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age for adult dosage for taking propan with iron

my son is 13 years old,it is ok for taking propan with iron capsule? ## Most children over 12 are given an adult dose of medications and vitamins, except for some very specific ones or if the child is very small, undersized and underweight. This is a multivitamin with iron. Has his doctor prescribed it for him? It is used to treat several conditions that can cause someone to be deficient in the vital nutrients it contains and to ensure that someone gets enough of them on a daily basis. It contains: Buclizine HCl 25 mg, Fe sulfate 80 mg, nicotinamide 10 mg, vit B1 10 mg, vit B12 5 mcg, vit B2 1 mg, vit B6 5 mg. ## When to take the propan multivitamins? Morning after breakfast or evening before ho to sleep? Please answer I just bought it but I dont know how to use it properly, thanks you....

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Visine LR Discontinued?

Having problems finding this product. Has it been discontinued and if so, do you know why? ## I AM HAVING PROBLEMS FINDING VISINE LR, DO YOU KNOW WHY. ## I have looked everywhere, no one has it. This is the only stuff that works for me... :( ## i am having the same problem.spoke w/pharmacy,they said it was discontinued.why?they could not give me an answer. ## I ALSO cannot find Visine LR eyedrops. I called Visine and they said they were still making it and sent me to various stores that were suppose to have it. Guess what? Not one of the stores had it! Help! ## Boston Area: No Visene LR 2 weeks! ## I always buy Visine LR and I just noticed that no one has them anymore!!! Now What, nothing else works the same. Help! I live in Miami and I have been to every Walgreens and Pharmacy stores a...

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Montclair LC usage

Is it advisable to take Montclair LC for a long period of time? Are there any side effects? My wife has been taking the above tablets for the last year. ## Has her doctor prescribed them for her? Many people do take such tablets long-term to help control allergy and asthma issues. The NIH lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, and headache. Have they been causing her any problems? ## Not certain. Something is continuing to cause excess mucus. Yes this was prescribed by a doctor short term and then long term montelukast. Just wondering if Zyrtec, montelukast, and other asthma/allergy meds are actually causing rather than decreasing mucus, this coughing and gagging

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Relent Syrup

My 8 year old son's throat is hurting. Is Relent effective for throat infections or a dry cough? ## What has your child's doctor advised? Relent Syrup contains Cetirizine and Ambroxol, it will not treat a throat infection and may be limited in what it will do for a cough. It's generally most effective at treating allergies. ## Hi, My daughter is having running nose and dry cough for the past one week. We took her to a doctor who suggested "Relent" syrup and "Zyprox" as she had throat infection. However, this is not much of a relief for her. Is there any medicine/syrup that need to be given for her running nose. Thanks ## hi you can gve ur daughter T-MINIC COUGH SYRUP You can also give ZYR COLD COUGH SYRUP this is a cure remedy as i am giving for my kid now ##...

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Acc 200 given to a dog

Can i give acc 200 to my dog? She seems to have bronchitis and the vet gave her antibiotics, burpack and allergy pills but it seems to not work, so i tried to give her half of the acc 200 dissolved in water and she is a little bit better. Can i go on with the pill? Will it do anything to her? ## Please will you let me know how ACC 200 has worked? I am desperate. I have a 7 month old Bengal kitten who is a rescue. She was very ill with snuffles when I got her at 3 months. Now she eats very well and is in superb condition, all but this constant thick green/yellow mucous in her nose. I clean it 3-5 times a day. My vet took a trachea swab and it turns out she is resistant to most antibiotics. I have the report. My vet is away and her partner is very belligerent and non communicative. She ha...

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Lee's save the baby. Where can I find it?

The is in a clear bottle with a red screw on cap. The liquid is yellow in color It has oil in it that separates and goes to the top when bottle sits. To use run the bottle under warm water and shake to mix. Applythe warm liquid tothe child's chest and under nose to relieve symptoms of croupe. Instead of placing a drop under the nose you can also place it on a pillowcase or sheet. ## It was made by the Lee's company and yes, it is patent protected. The reason it is no longer available is that it contained Camphor, yes, even in the liquid that was taken internally and the FDA has recognized this as being unsafe. Camphor is now only approved to be used topically. As to the other ingredients, I am sorry, I have been unable to discover that. Does anyone else know anything about this?...

