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apetito cyproheptadine tablets

Is it true that by taking this drug you will be able to gain weight, enlarge breasts and develop hips? If so, after how long from when you start taking the Apetito? ## I really want to gain weight, so i bought appetine pills. Will they really help me gain weight? ## Yes, it's true. It took me two months to have a beautiful body, but it has one side effect - you get a pot belly. ## drink banana shake three times a day u can gain weight upto 8kg in 15 days .....and for making healthy banana shake add 3 bananas in half cup of milk.. ## where can i find super apetito in ireland, would like to gain some weight ## I want to take apetito tablets to gain weight are they not cancerous? and after how long will i see the difference and when to stop? thanx.. ## were can i buy apetito tablets in...

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Taking Salbutamol And Bioflu At The Same Time

can i take salbutamol guaifenesin at the same time? thank you... :) ## Can i take biolfu and salbutamol and guaifenesin at the same time? Thanks ## Can I take bioflu and salbutamol at the same time? ## There are no interactions reported between Salbutamol (Albuterol) and Guaifenesin. [1]. Bioflu contains the active ingredients [2]: - Phenylephrine HCl - Chlorpheniramine Maleate - Paracetamol (Acetaminophen) Interactions have not been reported between the active ingredients in Bioflu and Guaifenesin [3].

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Corex cough syrup addiction

My boyfriend is addicted to corex. He's 24 years old and he has been taking corex for the last two years. He started taking corex for depression. He is a medical student (b.a.m.s). He failed his exam and that's why he's depressed and started taking corex... How can i save him from this addiction? Please help me to save my boyfriend. ## Hello, Riya! How are you? I'm very sorry about the problem your boyfriend is having. One of the ingredients in Corex is Codeine, which is a narcotic, so it does have the potential to be habit forming. Has he talked to a doctor about his problem? He's going to need to get help with this. ## I'm addicted to cough syrup like Tosex, Corex, etc. and would like some advice on how to quit these drugs. I've gotten to the point now wher...

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Corex Cough Syrup Long Term Addiction

Hello, I am addicted to Corex cough syrup since last 13/14 years.on month of january 11 i have suddenly get abnormanal fits/seizer in my left hand only then after consult with our family doctor(M D), i have taken Clonafit Plus but after 2 month taking it regularly have stopped it without any consult, then i have attacked again so i consult with a Neurologist, and he recommend me to take Zenoxa 300, with Rejunex Plus. but again i consult with the same doctor with previous doctor's prescription then he again prescribed me to take Zenoxa 300 with Clonafit Plus with Rejunex Plus. and now i feel some better but i want to know is my disease is fully cureable ? ## Corex contains Chlorpheniramine and Codeine, the Codeine is a narcotic. I am afraid that it is going to be difficult to say whe...

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Lee's save the baby. Where can I find it?

The is in a clear bottle with a red screw on cap. The liquid is yellow in color It has oil in it that separates and goes to the top when bottle sits. To use run the bottle under warm water and shake to mix. Applythe warm liquid tothe child's chest and under nose to relieve symptoms of croupe. Instead of placing a drop under the nose you can also place it on a pillowcase or sheet. ## It was made by the Lee's company and yes, it is patent protected. The reason it is no longer available is that it contained Camphor, yes, even in the liquid that was taken internally and the FDA has recognized this as being unsafe. Camphor is now only approved to be used topically. As to the other ingredients, I am sorry, I have been unable to discover that. Does anyone else know anything about this?...

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Solmux and Bioflu

Can I take solmux and bioflu at the same time? I felt weak, got a headache and body pains as well as a dry cough. ## Can I take solmux and bioflu at the same time? ## I am also wondering the same thing - Can i take bioflu and solmux at the same time? ## Can i take solmux and bioflu at the same time? ## Also wondering - can solmux and bioflu be taken at the same time? ## Can i take bioflu and solmux at the same time? ## No interactions were found between carbocysteine and Paracetamol. This does not necessarily mean no interactions exist. Always consult your healthcare provider.

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Drixoral for dust allergies

Hello, I am 53 years old. I started taking prescription Antihistamine in the 3rd. grade. At first I took Teldron spansules. This was discontinued and I've been taking Drixoral ever since. I am HIGHLY allergic to DUST and have tried other pills but nothing helps like the Drixoral. I only take it as needed, but recently found I can't find it. If I don't have it I will go into an asthma attach? Anyone know where I can get Drixoral? ## I have gotten it filled in Canadian pharmacies. Shipping not that bad. Schering Plough, the maker, claims it will not be available in 2009 due to production facility move. ## What other medications have you tried to help with your allergy symptoms? There are some newer ones available that work better for some people, such as Allegra/Fexofenadine, ...

