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william Says:

I'm wondering if my new script of dava alprazolam is a quality generic?

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Daisy Says:

DAVA is bad news. They were supposed to be closed down but it appears they were just acquired by ENDO and/or Sun. Both companies are under investigation and cease and desist orders. The early part of 2019 I wondered why Costco, Walgreens, CVS, and even mom and pop pharmacies all switched to DAVA. I took one of the DAVA alprazolam (I am on it because I suffer from Shogrens). It burned like acid when I swallowed it. I became to investigate and found that DAVA was manufacturing in India and they were putting filler in the pills. Filler can be anything including floor scraps. It took a lot of complaints to all pharmacies until they went back to Greenstone and/or Sandoz. Remember there have been 4 directors of the FDA since May 2019. Nobody at the FDA is monitoring these meds. Whatever supplier offers them the pharmacy buyers at the cheapest prices gets the contract. We get the floor sweepings.

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Nancy Says:

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Annmarie Says:

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FYI, generic medications MUST have the same amount of the active ingredient as the Brand medication. The + or - % applies to the bioequivalence of the generic. Bioequivalence is the rate and amount of the generic's active ingredient to be absorbed by the body. There is some complex bioequivalence analysis done which is way beyond my science 'education.' Again, if the pill is 1 mg aprazolam, that generic does have 1 mg of alprazolam in it.

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G Says:

Trying to find out if 2mg Dava alprazolam are as powerful as Sandoz alprazolam?

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Nikki Says:

Re: J Raw (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

Where do you get the Dava? My pharmacy cvs changed to Breckenridge and do not like them. Have called around for Dava but pharmacies won’t say brand over the phone. Ugh

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G Philly Says:

Re: tony (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Have they improved since 2017. I went to a pharmacy with greenstone which I prefer. I just took one and noticed the petro chem taste is no longer there.

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Little Says:

Re: King kong (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Can't seem to get Greenstone anywhere. Dava is crap.

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Little Says:

Re: tony (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

But most big box pharmacy's won't stock it. I will even pay more, but this don't care.

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Linda Says:

Re: Patti (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

I agree this has been forced on me and it is currently being dispensed by CVS Pharmacy. This is not you. I experienced this same thing about 5 years ago with CVS. This generic is garbage. Pattie... it's not you at all. Unfortunately I got out of the building before I realized what they had give me. Everyone should refuse the yellow gennaric from DAVA Pharm.

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Hek Says:

Re: Roos (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Sandoz is trash.All of their generic medication become me.

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Roos Says:

Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Absolutely Not True,huge difference.
Sandoz is much better.
My body knows.

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J Raw Says:

Dava is really good and would recommend to any one who is looking into generics ! Stops my panics and helps my social anxiety big time!! Anyone in need of a good generic , Dava is it.

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King kong Says:

Its within 10% of 100% . The real xanax made by pfizer is over the 100% that's why they work so well. I just had 2mg dava bars and they are very good. Sandoz are good also actavis are good. Greenstone are probably the best generic they are owned by pfizer the company that owns brand nane xanax their generics are at 98% to 100% alprazolam powder in them so 10% less than xanax but still the strongest of generics. Qualitest are decent too. Mylan are usually garbage. But I would go xanax,greenstone, dava then actavis and sandoz tied. Well atleast before. Im gonna retest all of them. I want to get them tested for how much alprazolam it contains.

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Barrebaby33 Says:

Very good quality. I've taken Alprazolam for 15 years and next to only Greenstone, this is the best generic available.

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Patti Says:

I thought it was just me I have been taking alprazolam for years and have had different brands this one I noticed from the first week it wasn't the same it is crap

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tony Says:

they are not the best generic but they're not the worst either....i never found anything wrong with them...they worked pretty good for my anxiety and didn't put me to sleep like some other brands... the best brand is greenstone, they are affiliated with pfizer who makes xanax. they are the exact same shape and size and only difference is the imprint...IMO...sandoz is another good generic which both are hard to find nowadays... pharmacies are going with the cheapest generics possible these days

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Verwon Says:

All generics available on the U.S. market have to fall within the same acceptable quality guidelines, which is being within plus or minus 20% of the amount of the active ingredient in the name brand.

The only thing you can really do is try it and see how well it works for you, because some people react differently to those fluctuations, regardless of how small they are.

Are there any other questions or comments?

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