Always Loose Motion

Sonu Says:

When i eat i have to go for toilet and its in the form of loose motion i see to the doctor he test the sgpt and sgot they increased 55 and 118 he give me medicine but not any improvement one tablet is nitazoxanide when i eat this tablet it increased my loose motion pls let me know your suggestion

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sheetal Says:

My child one year old he is frequently suffering with loosemotion and followed by vomitting.during this time his sgot sgpt level inceease and crossing the level of said its normal during loose motion it will become normal after two weeks but still its crosses suggest liv 52 for one month.
whenever he become poorly ill his haemoglobin dropping its 11.with iron medicin and multy vitamin medicin.

what is your opinion......

h/o birth....three days after he is suffering with neonatal jaundice during that period he din pass urine for two-three days.its cure by medicine.he is vit d deficiency its also cure.

is any relation with these to todays condiotion.what would you suggest for further cure.

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dhakshala Says:

I'm a student. Age 17. I have a loose motion primblem when I got tension. But nowadays I suffer from loosmotion oftenly. Pls tell me what to do????

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naveed Says:

Iam 30 year old i got lose motion problem befor 4 month ago when i checked doctor they give me the medicn after finish medicn lose motions still back like before need help

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