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Apetito tablets can be used by man

Can a man use apetito and if so, what are the side effects? ## For what reason is this supplement used? ## Can apetito be used by man if they want to gain weight? ## Appetite-increasing medications such as Appetito (cyproheptadine) are not gender oriented and can be taken by a man or woman. Please note however that cyproheptadine is an antihistamine used primarily for allergy relief and weight gain/appetite increases are merely a possible side effect; therefore this should not be relied upon as a sole means of gaining weight. Only a proper dietary regimen, adjusting one's eating habits and/or weight training are effective long-term solutions for healthy weight management. I would encourage others who may be seeking to use cyproheptadine to also consult a qualified nutritionist who c...

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I found oval yellow pills in my sons room and need help finding out what they are. They're labeled pa46 on the pills thats all i have to go on. It seems like they're liquid inside the soft exterior ## Benzonatate capsules What are benzonatate capsules? BENZONATATE (Tessalon® Perles) helps to relieve coughs caused by colds, flu or other lung conditions. Occasionally this medicine is prescribed for hiccups that do not stop. Generic benzonatate capsules are available. However, this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer, Teva Pharmaceuticals, and is no longer available. Is there anything I can help with?

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pill es 255

muscle relaxer ## Is that the exact marking on the tablet? What is the shape and color? I tried playing around with the imprint, but still can't find anything close to this. Was it found in the U.S. or elsewhere? ## I located a match to pills reading 255 on them. One has M 255 on it, it's Albuterol 2 mg. From what I was able to gather Albuterol is a bronchodilator that helps relax muscles in the airways and helps increase air flow to the lungs. To learn more click on the link below... Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. ## Verwon, If I'm looking at the same pill as the OP, it is oblong in shape, pressed powder, not capsule. Green on top with E | S, white on bottom with 255 and found in the US. ## I have an oblong pill white and g...

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contraindications pharmacodynamics pharmacokinetics nursing consideration/responsibility ## provide me of the information about polynerv500, side effects & the contraindications. ## Polynerv500 is a vitamin supplement used to help those who are deficient in vital nutrients. It contains 500mgs of Vitamin B1, 250mgs of Vitamin B6 and 1mg of Vitamin B12. There is no information available regarding side effects and contraindications, since this is not a regular prescription drug. Was there anything else I could help you with? ## 1 effect ba ng polynerv yong heartburn?that's what im experiencing when taking that drug. ## Hi! Am taking fenoflex, ( for trigly) . . zykast ( after antibiotic and salbutamol for mild pneumonia), and polynerv 500 was added (as prescribed by a heart speciali...

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DPH elixir antihistamine

new for the fast relief of sneezing itching watery eyes. due to colds and allergies for adults and children. suger & alcohol free ## 1. Does the dph elixir for adults has in aspirin? 2. Can this be taken even if I'm currently drinking the Chinese Green Tea? ## Can my 7 month old baby use dph elixir? He is coughing very hard and has a cold

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Oval White Pill With Y one one side

I have discovered some white pills in my elderly mother's possession. They are small - approximately 6mm in length. They are smooth on boths sides with a Y on one side. I would like to know what these pills possibly could be. They were purchased in South Africa. ## Based on your description the closest match I could find is a white oval pill marked with two Y's on one side and blank w/ a score line on the other. This particular pill is identified as Xyzal (levocetirizine) 5 mg; used to treat allergies. NOTE: each "Y" is red in color Manufacturer: Sanofi-Aventis If this doesn't match your pill, I hope it can at least help to narrow down your search. Has anyone else seen this pill before? ## Many thanks. The information provided has assisted me in positively identifyin...

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Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream for Vaginal itching

Will this work to stop vaginal dryness and itching and what are the side effects? ## Did your doctor prescribe this? This is a topical steroid cream, it is not normally meant to be used internally, such as placing into the vagina. Therefore, I wouldn't suggest using it that way, unless your doctor has specifically instructed you to do so. ## I have my vaginal itching..mostly after menstruation.. but some times it occurs normally.. it seems like it is outside or inside in vagina.. what medication should I have to do?? Will there be bad result of this? I m 21 Years old ## can i use it on the edges of vaginal area ..I mean not putting it inside but only outlines of it ? ## Can I use triamcinolone acetonide cream, USP for itchy and redness on vagina?? It says Rx only. ## Yes i been pres...

