Alprazolam 0.25 Mg Manf. Pfizer, Sandoz, Greenstone, Apotex

jetwyrm Says:

I'm prescribed 0.25 mg of Alprazolam for MRI, CT as I have severe panic attacks. I've been getting Caraco brand. I didn't have any problems, and they worked for me. My pharmacy can no longer get that brand. I have multiple med. allergies, and chemically sensitive.

After research on inactive ingredients I've narrowed it to brands: Greenstone, Apotex, Sandoz, Pfizer. Anybody have experience with these? Thanks.

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Lynn Says:

Hi. I have been on 1 mg Alprazolam for 28 years. Mine are shaped like a football and are blue, sometimes green and I have tried to come off them many times and have seizures, bad ones. Last time I didn't know anyone, I was like a baby for 3 days. Then the hospital crushed one and put it in my mouth and in 20 min I was fine. I'm really scared of it happening again.

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EDDY Says:

You get Xanax for MRI & CT's? I don't know how you narrowed down the fillers in these fine brands. Best to stay away from Xanax and CT's too, too much Radiation

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Dale Says:

Yes, I am having major problems with the Alprazolam .25 mg manufactured by DAVA. I am having a nightmare (they are none coated) which puts me into A-Fib causing terrible anxiety. I had no problem being on Alprazolam .25mg, (MFG) Greenstone coated. My pharmacy lied & told me I could no longer get that MFG. He told me they no longer make the Alrazolam (Greenstone). I called Greenstone where they MFG them and she told me that they most certainly do make .25 mg. If I don't get off of this brand (DAVA) non-coated, I will end up in the hospital. It has also caused my hands to tremor really bad, and I am having esophagus pain. I have been on Greenstone generic for over 15 yrs. Now, suddenly I go down to the drug store to have it filled. And wham! They told me they no longer make it. I will be calling Greenstone again & find out if I can get it direct from the manufacturer. In the past I have been hospitalized for esophageal spasms caused by other meds. I will fight this. I hope you folks will too. We have to find out where the blame falls. I am going to check with my health insurance on Fri. I dread going to bed the nightmares are so bad. I never had this problem with Alprazolam (xanax) .25 mg. and I have to take it at night to be able to sleep. And 1 in the morning (sometimes a half of one) in the morning so I won't have anxiety thru-out the day. I will see what the side effects are for this brand. And this brand is causing irritability. Which I have never had. I don't know what I am going to do. I am an 80 y.o. female.

P.S. I have tried several other drug stores & they are saying the same thing. I get no answers from any of them, except they say they no longer buy from Greenstone. I wonder if they would let their loved ones suffer like this. So sad right now. :(

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EDDY Says:

Re: Dale (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Coated Xanax? Perhaps Xanax XR has a coating. In any case you can't order from the manufacturer unless you are licensed to do so. If you want the purest Xanax available on the market ask for Brand Name Xanax. It will cost much more, will not be covered by most Insurance, and may contain some of the same fillers. Have you narrowed down which ones bother you?

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Sandy Says:

This was a year 1/2 ago & if you were just getting an anti-anxiety drug for a medical procedure then this is of no use. However, I've never heard of Caraco or Apotex. Pfizer is the creator of Xanax, so their product is the purest, Greenstone is their subsidiary, but they have added fillers over the years. Sandoz is the best generic in my opinion but it has become too expensive in my area for pharmacies to prescribe. My question to you is, if you see this, where did you go to find out the inactive ingredients? The company website?

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Tiffanie Says:

I was on xanax for 22 yrs and needed to come off and had the WORSE withdrawals ever. Seizure included. 15 months off and just now feeling like I'm alive.

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