this is a concern, I would encourage you to contact the manufacturer (Teva) directly for more specific details pertaining to these two ingredients v...

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green sugary liquid substance used to bring down ammonia levels

whats the name of the green sugary liquid they give you to take two or three times a day for lowering ammonia levels? ## its a perscription medicine i was trying to find out thename of it ## Hello, Eedie! How are you? It sounds like you might have been given Lactulose, it is a type of sugar that is often used to treat elevated ammonia levels. Did you have it filled by your pharmacy? If so, they should have record of it and would be able to look it up for you.

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Success In Prevention Of Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections And Regeneration Kidney Cortex Destroyed Due To Retention Urine Owing Backbone Injury Blad

atonic bladder, recurrent infections, kidney regeneration Twenty two years ago my daughter at age of 26 yr has had serious accident with backbone injury yielding paralysis of lower body part. Permanent urine retention due to pressure ex-erting on the kidney cortex caused extensive loss of it, Simulta-neously because of absence of effective antibacterial systems in kidney take place recurrent infection cased by mote and more resistant bacteria. To enable urine run-off was introduced into urinary bladder balloon catheter. Instead of this measure and perfusion of bladder with antibiotic solutions, recommended by urologists, the recurrent infections still appeared, although I have had the possibility to test resistance of bacteria and adjust the treatment. Therefore medical diagnosis was fa...

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