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Larpose 1 for Alzhiemer's Patient

What actually is this medicine for? My father is an Alzhiemer's patient and doctor has prescribed this medicine. Can i get the detailed information about the medicine and how does it help an Alzhiemer's patient? ## What is the use of Larpose 1 Tablet? ## for how long this medicine need to be taken ?? ## Larpose 1mg contains Lorazepam which is an anti-anxiety drug. It is classified as a benzodiazepene.

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Exelon Patch

I am wondering if my husband should switch to the Exelon Patch. He now takes Aricept. Would this better? He takes a blood pressure, cholesterol, plavix medication at this present time. He is at the beginning stages of Alzheimer's. He has three sister die from this disease. I want to prolong this for him as long as I can. He just turned 80 years old. Thank you. Beverly J. Evans Banning, Ca 92220 ## I am very sorry about your husband's condition. I lost my maternal grandmother to it, as well, it is a terribly devastating condition. Have you discussed it with his doctor? They are the only person that can help you discover what's best for your husband. The medication that works well for one person may not work well for another, and vice-versa. Both medications are used to treat ...

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round white pill with j 18

I have a handful of small white round pills with J on one side and 18 on the other. I cannot find this exact configuration on any website. The closest I can find is J 10 or J 5, which are Donepezil. Based on other evidence I suspect it may be Modafinil but am unable to verify this. ## It is modafinil 100% I have a hundred or so of them Guaranteed ## What is the mg of them I have some also but have no idea ## J 18 is modafinil in the 100mg configuration. Cheers. ## Do you know which manufacturer makes them with J18 specifically. ## AURO PHARMA This is a Canadian Manufacturer ## Yes it’s Modafinil. I’m in Canada. And take it.

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deprenyl and hydergine and piracetam

as preventive or cure for alzheimer and parkinson's???? ## basically parkinson's is damage due to the dopamine producing neurons which mostly are mostly located in one spot and a chemical breaks them down and in the process it damages the cells that produce the dopamine, which deprenyl DESTROYS this enzyme that breaks it down and takes days, weeks, or even months for the enzyme to be built all the way back up again, which is why it is called irreversable. it also breaks down into small amounts of amphetamine and methamphetamine but the kind that is not addicting or habit-forming (it's the mirror-image of the molecule that is bad and is in street-drugs that cause addicts and destroy people's lives) which increases dopamine production making it VERY effective for treating ...

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Round white pill J5

Have round white pill J5, but cannot determine the medication. ## A round, white tablet, with a J on one side, and a 5 on the other is manufactured by Jubilant Cadista Pharmaceuticals, and they list it as containing 5mgs of Donepezil. NDC: 59746-0329 It is most commonly used to treat Alzheimer's Disease, and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and muscle pain. Inactive ingredients may include: Starch, Corn Cellulose, Microcrystalline Hydroxypropyl Cellulose, Low Substituted Lactose Monohydrate Magnesium Stearate Hypromellose 2910 (6 Mpa.s) Polyethylene Glycol 8000 Talc Titanium Dioxide Is there anything else I can help with?

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Crescent moon and A505

Can someone please tell me what a small pill with a crescent moon on one side and A 505 on the other is? ## The crescent moon logo is from Actavis pharmaceuticals (which was acquired by Teva). Based on the markings (A505) this white pill is reportedly Donepezil 5 mg, indicated for treating Dementia / Alzheimer's (NDC 45963-560). Inactive Ingredients: - Lactose Monohydrate - Starch, Corn - Magnesium Stearate - Cellulose, Microcrystalline - Polyethylene Glycol 3350 - Talc - Titanium Dioxide

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essentiaalz care package for alzheimers

I would like to know how to obtain one of these care packages to help my family have a better understanding about the dementia process. ## i am suffering from AZ since two years back . Ineed the package for some relief ## I would like info for me & my family. My mom (91) & Aunt (95) have it, they are sisters. Could be frustrating at times. ## Unfortunately, the only information package I'm finding is for medical professionals training to care for patients with Alzheimers. Howver, the Alzheimer's Association website has a lot of information available for caregivers, and patients suffering from it. So, please check out this resource. Most doctors will also have information available to help you, such as tracts, and online resources. Does anyone else know of any information...

