Allergic Reaction To Solodyn

Kim Says:

My son suffered an allergic reaction to solodyn. He was prescribed for acne. He was on the medication for 1 month with no reaction. Was then put on a different antibotic for one month and then switched back to Solodyn. After three days on the Solodyn, he broke out in a rash. Large bumps most in big clusters with rash. Severe itching.

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NIk Says:

I am on Solodyn and it is making my face very red, dry and irritated. It is also causing a rash on my neck

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Shay Says:

I took Solodyn and broke out in a rash on my face neck and chest. I stopped taking it and the rash cleared up.

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dawn Says:

my son took solodyn for the first time ever only on it for a month give or take and his face is broke out like crazey a rash like too-- took him back to derm she said it was acne I disagree- taking prednisone now trying to decrase rash like bumps?? help I am a crying mom

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dawn Says:

my son took solodyn for the first time ever only on it for a month give or take and his face is broke out like crazey a rash like too-- took him back to derm she said it was acne I disagree- taking prednisone now trying to decrase rash like bumps?? help I am a crying mom did anyone have this same problem before he took it ( btw) it was his first time taking pills ever-- he only had acne on forehead now he has cluster like reddness bumps ?? will it go away he has been off the solodyn for like 5 days now after er visit doc said to just wait and see gonna try a new derm wed.. help please any suggestions to help my 17 yr old with his major problem I am sick over it --please need to know if anyone has had same problems??

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anonymous Says:

I think i am also allergic to this medication. I broke out in hives throughout my body, drank a lot of water and took some benadryl. It did go away, but I am not going to take this med anymore-I also applied calamine lotion to soothe the itchiness, it seemed to help a little.

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Regan Says:

I was given solodyn for my acne and im crazy itchy ive been taking it for a few weeks now... My scalp,hands,legs,feet, arms,and my neck and face so basicly everywhere im itching and getting little ant bite looking bumps on me... Ahh! Im going back to the dermitologist soon to fix this!. :( in the meantime can someone help me out on what to do to soothe the itch? Should I stop taking the pills?.

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rcook Says:

So glad I read this post. I too have been itching like crazy! It is awful. I thought maybe it was my excema, but perhaps its this medication. When I started it regularly that's when I started itching tremendously..and the itch is almost incurable it seems. Will definitely be going back to dermatologist

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Mom2lez Says:

It's more than a daughter had severe hives. Itching lasts almost a week. Now she's on pretisone, zyrtec and benadryl just to try to get the hives under control. I am suspicious that the derm is denying this is an allergy to the solodyn. Sounds like your derm also did not want to blame the solodyn. I wonder if docs get huge kick back from solodyn makers because my derm didn't even wanna hear me out. He gave me 100 excuses but never pointing finger at the obvious solodyn. Does anyone else's get this suspicious feeling about doctors need to defend this med?

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Camille Says:

I thought I was having an allergic reaction to my makeup prom night by wearing a lot because my eyes were completely swollen and itchy and red. It was only the second night taking Solodyn. Last night i took the medicine as usual(didnt know It was the culprit!) and woke up throughout the Night miserable feeling like i was being clawed at i was so itchy. It's been almost a week and the swelling is still visible because I just realized it was the medicine. Wow!

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alibobally Says:

I am so glad to read your posts on here, I had taken solodyn for a week, and became itchy EVERYWHERE. Had small red bumps and rashes that would come and go and pop up somewhere else in an hour. You name it, elbows eyes knees back shoulders neck earlobe...I tried taking benadryl for a few nights but the itching would not subside. I had to go to the dr. last night and get a steroid shot which was so painful! It was definitely the solodyn.

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Mike Says:

Ive been taking solodyn for about 1 month and man right when it started to work out of no where about 11 pm like 3 hours after taking it that night i started to itch and get red bumps so i thought it was bed bugs didnt really care woke up that morning man was my body all gone to crap big blisters it was differently solodyn

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Suspicious Says:

YES! My daughter has been on Solodyn 115mg for a month and just recently has developed an all-over rash - dermo says "its normal, its just latent acne coming out wait a month..."

