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I am taking 25 MG at night and sometimes 25 MG in the day time. I have very short temper and I get angry very fast. I am a very busy man at the office and have to handle a variety of things simultaneously. When I take the medicine I feel ok. My only worry is that if I continue too long I will get addicted to it and will that be bad? Also need to know if I take this tab regularly will it affect my libido?

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mike Says:

I tried that, made me suicidal.....

My dad was on it, he sold his land for nothing and now rents at age 74.

this medicine may have its uses, but not with me.

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Verwon Says:

Mike, while your suicidal tendencies are possible on this medication, they are very rare and not representative of the typical user. As to your dad's actions, there is really no way to say whether or not the medication had any effect on that.

Razzaak, addiction occurs when you use more and more of something, because you like the affect it has on you, such as if something makes you high or euphoric. What you are talking about, with using a medication regularly is dependency, because your body gets used to having it and yes, that can occur with anything you use regularly for a long period of time, even your morning coffee or orange juice.

Amitriptyline is a tricyclic antidepressant and yes, it may cause sexual problems, that is typical of medications in this class.

Other side effects may also include: nausea, drowsiness and weight gain.

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Are there any questions or comments?

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Tommy Says:

I just got this perception filled and just took my first pill and now i read this ,and now i'm a little worried, what will do to me ? I don't want to kill my self ! will it make me think about it? should i be scared ?

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Verwon Says:

Tommy, as I said in my other post, they are a possibility, but they are not common and not representative of most people that take this medication. Most people take it with very few, if any, problems.

However, if you are scared to take it, due to the possible risk, then you should contact your doctor and discuss it with them.

But, what you should also know is that all medications, even over the counter products, carry the risk of causing certain side effects, some more dangerous than others. This is just one of the hazards of using them to treat health problems.


Are there any other questions?

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michael smith Says:

Well, the thing is every medicine builds over time, I was diagnosed with MS 3 years ago, you name a drug and I have taken it, EVERY ONE I know has had problems with this drug, not to say you will, good luck, they seem to have a schedule they start you on with drugs,all the ones that work no one will prescribe.
I self medicate several drugs,the dr's tell me i'm right but won't prescribe them...

Anyway.... my 2 cents.

Good luck.

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wacky Says:

I am taking lorazapam---can i still take amitriptyline?

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Reyna Says:

The doctor gave it to me to relax..Does it make you relax?

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Mary Says:

I am on clonazepam with Elavil (amyltriptiline) and I actually had my dose of clanazepam lowered because it has helped my anxiety so much.

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Michelle Says:

Okay so I have just been prescribed Elavil 25 mg for sleep. I havent decided if I want to take it yet. I recently started having panic attacks and am currently taking 1 mg ativan as need. Is this Elavil going to help or hurt? I'm confused by everyones reviews...

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Mary Says:

Michelle, I was on elavil 50 mg at bed for depression, anxiety, panic attacks an insomnia. Iowa also taking clonipin at the same time. It put me to sleep, relieved my anxiety so much that my clonipin was cut in half. My mood was great. Best I felt in long time! Had to go off it due to side effects!

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mscomplicated Says:

I was on lorazapam and took myself off... too sleepy, then doc put me on ativan and i started having a seizure a few months later so I took myself off.. i was prescribed elavil because of my severe pain with no sleep... doc didnt even mention my anxiety... I have seen the side effects on the web etc... i hate taking new meds and hate being a pharmaceutical guinea pig.. im worried about the suicidal thoughts and the uncontrollable movements in legs and arms seeing i already have this issue since my seizures started...plz help asap with any advice.. i took my first dose tonight about ten min ago and have had the script for 2 weeks. i hate taking new meds.. and i worry any advice?

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AmitriptylineHclFan Says:

Changed my life. Apparently I was having chronic migraines the first morning after taking this I was amazed. Now I understand why people are excited about life.

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lilly toto Says:

It does not work for me it only made me worst i hate this pill i rather ask my doc for the xanax which i have read good reviews on

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nanna Says:

I was just prescribed this drug my question I only have one kidney I take 10miligram. Also had gastric bypass year and half ago..I notice I just want to lay around hard get motivated and I certainly done need weight gain because it I had gastric bypass to lose weight. I will take another dose tonight and not sure I will. It makes me sad also, third day on this drug. Any feedback will be most helpful.

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marie hines Says:

Ive been on amitriptoline for 3 years now and im having severe bowel problems im gwtting feacal impactation and its getting worse

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Doh Says:

Yes, u should be very afraid tommy, hide all your knives and guns..

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okc Says:

Xanax make my wife real mean would valium be better

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charlie horses to the max Says:

I have been taking amitriptyline 25 mgs per day for approximately 2 years. I can only take it when I go to bed because it makes me so sleepy. However, it was given to me for neuropathy pain. It really works. I find myself a nicer person when I wake up so maybe it affects my personality also.

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Martha Says:

I have been taking Amitriptylin for a month. I was on 25 mg but I am so tired all day I can't do anything with my hose chores. I have to lie down every few minutes when I try to do anything. The doc put me on 10 mg. to see if it helps. I'm taken it for severe headaches. I'm afraid if I quit taken it my severe headaches will return. I Can't stand this weakness. Any other suggestions for me.

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Sherrie Says:

Just wondered if you had been on anything like Prozac when you started on this antidepressant. I also was ask to try this for the numbness on my head and face after a slip and fall. I'm already take 60 mg Prozac and had no idea this was also a anti depressant?

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