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benadryl false positive drug test
9 Replies RSS
I attend a methadone clinic in the state of pa. I've been on methadone at the same clinic for over 2 & 1/2 yrs. I've been clean since joining in may of 2011. Last Monday I had my first false/positive drug screen which came up benzos. My counsler said it's from the benadryl most likely not the Advil cold n sinus I took the night before my drug screen . Muy supervisor at the clinic was told the original lab that fulfills our drug screens at the clinic told her it wouldn't be from the benadryl. They took away my take homes while it is being sent out to be tested again. Will further testing break it down more to show that I have only took my methadone vitamins benadryl and Advil cold & sinus. I am very stressed out because I now have to wake up myself and 2yr old son...
Updated 1 day ago in Benadryl.
Montair lc kid syrup and relent+ syrup
6 Replies RSS
My 2-year-old boy is having sneezing, runny nose and coughing. He was advised to have Montair LC kid syrup 5ml every night for 2 months. He got a cold again, a little less intensive, with sneezing and running nose. Now the doctor has advised Relent+ syrup, 3ml twice a day. Is it ok to take to take these both (Montair LC kid syrup and Relent+ syrup) together? ## my son is 1.5 yrs old. he has running nose and cough can I use montair LCD kid and sinarest together ## Aavya is a 5 month old baby girl suffering from cough since 10 days. I use PCM Syrup and then motair lc kid syrup for daily dosage but there is no relief..... Please help me... ## My baby 3 and half month , his cold continiously running for 1 and half month. ## My baby is 3 and half month , he is suffering continuously cold for...
Updated 1 day ago.
drug to help gaining weight
4 Replies RSS
Sir I m 19 yr old, my height is 6 feet and weight 55 kg can you plz suggest me some medicines or products which can improve my BMI is just 18.4 so plz help me. ## i am 30 years old my weighet is 47 i'm healthey but my weignet is constant for many years so i want increase my weighet by using drug ? ## I am 19 year old boy but i am very short and very thin so please help me i have been surfering for a long time ## Cyproheptadine will Help You Gain weight, Doctor prescribed ## Trying To Gain weight Bonaplex Syrup,, FOUND ONLINE FOR WEIGHT GAIN
Updated 1 day ago in Cyproheptadine.
oblong blue pill one side p 525
2 Replies RSS
I found this pill oval one side is p 525 n other side is plain is it hydro or wat ## @Tuty, Based on your description, the closest match I'm finding is an oval "white" pill marked with P 525, manufactured by Athlon Pharma. This particular pill reportedly contains 525mgs of guaifenesin + 50mg of pseudoephedrine, and is marketed under the trade name "Entex PSE". As far as applications go, pseudoephedrine is a decongestant and guaifenesin is an expectorant. I realize that the color of your pill is notably different, however this is the only search result I've seen that closely resembles it. Hope this helps! Does anyone else here recognize the pill as being something different? ## I found two blue oval pills in my generic tylenol bottle: \ with p525 and they are guaf...
Updated 1 day ago in Guaifenesin.
cyproheptadine how long does it take to gain weight
3 Replies RSS
I'm 17 and the doctor told me I had gallstones, and so I've literally been eating foods with no fat, non greasy, and it caused my weight to deteriorate dramatically. I wasn't pleased at my weight at all. And so I did some research and found out about periactin bin on the pill for a month and the results are amazing!!! Butt growth, thigh growth, arms and a little bit of stomach. I love it !! I'm currently still on the pill I honestly fell in love with my weight. It workssss!!! ## The only problem with it is that the weight gain is just a side effect, so you might lose it all, again, once you stop taking it, according to NIH reports. Side effects are usually transient, so they tend to go away with time, once your body gets used to a medication, or once you stop taking it. ...
Updated 2 days ago in Cyproheptadine.
51 Replies RSS
I am looking for tripelennamine. As a pharmacist I clearly remember 60mg then sr 100mg tabs being available. Zyrtec, Claritin, Allegra together could not work as well pbz. I worked at smoke filled bowling alley back then and pbz with Sudafed were required. ## According to "Martindale the Complete Drug Reference" & "Physician's Desk Reference", Pyribenzamine (tripelennamine hcl) is no longer produced in brand or generic versions in the USA. It is said to still be available in bulk powder, something like a minimum order of 25 gram bottles, strictly sold only to a USA pharmacy, or a USA "compounding pharmacy". It is also noted to be manufactured in about 4 or 5 other countries, but those countries are based in or around Europe. Others have suggested looking ...
Updated 3 days ago in Tripelennamine.