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Stacey Flint Says:

It took me a month to realize I was allergic. Thought the house had fleas or something. Clusters that looked like bites, random welts, completely itchy and swollen on my scalp and behind my ears.. just dreadful..

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samplepills Says:

I took this for 2 weeks for acne and never put the two together. I was getting bumps on my legs and chest. Was off for 2 weeks, went back to Derm, put back on it. This time, 1 pill, and I had a SEVERE allergic reaction. Face swelling, hives, throat closing. I do NOT recommend continuing if you are having symptoms and be careful if you start a second treatment. Have liquid benadryl on hand, just in case.

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alibobally Says:

This is crazy scary to hear all the same issues with this medication. I went to several dermatologists, allergists and immunologists. Had half a dozen blood tests to confirm that I am not allergic to anything, no auto immune diseases that could be causing the rashes. My rashes from the solodyn persisited for over 6 months...The final diagnosis was "chronic hives" but I 100% believe it was from the solodyn. Even though I stopped taking it after a week because of the rashes, it continued for months. They said it could be possible that it took that long for the antibiotic to leave my system and my immune system to get back to normal. Even had to check my apartment for mold. What a MISERABLE experience.

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zitman Says:

Wow, I would solodyn is some nasty stuff. I trusted my dermatologist cause my face was perfectly clear on cefedroxyl. She switched me to solodyn a couple weeks ago. I was a little itchy at first but did not scratch. Today I have 5 open sores on my chin and one on my neck and other little whiteheads. These accumulated over the past week. I read some bad stuff about solodyn but my dermatologist said everyone does great on it. I don't get it. I'll be stopping solodyn now.

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Jaclyn1229 Says:

I have been taking solodyn for a little over 2 months. For the past month or so I was itchy, and it progressively got worse. Out of no where in the middle of the night, I would wake up itching my legs like crazy. And I developed little red bumps/hives on my arms that are crazy itchy as well. I had no idea what it was from and then it dawned on me that it could be the solodyn. Thank god for this forum because now I know it has to be this medication which I will stop taking and contact my dermotoligist about.

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BumpyMcGee Says:

I'm in the same boat. I took Solodyn about 6 months ago and it cleared me up great. I stopped taking it but kept some on hand just in case of emergency. Of course I would have a break out right before our anniversary trip, so I took some Solodyn to help clear it up more yeah, that could be classified as a huge mistake: holy itchy face and neck. I've only been taking it for 2 days and all of the sudden I had this reaction that I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. Thankfully I came across this forum. I appreciate everyone taking the time to write as it has helped me to learn what is probably happening. Definitely stopping the Solodyn. Really excited about the fact that I made my situation that much worse and have a nice bumpy itchy face to boot. Benadryl, I hope you're ready for me 'cause here I come...

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Jennifer Says:

I was on solodyn for about a week a half and started getting itchy. Last night my hands started to swell and when I woke up this morning I had little rashes all over my body and my hands were so swollen I couldn't even hold a pen. I just want to rip my skin off because it itches and hurts and burns so bad! Went to urgent care and they out me on prednisone and benadryl. I recommend trying Avenno skin relief shower gel or bath has natural oatmeal that helps with itching and popping 2 benadryl every 4-6 hours as needed....rashes were all over the palms of my hands, my forearms by my elbows, my knee, my thigh, my shoulder, and my feet. This reaction is God awful! I will not be going back on this drug...will be out of work for 3 days due to it.

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HannahWasHere Says:

My 17 year old daughter passed away in 2011 from Solodyn, it causes DRESS Syndrome which begins with the rash you speak of. If you are not getting better and you need help, please reach out to me. I have spent 2 years understanding this drugs reaction.

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