Alternatives To Oxycodone 30 Imm Release - It Doesn't Work At All

Caitlyn 88 Says:

I'm currently on oxycodone 30 mg and fentanyl 100mmg 2 patches every 3 days. I am still in chronic pain. I go too doctors tomorrow morning and I need too be on something other than oxycodone because I've had way too many scripts filled within so little time because its not helping my pain and I can't be on opana because it takes too long too get approved and I been on opana once before and I don't remember how it worked for me. I was so young. I need something stronger to help. i have fibromialga and it kills me it hurts so bad. Im suffering and I need something to help me so I can get a job and keep my house clean and live a normal life. any doctors on here can help me out with wat to do or say and wat to try other than hydromorphone? it made me hurt way more. I was tried on 8 MG's of it and it was horrible. I am going cold turkey right now and its killing me because drug store can't fill no more oxys til 3-29-15. they recommended a higher dose of morphine, that's way better than oxy 30 imm release. I need something that's imm release. also I need my life back. I feel like a cancer patient in chronic pain. I'm only 20 and have a horrible disease.

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jw Says:

Wow 2 100 patches that is hard to believe that the pain is still there even harder to manage is a doctor that gives you all that I believe suboxone is your alternative good luck

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Caitlyn! How are you?

There are no immediately release medications in the higher dosages. The 30mg Oxycodone that you've been taking is a regular release that takes about 15 to 20 minutes to start working and Morphine is only available in regular release or time released.

Morphine is also weaker than Oxycodone, so you'd need 45mgs of it to be equivalent to each 30mgs of Oxycodone that you were taking.

The FDA classifies these medications as narcotic analgesics. They carry the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, constipation and dry mouth.

Did you see your doctor, yet? What did they advise?

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Amber Says:

There are alternatives - I have seen essential oils work with previously unmanageable pain. The difference is that the body knows how to use the oils to balance it's many systems and glove back towards better health. But no natural method will work in a vacuum. How is your diet? Are you following something super healthy like paleo or the walh's diet? That is huge. There are supplements and essential oils that may help, and that I have seen help others. But eos are not FDA regulated so even suggesting them can cause trouble, but they truly are life changing.

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Rawdog Says:

Wow 2 100mcg Fentynl patches and your still in pain that is just plain nuts there's almost no way that's even possible!!! I've been in PM for 10+ yrs and I've finnily found my perfect combo 30mg roxie and 30mg oxymorphone I'm almost 40 yrs old your only 20 well 22 now cause this is,an old post but I don't even know how your doctor writes anything that strong and in those amounts and then to fill them is a,whole other story consider yourself lucky if anything and I say that meaning ably to get that high of a dose,and fill. Sorry to hear your still in pain but man that's a lot of opiods your on!!! How's are you now post again if possible

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Linda Says:

Wow I can't believe your on that much med for fibromyalgia. I have that plus osteoarthritis, 8 herniated disks, and was diagnosed with ms. And I'm 60 and working 35 hrs a week. I get 2 naro a day from my pain Dr from a car accident last yr while I'm in the middle of the legal stuff and my primary gives me 4 tramadol. Before I moved my other primary gave me up to 8 a day. Wow I sure need your dr

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Deborah Says:

Trying cutting down on the meds. You will fell less pain
I was on Vicoden for 20 years & hurt everyday
I quit using them an now have no pain
Also try Wild Lettuce. It works better than opiates

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