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TRIZINE 205mg/45mg per 5 ml (Cotrimazine)

May I ask if this medicine TRIZINE 205mg/45mg per 5 ml (Cotrimazine) safe for a 5 year old child who is having a cough for a week and a less phlegm. Given by a doctor to take 5 ml, 2 x a day. ## How many days to be use a cotrimazine ## I have a 4 year and 10 month old baby girl, and she had an lbm and vomiting. So the doctor gave her trizine. Is this trizine for lbm also? ## Can you give me information on the availability of that product?

White round pill GG 66

I found a few round white pills. One side is totally blank and the other side has GG over 66 with a line in the middle, but only half on the side of the letters, not all the way across. I heard it was phenergan and I used to be prescribed those a lot so please help if anyone knows. Thanks. ## Moro no Brasil, e por aqui, a Prometazina (Fenergan), é apresentada na forma de comprimidos de 25 mg cada, de cor amarela, e redondo; tem também a apresentação injetável, I.M. ou diluída em soro fisiológico; apesar de possuir efeito 'anti-psicótico', da classe das fenotiazinas, e mais comumente usada como anti-alérgico 'comprimidos e cremes', assim como injetável, para picadas de abelhas, dentre outras formas de processos alérgi...

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white football shaped L612

that's it! Small, football shaped, white, L612 imprinted o one side! Thanks. ## The pill you have is Loratadine (10 mg). Loratadine is an antihistamine drug, used to treat allergies such as hay fever (allergic rhinitis), urticaria (hives), and other skin allergies. For side effect information and drug overview, please refer to the link below... If you have any more questions or comments to add, then please post back so I can further assist you. ## Generic ativan white football wit L612 on it they are the best ones as far as a generic benzo I've had

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Is Ambroxol Syrup Safe For A 3 Month Old Baby

my baby is 3 month old and the doctor adviced him to drink amboxol syrup im wondering why not ambroxol drops is syrup safe for his age with a dosage of 2ml twice a day my baby's weight is 6kls ## Hi ivy, I have read that any cough/cold medication (specifically over the counter medications) can be potentially unsafe for a child under the age of 2. If your son is dealing with a cough or nasal congestion, I recommend giving him a hot bath or using a humidifier in his room... the steam may help to loosen up the cough and clear the airways. If the symptoms persist or worsen and giving him the medication is your only option, then I suppose it would be best to follow your doctor's advice and give your baby the dose that your doctor prescribed. I hope this helps, please post back if you...

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propan with iron multivitamins

is profan vit. is effective? ## Really, the effectiveness depends on what you are using it for. If you are using it as a vitamin supplement, then yes. However, many of these products are claimed to help treat a lot of conditions and this has really never been proven. Propan with Iron contains 25mgs Buclizine, 80mgs Iron, 10mgs Nicotinamide, 10mgs B1, 5mcgs B12, 1mg B2 and 5mgs of B6. It is listed in the Indian drug databases as helping to improve the appetite. Side effects may include: nausea and drowsiness. Do you have any other questions? ## Good day, im Christian,i would like to ask if what "1 cap bid" means is? ## does taking propan and myra 400e at the same time bad? ## 1 cap bid means 1 capsule twice a day ## Is it safe to take Propan vitamins even when you're breastfe...

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White Round Pill with TCL 272 imprited on it

It's a large round solid white pill with a line going through the middle to break it in half with the inscription of TCL on top and 272 on bottom ## This tablet contains 400mgs of Guaifenesin, it is an expectorant used to help with cold symptoms. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness and headache. Read more here: Is there anything else I can help you with? ## What is it be what is it for treated for? ## What os sich a large doze prescobed at once so u can break in half, an if headache is a side effect what is the purpose for cold symptoms? ## Why did it say oxycodone? Is that like percocet? ## I have a white round pill. On one side it has tcl 272 with no split on it and the back side is blank. What is it, please? ## I have a large white pill imprinted with TCL and 272 ...

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energa natural food supplement

I used one pill. It makes my eyes red and a little big with a headache and a little fever. Now it has lasted for three days. Is this an allergy to one of the components of energa? ## If i take energa 0.35mg at 8h am, can i use cialis at 11h am? ## No. This is not an allergy. That's the way the medicine is. Cialis enlarges blood veins to boost more blood into the genitals. Since it enlarges the veins, you will get headaches, fast heart beats, red eyes and blurry vision.

