Allergy To Lipo Flavon Plus?

Sara Says:

After a few days of taking it, I developed a severe case of rash and had to receive Benadry by injection and afterwards Claritin for a few days.
I took 2 of the pills to an allergist, had several prick tests done, and found that I was allergic to something in the product.
How can that be if it's only a combination of vitamins?

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Verwon Says:

What specific item did the allergist say you were allergic to?

When something is in tablet form, to hold the shape, it usually contains inactive ingredients, as well as the active products, so it's always possible to have a reaction to one of them.


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Sara Says:

The doctor did not test all the ingredients individually, just tested the whole product and told me that I should avoid it because there was "something" in it that I was allergic to. He said that it would be quite complicated and expensive to test each and every one of the components of Lipoflavon plus.

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