Itching Withdrawal from Cetirizine or Zyrtec
633 Replies RSS
I want to know how many are suffering from withdrawal from this drug that causes itching all over the body. At the people's pharmacy there is an article about this very problem, yet Zyrtec doesn't list the information on their web site. This is my third attempt to get off of this med and I'm going crazy from the itching. ## If you take any medication for a long period of time, you will experience some withdrawal effects. This is just as true of allergy medications, as it is of any other. One of the most common withdrawal effects are rebound effects, so for an allergy medication, this can include itching. Have you spoken to your doctor about it? ## I keep getting itching after this. Not had it before, but it's the first time I've taken the medicine for more than a mon...
Updated 3 days ago in Cetirizine Hydrochloride Allergy.
Actifed Cold And Allergy
119 Replies RSS
I always found Actifed to be the only cold medecine that worked for me. Now I cant find it at any of my local drug stores even behind the counter. Is it still available? Even the pharmacist I talked to thought it was on the shelf and then realized they quit carrying it. ## Yes, it keeps my sinus issues under control while I sleep. Not finding it anywhere is very troubling. I am wondering if it is available under a different product name. ## September 2011: The best (for me) medicine to control post nasal discharge and allergic reactions has disappeared. Some store still carry Actifed Plus (with added analgesic) but I don't need that. The pharmacists have no info...and there is no other product on the market that I can find that has the same active ingredient (other well-known brands...
Updated 3 days ago in Actifed Cold and Allergy.
9 Replies RSS
When to take bioflu and how many per day? ## BioFlu contains the active ingredients 25mgs of Phenylephrine, 2mgs of Chlorpheniramine and 500mgs of Paraceamol/Acetaminophen, it is used to treat cold, allergy and flu symptoms. The standard dosing is one tablet, every six hours, however, this site is not medical professionals, so you should follow your doctor's recommendations. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth and stomach irritation. Is there anything else I can help you with? ## I took bioflu just last night and after 20 mins i got rashes whole my body. ## Mom is taking montelukast and doxyfeline for her asthma and simvastatin and lasortan for her cholesterol and high blood pressure for her maintenace is it safe for her to take bioflu? ## Can I take biofl...
Updated 3 days ago in Phenylephrine.
The Old Actifed
71 Replies RSS
I'm looking for the old formulation of actifed. Are there any countries that still sell it? I know you can use it to make drugs, but it's the only thing that works for me (and it helps me sleep too). I would not have ANY problem having the FBI at my house if I could get some. They'd be sitting on my shelf just exactly like my 16 bottles of shampoo, 42 bars of soap and 18 boxes of bandaids (I'm not a hoarder, I just hate running out of stuff...and stupidly, before that stuff went away, I didn't buy a ton of it). The stuff they sell behind the counter is a's different. ## John, Did anyone ever respond to your posting with a solution of how to find the old actifed? I stock up on stuff and want some, too. I just took my last one today. ## I looked...
Updated 3 days ago in Aprodine.
Treatment options for fever, rash, itching and pain in my eyes
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I have had a fever for 4 days now and I have small red spots all over my body which is causing itching, and I also have pain in my eyes. Please help me. Which medicine should I take to get cured of this?
Updated 3 days ago.
Nefrosave Tab is used for what disease
5 Replies RSS
like to know more about NEFROSAVE TAB medicine ## Nefrosave contains the active ingredients Acetylcysteine and Taurine, it's listed as a detoxifying agent. Learn more Acetylcysteine details here. Learn more Taurine details here. The most common side effects are gastrointestinal related, such as nausea, bloating and stomach pain. Is there anything else I can help with? ## What is the use of neprosave and renosave tab whether it reduce creatinine or not ## Creatinine level is 66.9mg Nefrosave has been prescribed Are my kidney functioning well ## I am having high creatine 2.7, whethet Nefrosave is ok, as advised by nefrologist? ## julie (# 3) My creatinine level is at 1.6. I am taking NEFROSAVE & BIFILAC BDS. Am I on the right track ? If not then please advise accordingly. Raja Kol...
Updated 4 days ago in Acetylcysteine.
Ambroxol Dosage
4 Replies RSS
it depends on the weight of the baby per kg per day YOU GIVE AMBROXOL DROPS ## If my baby is 7-8 kg..what is the right dosage for her? ## My son Have a cough. He is 6 months old. 8kl. My question is What mg/ml of ambroxol do I give to my baby? Please reply... Sorry for disturbing... Thanks.. ## I have 6 month old baby what dosagge did i gave her and how many times.tank you ## my baby is 3months and 1week 6.4kls . Twice pinag take ng doctor nya yung ambrolex 0.5ml . as of now d ko padn makita result
Updated 4 days ago.
cyproheptadine weight gaining
5 Replies RSS
I have been taking this for about 5 months now and I love it. I have always been small, around 105 pounds. I am at 129 now and loving it. It has increased my breast, and my butt and legs. Be careful because it will (the weight) will go to other places like your arms and stomach. Once you first start taking it, my experience is that it will make you SO Sleepy but once your body gets use to it the sleep will wear off. It is prescription and you take 1 pill 3 times a day. ## Hello, Tiffaney! How are you? This medication shouldn't be taken for weight gain, unless your doctor has specifically prescribed it for such use. Additionally, since the weight gain is a side effect, it will also slow down, as your body gets used to the medication and it will not continue, once you stop taking it. ...