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Aricept Drug Information

Is the generic version or Aricept safe to use? The discussion about the cost of the brand Aricept does not refer to the availability of the lower cost generic which raises questions as to whether the avoidance of reference indicates the generic is not safe or reliable. ## Hello, Ginny! How are you? Yes, it has been proven to be safe and effective. It is really the exact same medication, just without the trademarked name. However, there aren't many generics available, from what I can find, only one has actually been approved, so far, though another is pending, which mans it likely isn't widely available, yet. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I have developed severe leg cramping since taking Aricept. Can I discontinue this drug cold turkey? ## I was diagnosed with Parkin...

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what is use of cognix plus tablet

my son who is 12 yrs old has loss of hearing and the doctor advise him to take cognix tab half in the morning and one in the night along with vit c tab for three months. kindly advise about the effectiveness,side effects etc. and any other better treatment ## From what I can find, Cognex contains the active ingredient Tacrine, which is most commonly used to treat Alzheimer's Disease. Thus, I really have my doubts that it will help with hearing loss. It's rarely even used anymore, since there are medications available that have been proven to be safer and more effective. What type of hearing loss does he have? ## Please note that question is on cognix plus & you explained about cognex which is totally different. ## Bupropion xl Surely it ll help but before get this consult ps...

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Oblong White Pill 911jcc

My dad who has alzheimers takes a oblong white pill with 911JCC on one side and no markings the other. ## I located an oblong white pill with "cor 116" on it and when held upside down closely resembles your description (e.g. 911 Joc). This pill reportedly contains 650mgs of Acetaminophen, which is marketed for use as a minor pain reliever and fever reducer. An image of the pill can be viewed "here". NDC: 63868-089 Does anyone else have additional thoughts or information to share about what this could be?

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Namzaric - a new medicine for early onset dementia and memory

Has anyone heard of side effects associated with a relatively new dementia/memory pill called Namzaric? My aunt has dementia and it seems to be getting worse rather than better on this new pill prescribed by her long-time doctor. Any info will help. Thanks. ## Namzaric contains Memantine and Donepezil, according to FDA listings, and they do warn that it has been known to cause confusion, nervousness, hallucination, depression, insomnia, and personality disorders. Sadly, many of these medications can cause they same problems they are supposed to help with, and they add some additional adventures in, as well. What type of symptoms is she currently experiencing? There is a chance that her dementia is getting worse, and it may not be due to the medication, but only a doctor can figure that ...

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Small round peach pill 21 I

Capital "I" on one side the other side has a number "21" on it. Round peach. What is the ID of this pill, manufacturer and description? ## Camber Pharmaceuticals lists this tablet as containing 10mgs of Donepezil, it is most commonly used to treat dementia in patients that suffer from Alzheimer's, and similar conditions. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, headache, dizziness, dry mouth, and sleeping issues. NDC code: 31722-0738 Is there anything else I can help with?

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Donepezil side effects

what are side effects when taking donepezil? ## My wife is 93 and suffered a stroke three years ago that left her with significant vascular dementia symptoms. She had already been diagnosed with early altzheimer three of four years earlier but had been able to function fairly well in daily tasks and our relationship was reasonable in most respects. Following her stroke, she had little coherent memory of our life together, not able to identify her three daughters or even me frequently, not recognizing the house we have lived in for 20 years, etc. She did not recognize family members in picture, misidentified her daughters as her sister, did not recall that her parents and older sister having passed away years earlier. She had frequent periods of significant confusion. She could help set ...