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what if i accdentally doubled the dosage of ambroxol to my 5 months baby

I accidentally gave double dosage of ambroxol to my 5 months old should be only .05ml 2x a day.9pm i gave amroxol then after 3 hours i gave ambroxol again instead of bronchofen his other med..what will i do.pls help me. ## Hi Bharz! I would call poison control, Doctor or emergency room. How is he now? Was this done last night. If he's ok today, with no side effects, I'm pretty sure he's ok. But, still call to make sure. ## my halak po ang baby q 4months na po xa,, anu po bah ang pwd po na medicine skanya..?pls help nman po..thnk ## What If I accidentally doubled the Dosage Of Ambroxol Expel to my 3yrs&10months son. I gave 7ml instead of 3ml? ## Hi good evening. My 5 month old has colds and cough for 3 days now.. and we are afraid to go out and have him personally...

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Sinecod forte butamirate citrate

medical information , side effects of sinecod forte when taken ## Butamirate, the active ingredient in Sinecod Forte tablets, is a cough suppressant. From the limited information I can find, it may cause nausea, drowsiness and dry mouth as side effects. ## Dextromethophan VS Butamirate in term of efficacy and safety ## I had a cough for past few pregnant for 26 months. ob gyne gve me an advice to take the medicine for my cold... SInecod Forte Butamirate citrate 50mg..I took this medicine for 5 days..i have a question? It's safe for pregnant like me, to take this kind of medicine? I hope you will answer my question because until now doesnt have peace of mind to know bout this...thank you and more power!!! ## Ano po ang side effect ng sinecod forte sa mataas ang bp?

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Cyproheptadine For Weight Gain

Is Periactin safe to increase weight? Is that effect permanent weight gain or only as long as i take it? ## Periactin, which contains the active ingredient Cyproheptadine is an antihistamine, normally used to treat allergies. And, just like any medication, it does have risks and side effects, so no, just using it in attempt to gain weight is not considered safe. It can cause an increased appetite in some people, which sometimes causes them to gain some weight, however, it is usually not significant and the effects don't continue, when someone stops the medication. In addition, any method of gaining weight artificially, that doesn't involve a healthy diet and exercise can have severe detrimental effects on your health. Are there any other questions? ## Thanks for the info Verwon....

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Ambroxol / Ambrolex Drops Dosage

What is the right dosage for a 7 month old baby weighing 7-8 kgs? ## My baby is 8 months old. He is suffering from a cough and cold. I was giving him wicoryl AF drops and coscoril drops. He was OK. But as of today he is suffering from chest congestion. What to do? ## My baby is 1 year & 1 month old already and she has a cough right now. What dosage of Ambroxol would I give her? Please reply ASAP. Thanks. ## my baby is 1 month and 11 days old.,is he prescribed to take ambroxol ambrolex syrup? and what is the proper dosage for my baby? ## Hello Wenz, I went to the manufacturers website and this is the information they have for their doses. Recommended daily dosage for children: 1.2-1.6 mg/kg body weight 6-11 years: Tablet: ½ tablet 3 times daily. Pediatric Syrup: 5 mL 3 times dai...

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How long can I take co-aleva since I have psoriasis?

How long can I take co-aleva since i have psoriasis? When i stopped after taking it for 14 days i had a very bad flare up, because I still eat foods that I'm not allowed to like foods with Gluten and Dairy. I think what's happening to me is what we called "withdrawal"? Can I try to take it again just for 7 days and stop eating foods that's not allowed to see if it will clear up? ## If you stop a medication that you are taking for a certain condition, and the condition flares up, again, that would be called a rebound effect. If you continue to eat foods that you aren't supposed to, then the flare may not even be related to stopping the medication, or it could be a combination of both. Co-Aleva contains Betamethasone, which is a corticosteroid. The FDA lists its ty...

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bioflu and ambroxol 75mg?

I have symptoms of flu can i take bioflu and ambroxol 75mg?thanks ## My partner has dry cough for 2dqys and now his having a flu,running nose due to work is it OK if he will take ambroxol and bioflu ? ## if i take ambroxal at morning it is ok after lunch i will take bioflu ## Yes ganyan din sakit ko today, pinagsabay ko cya kc wala naman pala pang-ubo yung bioflu pangsipon lang ## Hi.pwede ba mag take ng bioflu at ambroxol mucosolvan liquid at the same time. ## Can i take bioflu and ambroxol at the same day? ## Pwd po ba pagsabayin ang bioflu at ambroxol

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