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Itching Withdrawal from Cetirizine or Zyrtec

I want to know how many are suffering from withdrawal from this drug that causes itching all over the body. At the people's pharmacy there is an article about this very problem, yet Zyrtec doesn't list the information on their web site. This is my third attempt to get off of this med and I'm going crazy from the itching. ## If you take any medication for a long period of time, you will experience some withdrawal effects. This is just as true of allergy medications, as it is of any other. One of the most common withdrawal effects are rebound effects, so for an allergy medication, this can include itching. Have you spoken to your doctor about it? ## I keep getting itching after this. Not had it before, but it's the first time I've taken the medicine for more than a mon...

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grilinctus syrup for 1year old baby

Can we give grilinctus syrup to 1 year old baby ## Can i give grinlinctus bm for 3 month baby for cough ## can I give grilunctus paediatric syrup to 40 days baby 20 drops three time

bad zyrtec side effects

When i took zyrtec i had severe side effects. i was like a zombie in a dream state most of the time. I had severe memory problems. There is several months i dont hardly remember at all! The parts i remembered and found out about i did things totally against my character! Things that make me sick! I think zyrtec can be a very dangerous drug! Please has anyone else had similar side effects? ## i take zyrtec everyday since i was in 8th grade and im a junior in highschool now and ive never had a bad side effect ## Yes! My ear-nose-throat doctor told me to try it. Drixoral works the best for allergies, but is almost impossible to get due to the manufacturer not producing it for some suspicious reason. My dr. said Drixoral crosses the blood-brain barrier and affects my brain chemistry. I have...

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bioflu robitussin dm

Can bioflu which contains phenylephrine hcl, chlorphenamine maleate and paracetamol be taken together with robitussin dm which contains dextromethorphan hbr and guaifenesin? Please reply. Thank you so much for your help. ## HI, though they have different ingredients, you would essentially still be doubling up on the same types of medications, so no you most likely shouldn't take them both, unless your doctor instructs you to do so. Getting too much could cause some problems, such as worsening of the side effects. Additionally, since the Phenylephrine can act like a stimulant, adding it with the Dextromethorphan and the Guaifenesin that cause the opposite effect could be very detrimental. Are there any other questions or comments? ## Can i take robitussin softgel and bioflu at the sa...

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sinucon dosage per day

How many sinucon tabs can a person use per day for the flu? ## My 3-year-old child took 7 Sinucon pills thinking it was sweets. What do we do and is it dangerous? Should we go to a hospital? ## Hello A de Waal, According to the manufacturer's website the dosage is up to your doctor's recommendation on a case to case basis. If you are uncertain of how much medication you should be administering contact your doctor and they should be able to give you an accurate answer. Please be cautious to not overdose on this medication, contact your doctor immediately if you start to show symptoms of overdosing. The symptoms of a possible overdosage are as follows. - dry mouth - large pupils - flushing - nausea - vomiting I hope this information helps. Please let me know if you have any furthe...

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eso kit side effects

hi doctor. I used esokit in 2013 january and still suffers this side effects of allergy from then .(almost 2yrs now) i have been having an irritation in my body which makes the skin swell whenever and wherever i scratch myself. i have been using cetrizine tablets 10 mg as my solution atleast one tablet after every two days. what should i do and i fear long term side effects of using cetrizine. ## Hi Dr? I have been experiencing continued infection of h. Pyroli even after taking sign kits for now 1 year. Kindly advise me what to do. ## Headache irrespective of painkillers.Right side stomach pain.5days since prescribed esokit drugs.Any remedy to relief pains?

Claritin D withdrawal

So I was taking claritin D 24hr tablet everyday for about 6-8 months. My doctor told me I needed to stop taking it because it was causing to make my anxiety worse so I stopped it cold turkey well about 3 days after stopping it I started noticing I was getting really bad anxiety and feeling nauseous. Thought it was stress then started getting jittery and intense itching, followed by sleep problems and body aches from being so tense and headaches. I know this has to be a withdrawal from the allergy med. I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem and help on what I can do to help this !! It's very hard to deal with !! ## Hello, Heather! How are you? Sorry about the problems that you're having. Yes, the Pseudoephedrine in it could have been worsening your anxiety, since i...

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