Updated 4 days ago in Cyproheptadine.
can albuterol cause a positive methamphetamine drug test
4 Replies RSS
I take prescription drugs and came up recently with a positive urine test for methamphetamines. Could any of these have caused this? I take bupropion 100mg 3xday, albuterol inhaler, also due to coughing I have been taking nyquil liquid cold medicine, and oxycodone 10-325 every 6 hrs for pain. I was also taking Lyrica for fybromylagia? ## Some cold medicines and allergy medicines will show up as methamphetamine and amphetamine ## This is a complicated issue and should be addressed by a MRO. A Medical Review Officer (MRO) is a doctor trained to look at all the prescription etc... to see why something is causing a false positive for Methamphetamine. You can find an MRO in your area at their association web site I have no affiliation with the web site. My best professional guess ...
Updated 4 days ago in Albuterol.
Loratadine 10mg - OTC availability
1 Reply RSS
Can Loratadine 10mg antihistamine 24-hour relief tablets (made by Perrigo) be purchased over-the-counter or does it require a prescription? ## Hi Rick, To answer your question, yes, Loratadine is available over-the-counter here in the US and does not require a prescription. According to NIH, some common brand names you might find it under are: Claritin, Allergy Relief (loratadine) & Claritin Liqui-Gel. Alavert, Children's Allergy Relief, Wal-itin, Children's Claritin, Non-Drowsy Allergy, Claritin RediTabs, & Loradamed, just to name a few... However, depending on your location/country, brand names & availability are subject to vary. I hope this helps!
Updated 4 days ago in Loratadine.
Anyone become allergic to Hydroxezine?
2 Replies RSS
First it was Cetirizine, then Doxepin, now Hydroxezine all in less than 3 weeks. Maybe my doctors are looking for a magic pill but does anyone have any advice or idea upon doxepin and Hydroxezine? Been over a month and my reactions are slowly getting better. Would Benadryl be bad? Doctors say it isn't but something is dragging my allergic reactions along after I stopped these medications. Owell I guess. ## Quit hydrox was allergic , messed up my vision. Doxepin 100 mg for 1 year for sleep. Works great. ## Takes a month or more for most psych meds to take effect and for most side affects to go away and thats from experience from trying and taking manu different psych meds
Updated 4 days ago in Cetirizine.
sinucon dosage per day
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How many sinucon tabs can a person use per day for the flu? ## My 3-year-old child took 7 Sinucon pills thinking it was sweets. What do we do and is it dangerous? Should we go to a hospital?
Updated 6 days ago in Sinucon.
Lee's save the baby. Where can I find it?
29 Replies RSS
The is in a clear bottle with a red screw on cap. The liquid is yellow in color It has oil in it that separates and goes to the top when bottle sits. To use run the bottle under warm water and shake to mix. Applythe warm liquid tothe child's chest and under nose to relieve symptoms of croupe. Instead of placing a drop under the nose you can also place it on a pillowcase or sheet. ## It was made by the Lee's company and yes, it is patent protected. The reason it is no longer available is that it contained Camphor, yes, even in the liquid that was taken internally and the FDA has recognized this as being unsafe. Camphor is now only approved to be used topically. As to the other ingredients, I am sorry, I have been unable to discover that. Does anyone else know anything about this?...
Updated 6 days ago in Menthol.
diphenhydramine fail drug test
5 Replies RSS
i just failed a drug test for thc.. could that had been caused by taking 100mg of diphenhydramine hcl, and 100mg of hydroxyz pam the night before, for sleep? if so, when they send it off to the lab, will they be able to tell that it was not a positive test from marijuana? ## I take suboxone film and I take kroger sleep aid and premarin kroger ibuprofen that's all I take but it seems like every other test comes back positive for buprenorphine like its suppose to and positive for methadone amphetamine methamphetamine but every time they send it out to get broke down the test comes back negative why is that does anyone know.? ## NO. It will NOT show positive when testing for THC/Cannabis. Drug testing techniques have advanced dramatically on all fronts. Generally, a positive result ind...
Updated 7 days ago in Diphenhydramine.

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