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Aricept safety?

riting on behalf of a friend. His mum was diagnosed with Alzheimer's 3 months ago due to memory impairment. Shecwas still functioning however. Still cooking, cleaning etc. Since going on the meds he hasn't seen any improvent and now she is sleeping all the time.. Barely recognises he is there and can't remember events of ten minutes ago. He is wondering if the donepezil is actually helping and knows Alzheimer's is progressive but wonders if the quick decline could be medication related? Any advice appreciated. She ids on 10 mg a day. I know its hard to tell just wondering if anyone can advise as to whether the medication. Should have helped more or could be hindering? Thanks again. ## Unfortunately, only her doctor can answer these questions. Alzheimer's can rapidly ...

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Drugs That Interact With Smz Tmp Ds 800 160 Tab Made By Interpharm

i take alot of meds and i want to know if some of my meds interact with this antibiotic ## I would like to know if SMZ/TMP DS 800-160 tabs Interpharm have any contraindicated effects with Namenda, or Donepezil. My 92 yr old mother was prescribed this drug for a UTI last week. She has Alzheimer's, however, since taking this medicine, she has become very agitated, shaky, much more confused & weakened. She also takes Metoprolol, Potassium CL, Omeprazole, Lisinopril, Citalopram, & Pravastatin Sodium. I am just at a complete loss as to why these symptoms have come on so suddenly. she is also unable to sleep. Please help. I am the sole caregiver for my Mother, my husband is in Afghanistan, and I am 53 yrs old & not in the "greatest" condition either. Thank you. ## Lori...

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a round pill pink G52 on the side

A round pink pill with G 52on one side ## A round pink pill with G 52 on one side ## Is there also a G 52 on the on the opposite side? If so, it is manufactured by Lupin Pharmaceuticals and they list it as containing 23mgs of Donepezil, which is commonly used to treat Parkinson's Disease. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, insomnia, fainting, and increased urination.

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Isosorb What Is The Correct Time To Take For Maximum Benefit

my prescription bottle says to take this medicine daily. i threw away the information sheet that routinely is attached to every prescribed medicine. ## Can my mom take aricept and levothyroxine at the same time in the morning ## There is not real specific time it needs to be taken, Chon, but it should be taken as close to 24 hours apart, as possible. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, and hypotension. Isbelle, no, the Levothyroxine should be taken an hour before taking anything else. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, hair loss, weight changes, and mood changes. Is there anything I can help with?

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can my 93 year old mother who has dementia take Lomofen

I would like to know about the side effects of Lomofen on the elderly. My mother has not had a bowel movement for 4 days after taking Lomofen. Please advise on how to reverse the situation? She is 93 years old and is a frail patient of secondary stage dementia. ## For constipation use Shaklee HERB LAX. I have been taking them for 45 years. Had constipation as a child. Now I take herb lax every night 2 to 3 pills. So happy I have no medical problem. I am now 74 and still taking them every night.

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Taking Aricept at the same time as Levothyroxine

Both medications are prescribed at bedtime. How much time should I leave between taking the pills and which should I take first? ## Pharmacist said there is no noted interaction and the medications: Aricept and Levothyroxine may be taken at the same time. ## That is odd, usually Levothyroxine needs to be taken about an hour before you eat, or take any other medications. Most doctors prescribe it to be taken in the morning, before you eat breakfast, or take anything else. Have you double checked with your doctor? The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, mood changes, and hair loss.

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Namenda essential alz care package

How can I obtain the NEMENDA ESSENTIAL ALZ CARE PACKAGE? ## Mom has AZ she can not a fford the price I was told it she lives on 1370.00 a month from social security since dad died what can I do to get this Namenda. Thank You ## Please contact the manufacturer. They have a patient assistance program. ## You can contact the manufacturer for more details on that assistance program by calling them at 844 424 6727. The FDA lists the typical side effects of this medication as possibly including, nausea, headache, dizziness, drowsiness, and tremors. Can you please post back and let us know if you have any luck? Thanks!

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